match is live here



Mike & Konsta taking a break - Call with Designers.

The game is on here guys ! Join here!



I am this


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I just realized that it’s made by makers of (at least the app for android)


So there are other players in that server :smiley: I thought we would have our own. I think that’s possible by selecting “experimental” or something


New link is there! Ok lets try


Dang it I was wrong :frowning: I’ve seen someone do it on Youtube, not sure how they did it
EDIT: saw it? I was the 6th :smiley:


seems there is no way :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a way it seems :stuck_out_tongue:
It involves hosting a custom server it seems?


EDIT: OK, this video is very NOOB-ish. You need to use this.



@AntonyTerence its me ! W

hjy did you EAT US ?


Oops :grinning:
I’m terrible in the game anyways.
Buildandshoot is more my style


This world is dominated by bots sigh


it seems so in party mode


you literally can find a rain of them and grow in no time


I was at top
I’m concerned we’re not in the same party


@pauliunas cheers for eating mme ! :smiley:


Hehehe, well I’m a predator :DDD What can I say…

BTW, there’s a guy with a lion head, who’s cheating. He’s constantly ejecting mass and re-assembling in the same second. That way he can “charge” other players by “teleporting” his mass