Alternative to the Eve V


reviews on Newegg are horrible


Looks pretty good.
Almost looks a bit like a cross between the V and the Surface Book with that form factor and aesthetic.
Though Dell’s website seems to be a little sparse on information about CPU and pricing.


I can confirm this, I have the first Thinkpad X1 they sold. After seven years it still works (battery is drawn after 30 minutes normal use). So, battery-life is the main reason I want a new laptop/tablet. Other reasons are weight and display-brightness.

That’s why a Miix 520 will probalbly do it for me, even if it has poor battery compared to other devices arround. Compared to my existing X1 laptop it seems like a good chice considering that the new X1 2-in-1 is very expensive. The keyboards on Thinkpads are no selling point for me anymore because I have gone to the ortholinear mechanical keyboards. So, a new device must be light-weight because my keyboard weighs so much. ^^

Further, I am not sure whether a propriety power-plug would be a real deal-breaker for me. If I have at least 4 hours battery-life under linux, the charger is small and charging is fast, then it does not matter to me. In case of Miix I would probably order a second charger for backup or second location. I have done this even with a Thinkpad I had for work. USB-C charging is cool, though. Otherwise I would not have invested in a V. If a V would ship without a charger to my home, I would have to buy one. Not cool. Missing accessories seem to be very common at EVE. USB-C is still too rare.

With this learnin curve while waiting for a V, I tend to go the cheaper route. I am one of those guys having still a tower-PC arround with no compromises to specs (ram and storage). A 2-in-1 should be just a light-weight mobile addition. If it becomes my main rig even though then the manufacturer did something right.


I’m in the same boat as you OP. I needed a tablet for a course I started back in March yet I still have nothing and it’s July. I wound up buying a refurbished HP Spectre x2 and so far it’s been great. My only complaint is that it just has 2 usb C ports. Other than that it’s perfect for my needs and I’ll be refunding my money for the Eve as soon as I can.


I am waiting for whatever Lenovo’s next Miix 7x0 model will be, hopefully with both TB3/Type C and Type A ports. Also looking at the 630 and X1 3rd gen. Not going to touch the M$ offering

Anyone wanting to buy my current and well loved/protected Miix 700 (which is already dual booting Windows / Ubuntu should PM me). Having a ready buyer might just push me over the edge to purchase something newer sooner.


For screen resolution, HP Spectre x2 and Asus Transformer 3 Pro seem like the best options.
But the Lenovo Miix 520 is the best for POWAH with 8th gen i7 chips, though its screen is “only” 1920x1200 which makes me hesitate to buy it, even at its great price. The 720 has a higher resolution but a 7th gen CPU, and doesn’t show up on the Australian Lenovo site. Only the 520 is being returned by my searches even though plenty more potions re available on the US site.


Asus transformer has a wider variety of ports. That could be a good selling point and it is selling for a good price.
$1179 free shipping at Newegg. Tempting.


You should get it then. I can vouch for its variety of ports. I bought one while waiting for my V.


And you like it? Any pros and cons you would like to share?


lenovo thinkpad x1 3rd gen vs asus tranformer vs huawei matebook e for digital artist.
any thoughts comments or recommendations welcomed

I know the later one is way under powered compared to the other 2 but I like the fact that it’s slim and light weight and has a beefy stylus that fit by bearpaw hands better…

Let’s all be civil here and not suggest an ipad pro…


I would not seriously consider the matebook for an artist.

The ASUS is not in stock where I have looked, which is why I was looking more closely at the X1.

My X1 is for a student, so I cannot give you detailed analysis on what a digital artist would be needing.
3D rendering? Processor/memory is fast, but, not as good as a desktop
Hand drawing? Very possibly. The pen is fantastic and works very nice. As good as the pen with the Surface Pro.
Screen quality? This gets subjective. There was a patch/update not that long ago that appears to have improved the video quality. But, there is still likely some fiddling needed to get it “right”
The color depth appears to be on par with my wife’s iPad Pro. But I would highly recommend a side-by-side comparison if you can.

