AMD Zen 3 & RDNA 2 Announcement Dates

Well AMD has released the announcement dates for the new Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 GPUs. I got to say I am pretty disappointed that we have to wait till the end of October to know about the new GPUs. I was hoping to know at least the specs before the 3080 & 3090 release. May be tempted to kick my i7-8700k to side and go with a new Zen 3 CPU depending on the specs.


Same here about the CPU except specs be damned. Ive got a 4770k that’ll take one look at the RXT 3080 and start crying.

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Haha I upgraded a few years ago to the 8700k from my old 4670k. Was a pretty nice jump then, so going to one of the Ryzen CPUs will be huge.


I’m sure there will be leaks to give a good idea of what the specs may be?

I hope so but they are saying they still have not sent any info to their board partners on the chips. Those are the ones that usually leak the info. This also means that there will not be any 3rd party 6000 series cards at launch since it takes them around 3 months to design and produce a card after they get the interface and technical info.

I would not put it past AMD to “leak” some benchmarks that make them look good against the 3080 in the next week or two.

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Yup, 100% agree. I read a rumour that they will be launching for 549 and will be close to a 3080’s performace. If that’s true, I will be buying the 6000 series from AMD.


Yeah I saw something similar. Would have 16 GB of vRAM and use 300 W of power to be comparable to the 3080.

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I mean we know a few things about RDNA2 at this point just due to having the XBox Series X (take this info with a grain of salt, but it comes from Buildzoids video about it).

52 CUs @ ~1.8 GHz, with a power budget of ~200W.

This in itself shows a decent perf/watt jump from the 5700XT which was:

40CUs @~1.8GHz, with a power budget of ~225W.

We obviously know nothing about how much faster a CU will be compared to before, but if we assume near linear scaling just for the CU-Count we’re at around the level of performance of a 2080 Super, at 52 CUs.

Add to that the claims of AMD that they’ll achieve ‘50% increased perf/watt’ (I can’t find the source unfortunately) but that should at least make for a card that stacks up in an interesting way against the 3070 and higher - and again, with 52 CUs.


Roadmap slide from AMD at investors call or something like that.