Advice: Xiaomi Mi 6 VS. OnePlus 5


No doubt, Oneplus 5.

Using oneplus 3T, smooth and well performance. Excellent android system upgrade frequently.


Oh well I know that :joy:

What I said was it doesn’t feel fantastically cheap. Their earlier iterations were more bang for your buck for when they were initially released.


I think Oneplus OS is unbeatable. Clean, fast and frequently updated.

I’ve been an early Android adopter, since Nexus One, because of the OS being always clean and to enjoy the last version. When Google started with the premium phones, I grabbed a Oneplus invitation to get the OP One. Since them I’m a Oneplus user and a happy one. I am now a OP3 user and I just ordered the OP5 128Mb, getting a premium phone at not yet premium price and with not bloatware. Only minus, they are not waterproof, but not problems till now

Also, I know there are always some issues, but, as I know, they keep fixing them. No problem with the video re-focusing in OP3. =)


Has anyone got one of those nice referral codes from OnePlus that benefits both parties if it’s shared?? I’ve decided it’s what I’m gonna go with :slight_smile:


Absolutely. should work!


I don’t know if HCE mobile payments are everywhere but if you are Interested in Making payments by your mobile I recommend you a OnePlus 5. Xiaomi is using a different software architecture that causes that you will not used a secure mobile payments.


Thank you! I have 30 days to use that, and with added insurance and a phone cover it was coming to €660 including that discount your link gave me. I just can’t live with that amount right now as it’ll eat all my funds right up, so I’m gonna order in 3 weeks time after my college exams :slight_smile:.

If anyone discovers some magical discounts in the meantime please let me know!


Not a problem. I still think OP5 is super solid and I enjoy using it. It’s not without it faults, but I don’t believe there’s a product without them.
All in all - good experience.


By all means, I think the OxygenOS might be quite nice in its league, but I have the impression that perhaps one of the most important reasons for choosing OP is perhaps the enormous community and all the software they care to prepare and contribute. Just phenomenal. One week after the release and I think I saw at least 40 different android versions all around. And even the enthusiast, less known OSs seem to be routinely delivered on each of their phone releases.

After spending the past year with a xiaomi and another similar one, even though all originate from the same country, I’m into getting this OP5, hoping also that it is going to be one phone that will stay with me for some time let’s say.

Would you care to elaborate a bit, perhaps comment on your experiences while owning it, or maybe discuss the faults that you mention you feel there are, and so on. I mean I’ve read plenty of details already, but an insider’s point of view is always valuable.


Hey @Niloc
I will be in China next weekend and I am willing to do some research to try to help you if it will make a difference by ordering it there.

I also have a phone specialist contact there, where I buy my phones, but as I said before, I buy the Hong Kong version as it usually has world ROM specs.

I have found her to be quite a bit cheaper than other ways of buying phones.
And she sells genuine products only.

If the specs are the same world wide then I can help you get one. She would be willing to ship it to you direct from China as she has shipped others around the world.

I will be in the Qingdao region for several weeks or possibly months, and she is near where I live there.

What country do you live in?

I just checked the price on my OnePlus account from China and the top model is about 100 Euro cheaper plus add postage.

I can buy it in Yuan (RMB) and the Hong Kong price is also about 120 Euro cheaper plus postage.

I cant guarantee I can help, but happy to spend a little time there to find out


I’m afraid there’s not much I can offer that was not already talked about in any review or impression thread.