As far as battery life, disabling alot of bloat on the X1 has improved the battery life by another 15%.


What do you guys think about the newly announced surface go?
Thinking about getting that for work and then actually getting a normal laptop for at home.


Doesn’t look bad at all really, no idea how it stacks up processor wise to the one being used in the Eve V (although I’m guessing its worse off, I don’t know how much worse off!), I’m guessing the screen certainly isn’t anywhere near as good as the V but then again with it starting at $399 (although I doubt many would actually opt for the base model with is still having eMMC flash storage and only 4GB of RAM) it certainly has a nice price on its side although you would need a keyboard and pen to get the complete package which would easily bump it up another 1/3 roughly if you go for the base model.


Great for on the “GO”.

With light use, note taking, email check, e-mail print, web browsing, small Light Room editing and presentation should be fine.

For the Specs., i really think the eMMC is the least favorite here.

I will wait for the battery life test and full USB-C conectivity review.

However, in my opinion, with all every add-on (Specs. upgrade, Keyboard and Stylus), if you don’t want the lighter and smaller Surface, go to the Pro seems to be the better choice.



Surface Go is definitely gonna be the real portable machine here. Personally I’m a bit concerned about the processor since Pentium chips are usually slows than their core counterparts, but should be okay for the tasks that I would do on the go. Definitely not a fan of eMMC… too slow even phones don’t use them these days. Surface devices traditionally have descent screens so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

HEY I wonder if I preorder a Surface Go now will it arrive before the last December flash sale V gets shipped to the poor people who is still waiting at that time? (Predicted: Yes… and for sure my refund won’t be done before that)


A Surface Go would probably be delivered before a V, think I saw the 22nd of August on the Microsoft store? With the other models available to order on the 23rd or similar.


I’ve been toying around with the idea of building up a decent home system as desktop hardware is becoming pretty darn cheap. Then, piggybacking on the hardware through Windows remote access with whatever portable device I have.

The only limiting factor is network speed and access which I already pay for through my wireless carrier for work.


I really wish they would do the same with the matebook tablet that they did with the matebook laptop… the laptop seems so much better off… it’s not top of the line but probably the best bang for the buck on the market right now…

a lot of people seemed to have been suggesting the transformer… maybe for the price over the X1…

seems like for the best thing for me, short of a wacom mobile studio, would be the X1 so far… maybe I’ll just wait for a tablet to come out with ryzen power in a few years… I’ll just start holding my breath right now and maybe it will happen before I get my V…


Keep in mind that the Surface Go processor tops out at 1.6 GHz, which is laughable, that makes it 60% slower than Core m3 version of the V or Surface Pro in day-to-day use, and half as fast as the Core i7 model.

In addition to that:

  • The screen resolution is lower than the 3-year old Surface 3
  • There is only 1 USB port, and its a USB-C. If you want a second USB-C, you have to pony up $79 for the SurfaceConnect adapter.
  • The battery life is just around 60% of the Surface Pro (9 vs. 13.5 hours in the same testing scheme)
  • The price of $549 for the 8/128 model does not include the pen and keyboard. With the pen and keyboard, we are looking at $750 for a 1.6 GHz computer with one port, or $830 with 2 ports.
  • Surface historically have had terrible Marvell WiFi chip
  • Its 1.6 GHz ffs, are you seriously considering this?

EVE V or Surface GO?

And the surface go is just 10" not 12"

And it’s charged over the micro USB port. Slow charging. I would go for the surface pro I5 /8 GB and 128 SSD.
I bought the I5 version with 256 GB and one month later Microsoft has put the I5 version with 128 GB on the market. Damn. That would have been enough for my use case.

I can only recommend hardware for windows 10 with at least 8gb of ram.
For example :
Just Windows and a few small programs are using 3GB ram of my office PC.

Opening outlook 2016 and chrome 3.5GB ram are used.