Alternative Devices


@bobo have you read this topic or you just posted question right away?

There were many devices mentions (Huawei Matebook, Spectre x2, iPad)


I read it. I’m not sure where it stated which of those devices are fanless?


Fair enough, I mentioned some which popped up in my head, nevertheless, fan less devices were mentioned as well, so let me just edit those examples to fan less ones.

Edit: Just saw brand new thread where @bobo asks about fan on V … :unamused:


A 9.7" iPad is my daily use computer at home. 99% of my content consumption and, admittedly little, content creation is handled on here. I’m typing this reply on it right now! Given how light and manageable it is, I don’t think the 12" form factor is for me for home use.

I am purchasing the V to replace my aging MacBook Air, which mostly gets trotted out when I have the need for a larger screen, or an extended keyboard session, most of which is work-related, and I use mostly as a Remote Desktop client to my work PC. I also hope to use it for travel. I consciously decided against a larger iPad for this job because for a similar price I could get a windows PC that would give me more flexibility in terms of apps and games I can run. The Eve slotted into my ideal price/features ratio, and I was not too worried about the delays that were possible.

The OP talks about Visual Studio use. For something like that I’d definitely throw as much RAM as possible into the equation. VS is a RAM guzzler, and if you start running VMs as test platforms, you’re going to need as much as you can throw at it.

If you’re considering this more as a work platform, then you might consider a cheaper tablet with the screen size you’re after, and paying for a virtual desktop on a server somewhere that you can Remote Desktop into. There is a recurring monthly cost, yes, but you can have much more interesting hardware specs on a cloud server than you could ever fit onto a portable. On the downside, high quality moving graphics are a no-no in this situation, so if you want more than to watch movies (which the tablet itself should handle fine) then you do need a beefier local machine.

I’m not going to recommend specific models. The range is huge, and I suspect that at least half the models I looked into when I was considering the V are dead now anyway.


Very very true! I’m typing this comment from my old Lumia 2520 on Windows RT 8.1: such a great UI for a tablet! It’s an absolute pleasure to use once you know where are the few off-screen menus. It still feels futuristic to this day. Since the first Windows 10 iteration, the tablet mode has improved, but it’s still far from what Windows 8.1 was. If only we could at least have the option to have the tablet mode looking just like Win 8.1 Windows 10 would be so much better for 2-in1 in my opinion.
I’m not following what Apple does usually, but I have now looked at articles on iOS 11 for iPad and I must say that the evolution of the interface seems interesting indeed in terms of the use of the touch input. It still seems to be quite far behind Win 8.1 though, but I see why you’re drawing a parallel, there seems to be similarities in some of the gestures.

Regarding the topic - yes Surface Pro 5 is an obvious choice if you have the money. Dell XPS 13 convertible seems good as well - I have seen it recently and it’s quite a lot thinner than the traditional XPS 13. I’m not sure if you are looking for a laptop, a convertible, or a 2-in-1 though?


I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch , 3G… 1st gen …
I use it for work …I actually dislike my 2 Windows tablet (Helix 2 , Thinkpad 10)
It’s great for note taking on the large screen
Split view is also great .
Excel , numbers , google sheets, - spreadsheet
Word , Pages , Google docs - word processor
Goodnotes - PDF , notes
The new ios11 should have productivity improvements

I still like the Surface 3 , charges via Micro USB , great screen , great battery life great sound

But since using IOS , I find it tends to be a better experience that windows .

I ALMOST ALWAYS need the pen and keyboard for Windows .

On iPad , I occasionally need the pen … never needed a keyboard…stellar battery life is a plus .
And charging via a small power brick

So it tend to be Ipad for work , browsing web , movies , Windows for light games

Here are my suggestions
IPad Pro
Surface 3
Galaxy book
New Surface pro i5
Transformer 3

Here are other worth mentioning
Thinkpad x1
Transformer 3 pro
Elite X2 2017
Switch 5

10inches and above is great for productivity
Fanless is always beneficial
Small charging bricks are a plus
LTE is a must
Pen is a must


Another iPad user here. I’ve got the 9.7 as well because the 12.9 seemed too big to actually take anywhere for my needs. I have a couple of Bluetooth keyboards I use occasionally because I sometimes use it for writing, and they do double duty with the used iPhone 6s I picked up (one of them is a folding model that fits in a pocket almost as well as the phone does).

Pages/Numbers/Keynote work pretty well for most use cases I’ve needed (enough that the previous iPad I had largely got me through school), and the web app versions you get via iCloud are solid. I’m running the iOS 11 beta on the pad and it definitely does make a huge step forward.

There’s no denying that it doesn’t directly 1:1 replace a windows machine, but my last windows machine was a 300 dollar Acer laptop that’s now about 7 years old, and the performance difference between that and my first Apple gadget was wide enough to make learning other ways of doing things (finding the right app, essentially) worthwhile. And the battery life is great.

Buy used if you can find one that’s not got a lot of visible wear or damage on it, they generally hold up quite a while and you can get last year’s model for probably a lot less than I paid new. It is however a good enough stopgap that I feel pretty comfortable avoiding my aging laptop entirely while I wait for the V to release, especially since I also have access to a Windows desktop.

But admittedly all that’s irrelevant if your use case is specific enough. When you need Windows, by god do you need Windows, even on the go. That’s a judgement you’ll need to make for yourself.


Nothing against iPad users, but this is not suitable for me since I am not looking for just a tablet. The power provided by those old iPads won’t be enough


Nothing against Apple. But can we just not talk about it, here in a real laptop talk. Sorry.
BTW Acer makes some food device. I will only go for V if they are still selling in November without put of stock. I bet till then there would be a lot of reviews. Or else I will just buy Acer switch alpha 12. Yes it would be very old but still. It’s not much relevant in windows and pc features


dont buy a razer blade


Could you also tell us why or what made you think like this?


i own one it has terrible battery life over heats and in general is not a good device for the money when i could have bought a macbook or and xps


I’ve found this to be a pretty complete list. Check it out


I have a surface 3 and wouldn’t recommend it, at least not the 2gb version, as even for light browser and home use it is underpowered. Windows updates take forever! Hence my interest in upgrading to the V


I today have ordered the new mac to test. Hopefully I am not disappointed