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Well, why not put your storage in that eGPU box and just leave all the other jobs to the PF itself? :slight_smile: It’s surely capable of streaming 4K content, has AC WiFi (I think they mentioned MiMo too, whatever that means). The box will probably suppirt TB3 passthrough, so you will be able to connect other TB3 accessories if you need anything else. But really, what else do you need? This setup is probably the closest to what you currently have. Except that the graphics are maybe weaker than your desktop, but Thunderbolt doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support dedicated graphics and 8 hard drives, so if you want that, you would need a laptop with proper graphics card and TB3. But then you lose the tablet part. So, I don’t think you can get any closer to your current setup in one device :slight_smile:


Yea… there is no such thing like a full happiness, right :slight_smile:
But thank you again, I’ve got your point


But actually, I don’t quite understand what else you need. Maybe I can suggest something more? I mean, I think the suggested setup involves everything you can expect, but if you want some more specific features, feel free to point them out and maybe Eve can create a device for that :slight_smile: we accept all sorts of crazy ideas here, so don’t be afraid to go overboard. For example, I suggested a “phabtop” concept a while back - a phone, tablet and laptop all in one. It’s as crazy as it sounds, but you know what, the future holds endless possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries mate,
I’m just exploring my options.
If the price is right I will buy the PF and same time will keep the desktop if I can’t find a solution for the storage box.
In any case my old tablet will go for sell… this is for sure :slight_smile:


The only Issue I see with a tablet dock is the weight a touch screen slab with a battery and then a phone would have great weight distribution but if you plug in the phone it would be to heavy.

Love the insight you are providing after a little more researching Intel has literally as of last week confirmed they will be returning with newer Atom processors. So this would be awesome to work with.

As for the dock once again rather than a processor I was thinking something could essentially be a mini Graphic amplifier something just good enough to give you graphics that can rival something like the PS3 (that’s why I had originally thought I could use a Tegra K1 or X1 for) I figure the device would be the size and price of the current Continuum dock sold by Microsoft, but unlike the Razer core or Alienware Amps you would not be able to just swap out parts. Do you know of any compatible solution or have an even better one.

The differentiator between the dock/amp and a compute stick or Kangaroo PC is the face that it should in theory be more capable as it would have both a processor and “GPU”


Lol, you’re way too optimistic. You want PS3 graphics in the size of Microsoft Continuum dock… that’s just insane. And yes, I know a solution: Eve eGPU dock. But first, you need to find a phone with a TB3 port :slight_smile:

Regarding the distribution of weight, I think it would make sense to plug the phone to the bottom of the tablet dock, making the weight center low enough to make it stable. But I’m more worried about how one would fit all the computing power inside a phone body.

And no, the true differentiator is that one is a full blown computer on its own, and the other is a mere accessory. It’s like a car without a motor: you need to put a motor in for it to work.


Understandable but with the rumored Spec of the upcoming NX is seems to be powered by a mobile chip with graphical power said to exceed those of the current WiiU which in itself is more powerful than a PS3. Rumors are rumors but the creditability from a chip released last year that can hold its own graphically with the PS3 an is currently used to power the Nvidia Shield 8in Tablets (or its micro android console) I figure without a Screen and Battery it can fit in something with a smaller body.

I understand that for it size and price point it would be competing with products like the compute stick. The thing I was banking on was a person with this phone can do quick work on the go with a lightweight all inclusive device (The Phone), and then tether themselves to a desk to get more work down with a device that is more capable (The Dock). Essentially emulating what the buyers of computers like the Razer Blade Stealth. I don’t think of the Dock of it self as a something that’s even comparable with PC Sticks, I think of them as just another way to enhance a product that you can use everyday some might not need or want it, but if there is a Phone that you say can do what you want on the go and then do even more than you expected by plugging it in to a tiny box Creatives and Gamers would nearly eat up a device like this.

Having it work with a EVE eGPU dock would be beyond perfect especially if the size and pricing makes sense.


Well, when I think about it, PS3 graphics suck so much anyway… but it doesn’t look like that chip is any better than Intel HD 520. So it doesn’t make sense to have it in a separate dock… If you want to amplify the graphics power, you’ll need something closer to a desktop card :slight_smile:


Darn that was partially my fear so that would mean a larger Dock. Well if it could also Work with a potential EVE eGpu that would me more than enough, to still push the phone over the edge.

