Alcantara keyboard dust test and cleaning


Hey dudes! For those of you worried about Alcantara getting dirty we shot a short video running some tests showing how dirty it gets and how easy it is to clean it.


How to clean office the Eve-way :smiley:


Film it in landscape next time please :smiley:


did you hear that @riku :smiley:


I do not want to be the guy complaining for everything but…



Come on guys, just… rotate your Vs :smile:


Peter also seemed to like the portrait mode more. @ikirin :smiley: Must be the finnish air.

Thanks for clarifying. Looks primising. Just one more question:
Do you have a cat somewhere around or an equivalent hairy thing? Hairs behave differently than dust. Just wondering how the alcantara pairs with cat/dog hairs and if they can equally easy be cleaned from the keyboard. For some reason those hairs always tend to get drilled into the fabric and tangle and come out somewhere else (on my sofa) so that they are really difficult to clean away.


@hellBENder sorry I modified your post :slight_smile: can you add it back somehow. Really sorry :slight_smile: my answer about cats :slight_smile:
I have 2 super hairy cats and it is as easy to clean from them. I would say cat hair is easier to clean than dust :slight_smile:

They like hanging out in boxes:)


Where are you sending them? :smile:


Does this mean that V keyboard doubles as a flat surface duster?


The darker one looks a bit afraid… Please always look nice when taking pictures of cats.

All cats like boxes:


I can say from personal experience those lint roller/sticky roller things or whatever they are called work exceptionally well with pet hair. I’ve used them to remove dog hair and cat hair from suits and other clothes with great success. The good thing about alcantara is that it doesn’t really have a weave to speak of so the hair isn’t going to thread itself into the surface that much. It really is a premium material!


I will now order a test hair roller.


While I don’t have pets, trust me, stuff can easily get pretty deep into this thing. It’s really, REALLY hard to just scrub off dust and small pieces out of it with just fingers. You need something sticky.


Hello @Konstantinos do you have a device which can clean keyboard (and not only keyboard, but whole house) for husky-timber wolf mix during shedding time? This goes for about 362 days per year … :innocent:


This thing should to the job:

(no promise on whether it is safe to use indoors or not :wink:)


Did try similar “toy” before - did not work …


You finden it by IKEA.:laughing:


Ahahahahah you made my day!!! @riku you have to watch this!! :wink:


Or…how does a Husky look without fur? :slight_smile: