All my Cheers and Love from Montreal~


I’m not new in the forum at all, I just wanted to send some love to the Team

I’m starting university this Fall and I was looking for a device to help me through it. The V matches my needs very well and the values this company inspires to us are mine as well. I’m grateful for all your efforts and I know it will pay off. I’m so impatient to have the V in my hands. I made a bad choice and thought I couldn’t go to university without a device. Here I am with a Surface Book and I can’t stop comparing it to the V so I guess I’ll return the SB and wait for our little jewel to come out.

I know there are a lot of artists out there and it would be awesome if we could have a category for them to expose their artworks done on the V or related to it. I didn’t see anything like that yet. I was bored today so I sketched a V-character for fun.( I know, I’m a little childish )

Keep doing your best everyone, you are closer and closer to your goal~


Great work!



We have a few Canadians here. Welcome! Well welcome again since you’ve been around a bit. Heh


Canada represent!!!


Can we trade Presidents?


Nah, we have a prince. He does bad decisions too, but, atleast, he is beautiful, not misogynist and not filled with cheetos.


So why not draw an Eve mascot? :wink: Also hello from your neighbour in Quebec City :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a caricature of @Konstantinos would be a great Eve mascot!


First - we do not have a president.
Second - we already sent you one Justin - so please keep him.
Third - sending baby Trudeau out could work only in some parts of Alberta …


@Konstantinos what do you think!? Does it encroach on any underdog work?

“So why not draw an Eve mascot?”


I would build a time machine to get back to Obama’s first term in office but then I’d have to keep waiting for my Eve V.


I’m not skillful enough, I was just bored, haha but I would see a black slender cat as a mascot ! I know Konsta refers to them a lot and we are all Cat Lovers.


Dog lover here … preferable huskies.


Cats are the devil…
Dogs all the way!


That’s awesome! Amazing work. If V was a person I would expect reaction like that :)))

Having a mascot would be real cool! :slight_smile: especially community mascot!


Wow @Celestae this is really amazing art! I don’t care that you say you aren’t skilful, this is bonkers :).

Caaaaaan I use the first few pictures for our Instagram senpai?? :upside_down_face: I think it will look great and it’s poking fun at Microsoft a little!

And if you are bored and wanna make more…just PM me with everything ya got, this is a treasure trove :grin:


introducing Ms. Catse V idis


Great Sketch =D im jealous of your lack of skill =P

From your neighbour that live on the South shore but work on the North one =)


even with a hollow cat you have 130% more talent than me :thinking:


Omg, it would be so awesome. Please, do :DDD