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Matte Grey and space grey are pretty popular since, like black and white, they go with any complementary color. One overlooked color that I find alot of people like is purple so if there could be a royal purple or lavender option, that’d be nice.



How Spectrum would look with Brushed Black Metallic you can find in this 3M Wrap Film?



Greetings, @Robi91!

Brushed Black Metallic


The team checked out this Brushed Black Metallic skin, and we ultimately decided not to include it as a possible option.


Yooo, you’re all sleeping on this transparent skin. Don’t you want your monitor to look like that clear purple gameboy and see all the guts?

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Yeah that would look clean

What is this one cable solution you speak of?

I plan on connecting one hdmi, and one type c.

Would it actually be a completely transparent back? That would be super dope

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It’s likely a vinyl-like skin like dbrand so probably not.

Hey, @sonofwolf! I hope the following quote helps to answer your question.


So do they have like a texture feel on the different types of vinyls? How long will the cables be? I have a secret lab Targaryens chair (sorry for the flex lol) and its colorway is black with the red dragons. I’d really like the red cables but don’t know what vinyl id choose on the back.

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Based on demand in our customer survey, as well as what we were able to source, the lengths are as follows:

USB Type-C will be available in 1m only
HDMI will be available in 1.8m only
DisplayPort will be available in 1.8m and 3m
USB Type-B will be available in 1.8m and 3m


Yes. Three types of finishes are present on these 3M samples we’ve checked out so far. 1) Carbon fiber texture, 2) smooth, glossy finish, 3) non-slippery (less smooth than glossy), matte finish.

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I meant to do this last week but anyways for those who (like me) need a visual of how each would look when actually applied to something, here you go:

I tried to find images under normal lighting and as little editing to it as possible.

Carbon Fiber Black (2080-CFS12)

Carbon Fiber Anthracite (2080-CFS201) note: depending on lighting and angle it can look different

Carbon Fiber White (2080-CFS10)

Carbon Fiber Transparent (8900-CF100) I think this one is pointless, no pic available anyway.

Shadow Black (2080-SB12)

Matrix Black (2080-MX12) note: It can look different depending on lighting and angle

Gloss Galaxy Black (2080-GP292)

Gloss Ember Black (2080-GP282)

Satin Frozen Vanilla (2080-SP240) I felt the two pictures were different enough to show both pics

Satin White (2080-S10)

Shadow Military Green (2080-SB26) note: there were no examples I could find of the 2080 series so below is the 1080. It appears the 2080 is a softer version of the 1080

Matte Military Green (2080-M26)

Gloss Light Green (2080-G16)

Matte Riviera Blue (2080-M67)

Matte Orange (2080-M54)

Matt Red (2080-M13)

Matrix Black, Ember Black, or Satin White are my go tos. The other colours would clash with my setup :upside_down_face:


I’ll check how much that’ll be in ft. Lol

Edit: so its 3ft 3.37 in, 5ft 10.86in and 9 ft 10.11 in

Shame. I’d really like a 3m top quality USB Type C, as I won’t be connecting laptops but my desktop instead…

The others are nicely sized, though. Thank you.


In order to maximize the full features of type C the cable cant be more than 1m.

USB Type-C Connector Information | One Cable That Works For All Devices | C2G.

with 3m the data transfer rate drops to 5Gbps. Not sure what that impact would result in but that’s probably why they’re sticking to 1m.


That makes sense. Thanks for the heads up.

My desktop sits under my desk, so I’m worried about the 1m length- it will probably be tight, but if I can get the monitor positioned correctly on the monitor stand I bought, it might still work. Having longer would have made it easier to work with, obviously, but sacrificing bandwidth would not be an option. So 1m it is.


I ran into a similar issue with my current setup (temporary living space so I didn’t put much effort) I ended up grabbing my old college and high school hardcover textbooks and laid them out under my case for an even surface to raise it by a good inch and my 1m cable type c cable is no longer tight where I’m afraid of it snapping lol

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The same is true with the HDMI 2.1 cable at 1.8m (~6 feet).

I am not a fan of transparent because it is hard to match. It usually looks a little off-white. I would be interested in seeing what it could look like though.


I’ve got my case on rollers - it gives it about a 2" raise. This one to be exact. Even then, with that nice, massive Fractal Design Define 7 XL case on it, it fits under my desk - barely. Still, though, with the stand that I bought for the monitors - see the pics in my post here - I’m gonna have issues.

With the cables on the right hand side of the back of the monitor (meaning the left side of the monitor when I look at them) the left side monitor will not reach 1 M at all (and that is a straight run - not even counting cable mgmt) - only the right will. So, until I get confirmation that DP daisychaining absolutely works, even when using the ‘one cable’ method, I’m forced to using a diff cable for the monitor on the left.


Yeah, I agree with the blue colored skins.