I love how responsive and fast the phone feels. I was always under impression that OP2 was fast enough, which I was simply wrong. DashCharge is silly quick and I don’t think I could go simply back to anything slower. All that while having good SoT as the phone lasts me about two days. I am not a heavy user, but for my use case it’s still good.
Voice quality is good, both input and output. It seems to drive my casual headphones well enough to take pleasure in using them.
I’m positively surprised that 1080p on this non-stripe AMOLED is sharp enough. I thought that going from pretty nice LCD of OP2 will result in me whining, but that’s, again, not the case. I like the display and while it probably could be brighter, it’s very usable and I appreciate Dark Theme form OxygenOS.
Jelly Effect is definitely there, but at first I was unsure what I was looking at, thinking that it may be some kind of visual flavor of newest Android. It’s there, it’s subtle, it’s not really an issue.
The dual camera implementation is ok. The artifacts are there and visible around some edges. Most of the time the effect is impressive enough - super shame though that it does not save the original versions of bokeh’ed photos, which seems like a silly oversight. Obviously or not, I don’t but the answer about OIS and the lack of it. It should be there, because while most photos are ok, I would like them to be better. Next time - better sensor, OIS and less blur filters, please.
I think the 16:9 screen looks great. The body of the phone is a surprisingly nice package and I very much like how it looks and feels in hand. I don’t think I need 18:9, but I could try it in OP6… if they’ll leave hardware buttons on the bottom chin. They are responsive and elegant, with the fingerprint reader insanely fast and pretty damn accurate.

All in all, solid 8+ for me. I think I’ll buy OP6, just to get that refined experience. It’s a super solid upgrade over OP2 and I may like how slimy the company is, I like most of their hardware and software.


I really like the points you mention. charge, responsiveness. Are you using by chance bluetooth audio, in car or in earphones? If yes, any issues there? disconnections/pairing I mean.

Does the jelly effect feel something unnatural ? like a choppy fps or something?

I think for the bookeh its not OP to blame, since I have also a stereo with the same sony sensors, and also in mine does not save the originals, but only the tunable, And I think there must be a api, which perhaps the OEMs have no access beyond a point.

OIS is a bit subjective I think, For me for instance I can manage without. As soon as the response is on my side and the photo is taken the moment I expect it to, then most end up above average.

and above all, since its also a matter for the senses, the rigidity and feeling of it is fairly important as well. TBH I have heard from no one actually to say something different wrt build quality and feeling. So it must surprising I assume.

Whats the deal with OP6, I have no clue about it. Basically I was intending to gift mine to ma’ and get the OP5 directly. But my intension is not to use android all that much. even if I do it will be a custom los I used to have so far.


Sorry, but no. I don’t use anything Bluetooth, nor do I have a car.

It’s mostly weird. When you scroll text, for example, the are that is scrolled expands and contracts around your finger, like a gravity… Is weird, but seriously, before hearing about it being the Jelly Effect I was suspicious it was some kind of Android-specific visual effect.

I’m just saying that I like OP2, OP5 is only better and I will probably buy their next proper phone.
As for the rest of your quoted post, about OS - I have no idea what you wrote.


From what you describe sounds as if it feels like a visual. I’m curius to see how that looks in reality,

Since there are many changes and improvements in this iteration, I’d prefer to stick with this/or one device for as long as it can serve the purpose. Im fed up with all the necessary backup restore, reinstall settings migration, distributed phonebooks/calendars etc etc from the many changes, so far. The rest is about lineage, the AOSP (Android open source project --based) version of android, built and maintained by the community. In there, you can take what there is, and modify it further as you see fit. For example, since I can use the cell towers to approximately geolocate myself, the function that tracks the geo location behaves differently than in official android. And is a git more privacy friendly. Final goal is to detach even from that, and use something of my preference. I started to develop an increasing appreciation for sailfish OS as of late.


Pffff… so average, get the RED! Cheap as chips (if you happen to have 1200$ lying around :moneybag::dollar:)


Well I have to say just the opposite with my experience with my Xiaomi Mi4 which I used for a while with running up Windows 10 Mobile as the MS Insiders program supported it (amazingly). I have now moved over to their version of Android (MUI8). Ok it works and I can now use the apps that were not available on Win 10. I’m just not excited at all with Android and much prefer Win10. So sad that it looks now as though Win 10 has well lost the race.
Anyhow my Xiaomi Mi4 is still going but I’m looking to upgrade, perhaps to an Mi5 as they very well priced at the moment.