Thanks a bunch for the insight.


But why do you mind the size? You’re not lugging the dock around with you, are you? :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is just a dream. The dock is there, but the phone isn’t. I’m afraid we will need to wait a long time until a suitable processor comes out…


Yeah I know its pretty much a dream at this point just gauging interest in such a device as interest normally leads to research and then hopefully fruition.

Me personally minding the size probably not just was thinking what would be more practical (I buy anything that I see value in huge “Techy”).

Scenario 1
I’m on vacation and doing a quick sketch on my phone but later on while relaxing I wish to do more like run Photoshop then import the assets I created into unity, I would rather have something that wouldn’t add much in terms of size and weight but I could still use to get what I need done.

Scenario 2
On my way home from work I create a mock site using Adobe Comp, but when I get home will plan to finish this project on muse. In most cases I would finish my work on a desktop rather than a phone dock simply because its something I already have set up.

Scenario 3 (“Techies”)
I can do a lot of things on my phone but also have the option to plug it into a dock to make it even more capable forget the price sign me up

In these hypotheticals the first would seem like the main use more power when your not in your normal environment, while with the 2nd it would become redundant if I already have a machine capable of doing this job. While the Third would seemingly be unconcerned with the size and weight they want to always be on the cutting edge if this device can do something new that nothing else can do I want it. So as to make it more appealing the Scenario 1 user it would be preferably smaller, while the 3rd would believably buy it regardless.


Well, maybe you could fit a laptop GPU inside a small box. Looks like there still are some laptops with exchangeable graphics cards, and those cards come in 8x10cm size. So, the box would be relatively small, but keep in mind that you also need a Thunderbolt controller, heatsink, probably a fan and some other little things in the box for it to work, so it should be quite thick. Well, basically as big as two smartphones (same area as one phone, double thickness).

I think Acer has something like that with a GTX 960M inside. But as I said, we should be worried about the phone and its CPU, because that problem is harder to solve.

But let’s continue the discussion here:


@Mitchz90, Being new to the community this topic may have been explored but why not an updated T1? I have been intrigued, interested, and follow developments of the The Ockel Sirius A but put off by the size. 6" just seems too small for Windows and feel the need for a replacement for the Dell Venue 8" pro that I carry, something with a better battery life. Right now my lineup is an 8", 13" and 17" and would exchange the S4 for the EV and ideally the 8" for a 9 1/2".


Microsoft’s new surface studio is an interesting product that i’m sure tons of people would absolutely love to try. Unfortunately it starts at 3k for a computer with 8gb of ram and a sub par gpu compared to the new Nvidia 1080s or even the AMD radeon 480s. I think you guys should create a desktop with a giant touchscreen like the surface studio. The screen doesn’t have to be as thin or small it would just have to be as functional. You could also make the computer enclosure bigger as well as long as it doesn’t get on the way. A pen would be mandatory and dial would be recommended,


I would like EVE to make laptop similar that of Surface book, make EVE V2 tablet in future, and a tablet 8 or 9.7 inch tablet.

For future products EVE can use Y-series CPU for 2in1, U-series CPU for laptop with GPU.
Smartphone running windows 10.

I’m just listing things but I really want a device like surface book. I bought SP4 over Surface Book is because of the price. I would love to collaborate with EVE community on making affordable products for consumers.


I want a 10 inch tablet like the surface 3. With a atom chip or a M3. I want to use it as a tablet most of the time, but when I need it, I want to connect a keyboard and use it like a laptop.


What about Eve V M3 model? :slight_smile:


it’s to big. My 4yo must use it as a tablet. But when it’s in my hand, it becomes a do it all. I had a surface 2 that broke. I miss it every day.


Most likely looking at fold-able display to be the next thing. The technology was around for some time but not fully looked into yet for commercial usage. It will be fun to see it rolling out. Even the OLED still on the shelf for some time before being pushed out to the market.


In my opinion, it would be interesting to create a standard for parts of mobile/compact devices. For example how cool would it be, if you could buy a laptop today and replace the mainboard with a better CPU/RAM/GPU option years later? Lets make a mainboard form factor thats small enough to fit in a tablet/laptop/AIO (potentially even phones) and could be swapped between them…