Alternative to the Eve V


I understand. It is the most expensive tablet/laptop I ever bought.
When I bought the X1 they, Lenovo, had a discount going so I ‘saved’ a couple of bucks. Hopefully it will last many years.


I wouldn’t doubt it. Thinkpad quality is fabulous. I am still using my x220, that I bought in like 2011, as my daily driver.


Lenovo 920? Personally I think it is the best alternative. It is not as portable since it doesn’t detach from the keyboard but as far as the device, great alternative.


I have a problem.

I’m from austria and there are two shops with a good offer for surface products,
so the Surface Book 2 13.5,256GB,8GB will cost €1399,-.
The problem is this offer is only valid till end of June :sob:
I really want the Surface book, but I’m not sure if eve will ship my V in the estimated shipping time…
So it’s possible that I buy the surface book on 30.June and Eve also send my V.

What would you guys do?


The surface book and the V are two totally different products aimed to different uses. Chose the device that suits you best for what you want to do with your computer


You can buy the Surface noe and refunded the V after it comes to you!


HP Spectre x360 13". The best convertible ever. Period. I got it two weeks ago. No issues, great performance, great pen experience. I really recommend it.


Is it rigth that I can send the V back to eve to grt my money back?


In the EU they have to take it back within the first two weeks.

If they can’t cancel my order, I ask the support and the respond said that they try to stop the shipping, i am going to send my V back. Unopend.

I bought a Surface I5 8GB 256 GB SSD two mounth ago and i am very happy with it.


If I never receive my Eve V I think I’d be very tempted to go for something from the Surface Pro lineup, there’s a few good alternatives on the market at the moment though (although the Surface Pro is definitely at the top of the list).


I’m thinking surface pro too. I might get a refurbished one as they come as unused, have 2 years of guarantee with some companies and are way cheaper than completely new. That’ll give me the option of 256 gb i5 for the price of 128gb m3


That’s the first I’ve heard about refurbished Surface Pro’s being unused, fantastic if true!


They sell them by usage. The price drops even further if it is (slightly or heavily) used. I think I’d still want an unused one :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice, if the worst happens (and I don’t get my V) I might have to look into them :slight_smile:


Unused is better: you’ll get an unused SSD


Alternative - Porsche Design Book One Core i7 3200x1800 13.3" 2-in-1 Touch Laptop w/ Wacom Stylus, 512GB SSD & 16GB RAM (Only 1.5lbs) $1369.99. VERY nice!


1.5 pounds for tablet only. 3.5 pounds with the keyboard.

Still, great deal and being in the market for a new laptop, I may look at this one.


Does not seem to be available in USA. I wonder who makes it.


Newegg selling it now for $ 1,399.99 in the USA.


Oh thank you could not find it