Advice: Xiaomi Mi 6 VS. OnePlus 5


I friend of mine has the Mi 5 and his experience was the exact opposite of what you describe. Everything seems to be working as expected.


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With that budget you can even get the Galaxy S8… Well unless you want to buy from a local retailer that is.


Well the OnePlus 5 is basically 550 euro. Xiaomi mi 6 is 450-550 euro on honorbuy.

I have 4 Samsung phones and I’m thoroughly gone off them. Though the last one was a Samsung galaxy s 5… Just fed up with them. They also slow down and get super clunky.

Definitely veering towards the OnePlus 5 as it stands.


The biggest problem with phones today, is that they are getting way to large (pun intended). There’s really no new phone that’s smaller than the Mi6 at 5,15". Most of them are >=5,5" which I’d never buy…
Even my current Honor 8 (5,2") is to big for me :confused:


I only realised now my Sony phone itself is 6.1"… The screen itself is 5.1"… That’s opened up a whole new realm to the phones I’m willing to hold.


Haha, that’s one way to look at it :stuck_out_tongue:
But unfortunately it still make the phone more difficult to use, since you have to reach the entire screen to use it. I guess you never have to stretch your thumb all the way to your earpice on your current phone? Maybe you should start practising that :wink:
But this might be getting off-topic, since it’s not really advice


But unfortunately it still make the phone more difficult to use, since you have to reach the entire screen to use it.

Agreed, I once found an S8 and S7 placed side by side in the store. While the screen of the S8 is indeed gorgeous, it is way more difficult to use than the similarly-sized S7. Also, I have mixed feeling about the removal of physical home button


I, on the other hand, welcome bezellessness and no buttons on the front (like the V) with open arms; I think it looks amazing :heart_eyes: If only they would make the phone smaller instead of making the display bigger and figure out a way to put the fingerprintreader under the display already!
One day…


One other possible alternative would be the LG G6, last years chipset but can be had for under 400 euros.


And why do you recommend LG and that model in particular??


Ah I just meant I always thought my phone was smaller than it actually was. The z5 has big bezels on the top and bottom imo (a total of an inch diagonally it seems). But I’m more concerned with fitting it in pockets primarily. And secondly where I can reach on the screen (I have big hands).

Now I realise I have a giant phone already and I’m comfortable with its size, I merely didn’t want bigger. I thought the OnePlus 5 was huge comparative to my own phone.


Nice screen and design, good cameras and cheap compared to other flagships this year.


Also terrible software


I have OP5, after two years with OP2. I think it’s a solid phone with some wonderful performance, solid battery life and great responsiveness. I’m glad I bought it, even though there are things I would like changed or simply different.

While it’s absolutely top of the line now, OP does have pretty awful history with their ROM. It’s great, but they seem to forget about their older hardware just as soon as the new flagship releases. Having that said, ROM scene for OP phones is very much alive and with just a bit smarts you can have the newest Android for the long time, if that’s your thing.


This so much. I still have the OnePlus One and I’m rocking the latest Lineage ROM based on android 7.1 without any issues.


Also something to keep in mind is that the Mi6 doesn’t have a headphone jack. I know some don’t really care enough but others find this a dealbreaker.


Samsung phones have definitely improved a lot in that area in the past 2 generation compared to their bloated predecessors. I suggest you try to get your hands on one and check for yourself to get a better idea.

In my opinion the S8 is a great value at the moment, at least for the price I can get it for (570 euros), compared to the OP. When you consider that an extra 70-100 euros gets you a better designed phone, Optical Image Stabilization, slightly better camera in general and a micro sd slot then you start realizing that the OP offering is not the value offering it used to be in the past.


Yeah when I heard OP was such a good deal price wise because they skipped the middle men… I have to say I didn’t just feel 550 euro was fantastically cheap :joy:

I had a htc hero, galaxy 1, 2, 3, and 5. I was very committed to them as a brand. I then got Sony z3 and z5. So my brand experience is quite limited when it comes to phones.

I had washed my hands of Samsung but my friend has the samsung edge 7 or edge 8. I’ll have a look at it. Thank you :slight_smile:


what about the video focussing issue? Is the OP5 still re-focussing like the OP2?


Well there isn’t really anything else on that price range which wil provide you with the same spsecs