Alcantara edge seam


Hi there! Thanks for building this great community and awesome computer! I’ve been saving all summer and can’t wait to buy mine!

Just wondering about the edge seam on the fabric keyboard. I guess there is one like in the surface. I have pretty busy fidgety hands and I feel like I’d pick and flick at it until it was a warbled and warped mess marring the look of the eve-e. Or is that just me being crazy? If I am crazy and I bought the fabric version knowing full well I might be bothered by the edge seam and then used a fine razor to trim the edge down, would the fabric fray and unravel?

Ps) thanks for putting up with the question, before I knew about the eve-v and was planning to buy a surface I was pretty sure I’d buy it and end up shaving the seam edge off and finding a way to refinish the edge. With the eve-v I plan to buy without the fabric, but if you think a crafty person could easily refinish that edge, I might try that.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the edge seam on the surface?


You wont have to worry about being bothered by any seams on the keyboard, at least not like the Surface type covers. Because there are isn’t one around the majority of the keyboard:

There is only a seam around the part that attaches to the bottom and the bottom bezel as you can see here:

Keep in mind that my keyboard is a hand crafted prototype, so keep that in mind when comparing this photo to the Surface type covers. And even then I’d say it holds up well, compared to the two SP4 type covers I’ve had.

I am sorry for the poor lighting on the photos, but I hope they show what the edges of the keyboard looks like.


Hehe I think it might just be you! I have a surface and haven’t ever picked at the edges of the keyboard


Omfg don’t apologize for the lighting! Those photos are fantastic, I’m so happy it doesn’t have that same edge seam and I cant believe your amazing response time and consideration!

I love this company and can’t wait to buy and show off my Eve-V!
Thank you!

You guys have done and are doing such a great job!


you have a pretty busy fidgety hands buddy here :yum:
Look, no seams left (surface 3 pro)! hope the image arrives :disappointed_relieved:


OMG!! What happened? Did you cat eat it?

You ain’t gonna get much for that on eBay haha


I can’t help but wonder why these fabric keyboards have become a thing? Our acidic sweat just makes them look a bit rubbish after a couple of years. Don’t get me wrong I love what the V is trying to be but why not a hard keyboard surround?

My nearly 10 year old MacBook Pro’s aluminium (I’m from the UK) keyboard surround still look practically brand new even after 10 hard years.

Are there any hard alternatives that offer whatever benefits the Alcontara is supposed to provide beyond designed obsolescence?


Prob not because people like alacantra cos it’s soft… something a hard surface could never offer haha


To be fair, they also like hard surfaces too if sales to date are worth going on. I’ve certainly never found my aluminium MacBook Pro to be uncomfortable or too hard(!?). Is Alcontara just a short-term fad?


I fear that yes :thinking::thinking::thinking::confused::confused::confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know a 20 Year old alcantara- sofa without any damage or used-look, really!!! Try to shoot some pictures when I’m at my moms place next time…


Does that last longer because it’s typically not sweated on? At least I imagine it’s not sweated on. In clothing you’re effectively wearing gloves on your sofa. We’re not likely to wear gloves with our Vs and Surface Pros.


People get up to all sorts of hanky panky on sofas that won’t involve clothes… no such risk on top of your V!


Alcantara is washable. Maybe this is the case why it is not affected by sweat… Have you seen the youtube vids made by Konsta for this issue:



There are some quite nice bluetooth mechanical keyboards around…


My 14year old cat is still very healthy, proof of not eating this stuff :grin:


I wear a microfiber glove… though its for drawing not to protect the keyboard


this explains all … hahah :rofl:


Thanks for pulling this gem up!


I’ve always preferred a hard surface keyboard. That will likely be my next purchase from Eve when they release their counter to the Surface Book.