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Beloved community,

It was a grand pleasure to read through all of your excellent comments on the Spectrum Accessory Stars topic. The polling results, such as the Type-C hub and screen protectors, brought a surprise to our team. From your comments, we realized and appreciated your demand for cables in the box, and will talk more about it in a moment. Moreover, we got a view of which accessories you want to pair with Spectrum. Now, we will start approaching various manufacturers to examine available options for each of the following accessories. After that, we will bring them to you for further discussion. With this post, we aim to set up an introductory guide to filter out the options that suit our target the best.

Most popular accessory Q & As

Will there be free cables in the box?

You may have secured your price for Spectrum, and we make the most use of it to provide the best quality and looking Spectrum to you. It also means that our budgets are limited, and we need to decide where to spend the money. Anything included in the box requires us to allocate some expenses. They could potentially go to other crucial aspects, such as a more appealing and enduring paint for Spectrum’s body. As always, we will do our best to optimize our resources to contribute to Spectrum’s overall experience.

How will you sell the accessories?

We intend to sell accessories from our store as we have done for the 1st Gen V; moreover, accessories such as cables will not come bundled with Spectrum.

These are the most dazzling stars

USB Type-C hub

A USB Type-C hub allows you to connect multiple USB devices to a single USB port. It needs to have a USB-C upstream to the computer, and preferably offers sufficient but not overwhelming downstream links such as 4x USB-C and 4x USB-A. Also, it would be best to include an international power adapter so that the ports are fully powered. A full-sized SD card reader (SDUC) could be a neat bonus.

One point to note is that it is not a Type-C dock. A dock expands on connectivity beyond USB, such as video output and ethernet ports. Although Type-C hub turned out to be the top voted accessory, we want to make sure you wanted a hub when choosing this option.

  • I want a Type-C hub with only USB ports.
  • I want a Type-C dock with connectivity beyond USB.
  • Both a Type-C hub and a Type-C dock are ok to me.
  • I am not interested in either one of them.

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VESA mount

A single-monitor VESA mount provides versatile monitor adjustments and helps to tidy up your working area. It needs full articulation, including height adjusts, tilt, swivel, and pivot. Furthermore, space-saving on your desk is a must.

A dual-monitor VESA mount provides the same benefits as a single-monitor VESA mount while holding two monitors. There are two types of dual-monitor mount: one of which locks the monitors with each other (example), and the other requires individual tweaks to each monitor (example).

  • I want a single-monitor VESA mount.
  • I want a dual-monitor VESA mount that locks the monitors together.
  • I want a dual-monitor VESA mount that does not bond the monitors together.
  • Both types of the dual-monitor VESA mount are ok to me.
  • I am not interested in any of them.

0 voters

RGB add-ons

RGB add-ons are light strips attached to the monitor’s back, which light up your room or sync with on-screen contents. It needs to be custom-fit to Spectrum while having a premium appearance. RGB strips can offer several modes, for instance, RGB rainbow, breathing, pulse, and static colors. We will look into linking the lighting with your computer, either through stand-alone software or compatibility with existing software.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not intereted in RGB add-ons.

0 voters

Cleaning kits

Cleaning kits let you clean the monitor without damaging its coating. They could include microfiber cloths that feel good to the touch and cleaning liquid that is friendly to the surface while cleaning thoroughly.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the cleaning kit.

0 voters

Screen protector

A screen protector guards your Spectrum’s screen or blocks harmful lights. It needs to have proper scratch protection while having as little reflection and impact on colors as possible. Alternatively, it could act as a blue light filter, or a privacy filter (limited viewing angles).

  • I want the scratch protector.
  • I want the blue light protector.
  • I want the privacy protector.
  • I am not interested in the screen protector.

0 voters

Vinyl skin

A vinyl skin makes your Spectrum unique and matches your style. It needs to be precisely pre-cut and feature refreshing designs.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in vinyl skins.

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Dongles allow you to have various types of connections to the same port. It needs to be durable and reliable. A bonus would be they could also match our custom cables.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in dongles.

0 voters

Monitor hood

A monitor hood shields the monitor from unwanted reflections to maximize color accuracy and assist your focus. It needs to be custom-fit for Spectrum while matching its design.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the monitor hood.

0 voters

Windows Hello webcam

A Windows Hello webcam allows you to record good videos and login to Windows using facial recognition. It needs to have pleasing image quality and a built-in microphone. Furthermore, it can be used both on top of Spectrum (without obscuring the screen) and stand-alone.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the Windows Hello webcam.

0 voters

Headphone stand

A headphone stand allows you to store your headphone conveniently. It needs to be stable and sturdy. Also, it would be excellent to include the function of a pen or phone stand.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the headphone stand.

0 voters

Qi wireless charger

A Qi wireless charger allows you to charge your Qi-compatible devices wirelessly. Many of them do not function correctly; therefore, we will pay attention to their reliability and safety.

  • I want a stand-alone charging pad for a single device.
  • I want a stand-alone charging pad for multiple devices.
  • I want a wirelessly charging lamp.
  • I want a charger integrated into the headphone stand.
  • I want a charger augments the base of Spectrum stand.
  • I am not interested in Qi accessories.

0 voters

Desk mat

A desk mat grants you a large working surface on your table. We think it needs to be durable, featuring a microfiber top, rubber bottom, and stitched edges. We are aware that other materials could also be used; we would love to hear your suggestions. Moreover, it can be either solid or rollable and have delightful designs. It would be preferable if it is easy to clean.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the desk mat.

0 voters

Mouse pad

A mouse pad is smaller than a desk mat and serves exactly for your mouse. It lets your mouse move smoothly and precisely. Its guidelines are the same as the desk mat.

  • That sounds about right.
  • That does not sound right.
  • I am not interested in the mouse pad.

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Additional information

We will look into customized cables and consider making T-shirts. We decided not to explore speakers and stand-alone microphones at this time because they are grand projects, and our team is concentrating on the ongoing Project: Spectrum and Project: V. For another thing, the monitor carrying case is no longer on the table. We will make the Spectrum shipping box safe and convenient to transport Spectrum; anything beyond that would be bulky and expensive to manufacture and ship.

Let us hear your voice

What is your opinion of these Spectrum accessories? Please leave a comment below, and we love to hear what you think!



I might be the only one with the opinion, but what I love about Spectrum is that it looks clean and sleek. For me adding RGB lights to it would just make it look tacky. I would personally advice to stay away from RGB to keep spectrum looking sleek.
If you want to explore lighting options then maybe look into a variable white light bar that can snap onto the monitor and provide down light for below the monitors and slightly in front of it.


Hi eve team,

Everything from these descriptions and choices looks excellent. One thing that I would like to suggest is about the windows hello webcam. I don’t know if it is possible to integrate a lens cover with the camera for privacy reasons. Ideally, it would be a cover which slides in and out of the way of the lens or swivels up and down. It might sound a bit counter-intuitive to add this kind of feature, but some would prefer privacy and login to their PC a few seconds slower (the time it takes to open the lens cover).


Please bring back the carrying case? I would definitely buy one.


For me, this whole discussion about accessories is a bit weird when we get a PR-answer to the question if cables are included.

No offense, you’re a company and want to explore every direction and that’s absolutely okay. But I would like to see more updates on the monitor itself and good accessories included (so, just a good and sturdy HDMI2.1 cable).

It feels a bit like losing focus when you talk about mousepads instead of the monitor.


At what budget? Because I think if we explored that option it would be a higher budget then you might want to spend.


All i would personally like to see in the box would be a power cord/supply (obviously), and a good quality HDMI 2.1 cord. If you threw in a DP 1.4 cord as well I’m sure that would make others happy but as I wouldn’t be using that, it is not necessary for me to have. I’m still very excited about this monitor and i cant wait to finally get one. Hopefully they come closer to the beginning of Q4 rather than the latter part of Q4 but either way, no more than 5 months till we should all have our hands on these. :partying_face:


I personally would love to see more custom accessories from Eve like the monitor sleeve and carrying case since you can’t get good enough generic ones.
When it comes to things like cables, USB hubs, RGB lights, desk mats, mouse pads and stuff, you can still easily buy good quality third party ones as well that will work just as well as an Eve designed one. However accessories like the monitor sleeve and carrying case specifically for the spectrum will be close to impossible to find. And mainly because of this, I feel Eve should protect their buyers in this regard. All the other things we can almost 100% get from other retailers and will work and look just fine with the Spectrum


“wirelessly charging lamp” is perhaps the wrong wording? That wording makes it sound like the lamp charges wirelessly, rather than the lamp providing a wireless charge.


Thanks for asking. We meant ‘a lamp that charges wirelessly’ by “wirelessly charging lamp.” A lamp that charges wirelessly may come with a charging pad as its base.


Regarding cables, personally, it is NOT a deal-breaker if HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 1.4 cable (either one) wasn’t included in the Spectrum order.

I would rather Eve focus on these savings to improve the product. For example, by not including the cables, could Eve use the savings to improve the texture and coating of the monitor to give it that ‘luxe’ feel to it so that it doesn’t feel cheap like the majority of the products out there.

Or can Eve ship the monitor pre-calibrated?

Rather than discussing whether a HDMI or DP cable should be included, let’s give Eve ideas on how they can improve the Spectrum if they decide to go down the route of not including these cables.

Let’s face it, if you can afford to purchase these monitors, I am sure you can afford to buy a cable :laughing:


Ok, I understand. Maybe a carrying sleeve that protects from scratches? If it’s gonna be too expensive then I can understand foregoing impact protection.


I wonder if it’s economically viable to include some sort of ‘tempered glass’ similarly to Gorilla Glass or Dragontail? :thinking:


I hoped to see some update about LUX sensor possibility, as community had idea how to make it easier way (controlling brightness in windows, instead of controlling directly brightness of monitor), as this would require just simple drivers, and would be quite cheap to make.
Also, one thing that does not directly have anything similar with accessories. That is price of the monitor, the thing is, that when we count monitor’s price with stand (which lg gn950 has by default), it has 50$ cheaper, and in some regions even similar price. I think that price of eve spectrum should not rise any more, as it would get eve into directly competing with lg gn950 which offers higher default refresh rate, and probably will have included cables in the box (although it is not sure what other feature advantages will be on spectrum’s side).


While I understand your point, Spectrum has several advantages over the LG GN950 including a higher peak brightness, HDMI 2.1 to run it at full spec without compression and compatibility with new consoles, a larger variety of built-in ports, a sleeker design with high quality materials, and several other features.

The stand is also of higher quality than the one on the GN950, and you can get a cheaper VESA mount if you want to save some money.


Regarding this bit:

How will you sell the accessories?
We intend to sell accessories from our store as we have done for the 1st Gen V; moreover, accessories such as cables will not come bundled with Spectrum.

Does that leave open the possibility for different cable lengths? Kind of tying into the idea of the dual monitor VESA mount, but if you are developing a dual free-form monitor arm, leaving enough room for cable slack will take up a lot of the typical 6ft/1.8m length cables, which limits desk space/organization. The option for 10ft/3m cables would be great if tested that the standard (DP1.4, DP2.0, HDMI 2.1) will not have any data loss at that length.


Both display port and HDMI are digital signals. They’ll either simply work or they won’t. That being said, 10ft/3m is well within both of their specs.


pre calibrated would be muchly appreciated, i can always buy a cable, but i need special equipment to calibrate a monitor (and i have no idea where my spider is haha)


Personally I wouldn’t mind with the display cable not being included in the box at least for the first buyers, us preorderers. Because, being a preorder, we have the time to order our needed cables on the internet, while Eve can focus the budget on build quality - not only referring to the materials but as was already discussed in raising their requirements (and so the budget) on ips glow/backlight bleed for panels. When the production grows and eventually Eve can afford it, they could start including the cables in the box because that might be what people buying off the shelves from physical stores or on amazon will probably expect
Also remind that some brands only give you the most basic cable they can. i.e. a certain S…G includes only a VGA cable if the monitor has that port.


The idea was pretty much a screen protector in the form of a gorilla glass/some other sheet of durable and resistant material which could be applied to the monitor and blend in with it aesthetically without sticking out.