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A succesor of the T1 (8 inch) tablet :smiley: !!


A desktop version of “pyramid flipper”. I would say set-top Kodi box, but there are already too many players on the market. I do love Kodi (XBMC) but it would be nice to have the Amazon Fire/Roku features in a single device. I use an iPhone but love the Windows 8/10 Phone Interface, if there were more apps I would have stayed with it. Last idea would be an all-in-one easy home automation system.



The Ultimate Windows Phone it can run Windows 10 Mobile on a Core M3(7th gen) Chip and then it can full blown windows when plugged into a Custom continuum adapter that would provide more processing power (Tegra K1), ram (4gb), and GPU that way when you need to get real work done and you plug in the device it truly becomes a viable 3 in 1 Device.

Screen Size Options 4.5, 5.2, 5.7
Edge to Edge Display
12MP Wide lens front facing Camera Triple Flash
35MP Dual Camera Triple Flash
2K PixelSense Screen with support for N-Trig Digitizer
Fingerprint, and Iris Scanner
64, and 128 Storage Model
Dual Sim
2 Thunderbolt type-c
8GB Ram
Flip E-ink Cover that can unfold into a full size keyboard
Wireless Charging


Tegra K1 is a GPU, right?

I’m afraid the M3 will suffer too much from overheating in such a small body. So if you want an Intel CPU, the only way to go is Atom. But then, it will be too weak to do anything useful in desktop version of Windows. So you will have to add a processor to the dock. But then, the dock becomes a fully autonomous machine and doesn’t need a phone to be connected to function (except storage). I think it doesn’t make much sense.

Also, I wonder why you chose 2K as the resolution… 2K is just a little bit extended FullHD… Same width (1080), 128 pixels longer (1920 vs. 2048).

And that cover doesn’t make much sense to me. It has to be super thin, so you won’t fit real keys in there. If it’s just a touch keyboard, then what’s the point… It will be just as flimsy to type on as the on-screen keyboard… Trust me, I have a tablet and I know how it feels. It’s completely terrible. It’s much easier to type on a 5" screen than on a 11" one.


I do agree with the fact that Atom would be better suited but I was more or less counting on the newer M3 chips to run cool enough that a phone with liquid cooling would suffice.

The K1 is cpu, and gpu combo I’m sorta ignorant to the way some of these things work but I imagined with it being a combo it could work more like a “apu”

2K was only so I could say something higher than 1080p for people who would say ok nice phone but it only has a 1080p

As for keyboard I was thinking butterfly keys ala MacBook but I also agree with the fact that it doesn’t make much sense but at the same time I see business men at Starbucks typing away on a keyboard on a iPad (and I don’t mean pro) which is makes me cringe at the thought for visuals here is a vid my brother sent me when I told him about the keyboard thing

I don’t imagine people using the keyboard much without connecting it to a big screen


I googled it, Tegra K1 is on ARM architecture. It’s a chipset, not an APU. ARM = doesn’t run Windows.

I don’t think anyone who can google will be dissatisfied with 1080p but satisfied with a different 1080p, LOL. They will soon find out that it’s almost the same resolution… if you want something bigger, go with 1440p, but bear in mind that it makes absolutely zero sense on a 4.5" screen. It would look the same as 1080p or even 720p in my eyes.


Ahh okay so the K1 wouldn’t be able to help amp up the speed and graphics of a intel’s Atom or core M chip to make it run as I imagined.

Do mind letting me know what your suggestion would be for a phone like this,.


Well, even if Windows could run on ARM architecture, that processor still wouldn’t help at all. It’s better than most smartphone processors, but still far weaker than the lowest end Intel Core CPU. Not because of frequency, core count, or something like that, but because of the different architectures. ARM is inferior to x86 by its nature.

