Alternative to the Eve V


I’m going for the Surface Pro i5/8gb/256gb refurbished. I’m going to take one “as new” so it hasn’t been used. It’ll be EUR1400,- including the typecover, pen and a sleeve. I know it’s expensive and it hasn’t got the best I/O but honestly I won’t be rigging my laptop to a lot of devices at the same time. I’ll go for the Surface Pro because non-detachable keyboards are a bit unhandy when the laptop is being folded for tablet use and with the Surface Pro I know for sure that I’ll get a very high quality device.


I am not so sure about the screen quality of the Lenovo. For several models I saw that the screen is not so bright and the color quality not so good. As I need a bright screen and good colors…


The screen is just a strong point of the V.
Maybe tomorrow we’ll see clearly if shipments are /are not announced


If you’re in the US, you can get a Surface Pro i5/8GB RAM/128GB Storage + type cover for $800 brand new right now. The model has been getting regularly marked down to $800 lately, and this is the 2nd time I’ve seen it with at that price with the type cover.


I know. That is the whole reason why I ordered it. I am one of those customers (4th Dec FS) who are still waiting. I do not see the point to cancel my order (so I don’t for now). I just hope for EVE that they do not fail and lose everything they still have…


We all do, really. Hope you’ll sleep well :hugs:


The upcoming Acer Switch 7 seems like it might make a good alternative, though not available to purchase yet.
The IO and finish aren’t as good as the V and the screen resolution is a little lower (but still more than FHD), but still has a USB3.0 type A and a USB C thunderbolt port as well as a finger print sensor. It includes pen and keyboard like the V, and seems like it has fairly similar pricing. Though I’ve only seen reviews for i7 model(s), not i5 or m3, but is similarly priced to the high-end Vs.

And it will have an 8th gen quad-core processor rather than a dual-core 7th gen, and has a discrete GPU with seemingly little thermal throttling despite using a passive cooling system (aided by a passive internal liquid loop for getting the heat away from the processors.

It may not be out yet, but we beliEVErs are used to waiting, aren’t we? :wink:


Yes I’ve seen people in multiple countries with nice discounts. Sadly, in The Netherlands laptops are quite expensive and the Surface Pro never discounts to more than 10% :disappointed_relieved:


Hi Guys,
So I bought the used V from a guy of the communtity, it´s the i7 512GB Modell.
And after I used it for around two weeks now I can tell you, that the Eve is a very good device.
It works very good, has very little things I can complain about and I really love it.

So if you`re still thinking about what to get, I can recommend the V. If you are fine with waiting how ever Long you have to wait.

Cheers :slight_smile:

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

tldr: 520 has 8th gen but terrible battery life


How is the battery life on this thing?


Officially, about 9-10 hours of use. But the reviews generally describe it as “disappointing”. Though one of the few reviews I looked at which quantified battery life and compared it with other devices put it within a few minutes of the i7 Surface Pro (the new one, not the 4).

Whoops, accidentally replied to the thread first instead of you.


Wow Im impressed that they pulled it off. Quad core, discrete GPU, and equivalent battery life to the dual-core i7 Surface. Although

reviews generally describe it as “disappointing”

is quite worrying to me


I think a big part of the accomplishment is the improvement in efficiency of 8th gen processors, and the fact that it doesn’t use any active cooling.

But it seems that its larger, brighter screen and smaller battery (compared to Surface Pro) still don’t do it any favours for battery life.
And what’s worse is that it uses a proprietary charging plug (mind you, so does the SP) which means you can’t just use a USB type C battery bank to keep it topped up on the go.


Hey guys,
as we are all waiting for the V to arrive, I was checking for alternatives for the V, if they don’t deliver within the given time. I just found the Dell Latitude 7285 which seems pretty much similar to the V and also comparable in pricing. The only difference i found was that there is a second battery in the keyboard except for just one in the tablet unit itself. What do you guys think about this device?
Best regards


That would be a super alternative. It looks like it only comes in 1 configuration though? I find the only other similar alternative to be the surface they initially colluded to improve upon.


Lenovo Miix detachables are pretty good, and often on sale.

Some people swear by the Thinkpad X1 tablet, but I think that it’s rather expensive.

I also think that the Surface Pro m3 or i5 compare favourably from a pricing standpoint to the Eve.


Hp envy x360 with ryzen 2700U and Vega 10 that’s gonna be my choice and it will be much cheaper than the V … YAY


True but the specs and keyboard are much better too.


I believe you. TBH, I didn’t mean to suggest X1 was not good value for dollar spent. I meant that I think it’s expensive. Lol.

I kind of want one.