Hey there!

In this post, we will talk about accessories! With Spectrum currently in the hands of the electrical engineers, we think its a perfect time for us to look at what you want to see on your desk around your awesome new monitor. Our goal for this post is to ask you what accessories you would like Eve to make.

The scope

We want to make all sorts of cool things, but an Eve branded set of kitchen knives might be a bit too far-fetched. Also, the accessories shouldn’t be more complex than the monitor itself! So let’s have a look at the process, and some ideas from our team to kick off the discussion!

The process

The process is a lot like how we handle our usual projects: We collect your ideas, create polls to determine which ideas are most popular, take these to our suppliers for evaluation, and do our best to make your favorite choices a reality. Because these are intended as accessories and not as full crowd-development projects, R&D resources will be much more limited. We may for instance re-brand an existing cool product after adapting its look to fit Eve, but we’re not likely to create something from scratch or change any electronic or mechanical features. We’re not looking to re-invent the wheel, and sometimes even just offering a pre-existing product without any modifications (for instance offering the right USB-C charging cable) in our web store can help users get what they need.

Accessories specifically for Spectrum

The most obvious ideas that come to mind are accessories that specifically fit Spectrum. But also more generic monitor accessories can be useful to have on offer. If we offer the right kind of HDMI-certified cable, you don’t have to go and look for it. And nobody said we can’t custom-sleeve it to look awesome!

Examples include things like video- and other cables, vinyl skins, a wireless charger add-on, a VESA mount or multi-monitor mount, video adapter dongles.

Other computer- or desk accessories

Not every accessory has to be monitor-specific. You might just be looking for a keyboard and mouse that look great in front of your Spectrum, or cable ties to keep your desk tidy. Now, we know that we have some community members that are really enthusiastic about keyboards and mice, and have very specific requirements. We’ll definitely consider those for a later crowd-development project, for now we just mean a decent but simple office keyboard and mouse.

Examples include things like a keyboard and mouse, mouse pad, cable ties, USB flash drives or wall chargers, power banks, fans.

Fan gear

You may want to show off that you’re part of our community in other ways. In the past, we’ve already had some shirts available, but the possibilities are endless.

Examples include things like T-shirts, hoodies, caps, pens, mugs, beer- shot- and other glasses, phone cases, wallets, posters.

Let us know what you would like to see

We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas folks, so leave a comment! What accessories would you like Eve to create?



I came up with the idea of making a soft monitor cover with Eve branding on it, to prevent the Spectrum from accumulating dust during off-power periods. Regarding the style, I believe the dark theme background of our community is a lovely reference. :art:

Customised monitor skins could be an excellent addition to the already sleek & modern Spectrum. Also, an Eve wallpaper poster would be a unique decoration on the wall. :yum: E.g. the “We Believe” in the following thumbnail.


For cables, I believe HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0a, DP 1.4 & Type-C cables offer convenience for customers. Armoured Type-C cables have a shiny & sturdy appearance. Moreover, we can make HDMI 2.1 the only HDMI option if putting 2.0a alongside it may be confusing/redundant. Although the Spectrum could come with a cable in the box, it is good to provide such an option.


When I was looking for options to enable a multi monitor setup I discovered that a VESA mount offset bracket was seldom made. I mean you can get them for mounting a NUC PC but something made from a thicker piece of alloy that suits the recess mounting on the rear of the monitor would facilitate offsetting the mounting of the monitor on a multi monitor arm like the ergotron hx and could either be used for that purpose or mounting a NUC.

High quality branded and braided cables is a good idea. Could also have the brand illuminated on the casing of the end connections. I have a HDMI one like this and could look quite good substituting the HDMI for EVE.

Headphone hook was something that came up in one of the other threads too some time back. Not sure if you could incorporate somewhere for it to mount to though so it would handle the weight.

Vinyl wraps could be cool, especially if you did some that were spread across the rear of two or three to have a widescreen mural image effect.

Oversized desk matt made from PU material for wipe clean and oversized so it could be cut down to suit various desk sizes, maybe 1500mm x 700mm with some subtle EVE branding on a white or charcoal grey background.

Branded velcro type ties, always handy for PC builds, especially windowed cases.

High quality desk lamp with wireless charging.

Also if you do a USB-C braided cable please make it suitable for 100W power delivery as these types of cables are not easy to come by in a trust worthy brand.


I’d personally love to see a dual monitor mount. I really need a new one, and when these come out I’ll likely pull the trigger. Being able to buy something from you guys would be great.

I’m also down for a few braided HDMI cables.

I second Justin in wanting a headphone stand.


I can recommend the Ergotron HX but you have to buy it in two pieces the single arm and the dual mount bar are sold separate. Not cheap but the engineering I would say is second to none.

Are basic accessories like one USB C one HDMI and one DP cables going to come with monitor in box (I mean for free)? It would be kinda nice as some of the monitors comes with these things in box, and eve spectrum as marketed without compromises would be nice to come with these cables in box.


Like some other posts have said, some high quality cables would be nice.

I also think there will be people interested in a monitor hood, sometimes called monitor shading hood or monitor shield. As seen on some esports or professional monitors like by benq (sw240) , zowie (XL2546 and XL2746S) and acer predator (XB273KS and X27P)


I also think they should include at least a HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, and USB-C cable in the box for the 4K & 240 Hz models. They can be basic ones as long as they are not low quality and then you can offer special ones for sale such as braided sleeved ones that look nicer.


A V-pen holder or a magnetic place to put the V-pen on similar to my solution with the Surface pen…!


I would love a sleek an elegant keboard pairing with my spectrum, preferably mate black, wireless and wired, Charging trough USB-C, with if possible, backlight (to merge with the darkness of the (night) room).


As stated in the “Build your ideal display” post as side note: I would love to have an IR webcam and speaker/microphone combination as optional separate accessory which can be attached (e.g. IR webcam on top of the display and speaker/microphone on the bottom as a bar) and connected to an interface on the back.

Since there are not a lot of Thunderbolt Display alternatives in the market, I think having these as optional accessory would be a big option for a lot of interested users. Would also be a huge bonus for those Mac users who have Windows as Bootcamp installation (like me) and would benefit from Windows Hello in this case.

Besides that I currently have 2 separate keyboard/mouse sets, Apple-specific and Windows-specific.
While the Windows set is cable bound I would love to have something which could keep the cable organized, also since I will put the set below my (current) display when switching to the Apple set (which is Bluetooth and therefore will be put on the side when not in use).
By “organized” I don’t mean connected to the display. Since I have an external GPU and the display is connected via HDMI to that eGPU I have connected the Windows set to that eGPU (Razer Core X Chroma), so the organization would most probably something “tunnel” based. Can also only be some small extra clips that can be attached on the backside of the display or the stand.


I second that. Or at least an webcam mount - such as for a Logitech Brio…


Oooo a wireless charging add on would be sick!


I would like an Ergo stand like the LG Ergo UltraFine that been going around…


I think a stand can hold up to 3 monitors should be better
and for this, ergotron supports are very popular. I think a metal rod like LX and a mounting arm like HX are a great concept

It would be nice to have both 2 monitor arm and 3 monitor arm stands.


The trouble with the triple HX mount is it’s not quite wide enough for 3 x 27" monitors unless you use a VESA offset bracket. If you only want 2 x 27" their dual HX mount will do it without any extra brackets except as with both you may need the bracket they do to suit a recessed VESA mount on the rear of the monitor. I think the spectrum will need this recessed bracket at the very least.

that’s why we should make a special version

It would be best if they made an offset bracket rather than a whole monitor mount / arm as there’s already loads on the market. They’re also unlikely to make something that would exceed the quality of the ergotrons.

I agree with @Hubster, a wireless charing accessory that fits on top of the base of the stand would be great. Preferably with the same finish as the stand, and with an easy to hide cable.