My suggestion would be that all the CPU power must be inside the phone. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense, because, as I said, if you add a CPU to the dock, it becomes a fully autonomous computer and (1) costs more than the phone (if you want better processing power, that is) and (2) doesn’t require the phone to turn on - so what’s the point in buying that specific phone then? Oh, and (3) it’s more like a computer than a dock :slight_smile:

But since, as of today, we don’t have good enough mobile processors that would provide enough power and not overheat in a small phone body, I think the only option is to wait and see what Intel brings with 10nm manufacturing process. Maybe we will have similar processing power to today’s Skylake-Y in CPUs with 1.5-2W TDP?

Maybe the phone should have a hardware keyboard, but I’m leaning towards the Blackberry approach. To be more specific, small keys that can be used when holding the phone in hand. Of course we don’t want to sacrifice the screen size, so the keyboard could slide out, like in Nokia N97.

As for the accessories, I had a thought… why not utilize the Windows 10 touch-friendly interface and make a tablet dock? A tablet with a special slot in the back where you can put in the phone. That way you could have some extra battery and storage in the tablet, and maybe even a GPU (if it fits, because we want it to be lightweight, don’t we?) - the tablet would be for portability, or you could have a desktop dock. The buyer could choose to buy either the desktop dock, or the tablet dock, or both of them. Maybe the tablet could also be connectable to the desktop dock to give it some graphics power (you don’t need it if the tablet itself has a GPU).

Please tell me what you think :slight_smile: but keep in mind that it’s meant for a further future project, maybe not by Eve (if they don’t have the power required to pull it off), and my opinion is that it’s not even worth starting to think about such a phone yet. There is no point with current hardware possibilities.


Hi to everyone,
My name is Konstantin.
So far the only use of Thunderbolt port has been discussed as for external GPU.
Currently I have a desktop that house 8 SATA HDD and a 10" win10 tablet, which I am using when I am away from home.
To remotely access the content of my desktop I use Tonido server on the desktop and Tonido client on the tablet.
From some time I was looking for 2 in 1 device that can replace my desktop and tablet at a same time. PF looks very promising to do that. My concern is if I can use the Thunderbolt port to access and work with my files stored on those 8 HDDs when I am at home. Unfortunately Thunderbolt storage boxes are VERY expensive, so what if EVE propose for as an ATX board futuring two Thunderbolt 3 ports a Gigabit LAN and dual AC WiFi with capability to connect up to 10 SATA/SAS HDDs. This board can be mounted in any ATX PC box.


I think you can use the eGPU box for this. It probably won’t have racks for HDDs, but you can either take out the board and put it inside an ATX case, or just duct tape the HDDs somewhere :smile: The PCIe 3.0 x4 slot will give your about 4GB/s of bandwidth which should be enough. For your needs (8x SATA) I could only find PCIe x8 cards, but AFAIK x8 cards do work with 4x slots, just at lower speed. Anyway, I think 4GB/s is more than enough. So, you can try your luck with something like this:

But I can’t promise anything - you’d have to read up about it on some forums before buying


Thanks for your help.
This way of setting the storage may work too :slight_smile
I still would prefer board with integrated Thunderbolt and SATA controller or controllers for optimal speed.
Let say - stream a 4k content while doing backup on two HDDs.


Well, why not put your storage in that eGPU box and just leave all the other jobs to the PF itself? :slight_smile: It’s surely capable of streaming 4K content, has AC WiFi (I think they mentioned MiMo too, whatever that means). The box will probably suppirt TB3 passthrough, so you will be able to connect other TB3 accessories if you need anything else. But really, what else do you need? This setup is probably the closest to what you currently have. Except that the graphics are maybe weaker than your desktop, but Thunderbolt doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support dedicated graphics and 8 hard drives, so if you want that, you would need a laptop with proper graphics card and TB3. But then you lose the tablet part. So, I don’t think you can get any closer to your current setup in one device :slight_smile:


Yea… there is no such thing like a full happiness, right :slight_smile:
But thank you again, I’ve got your point


But actually, I don’t quite understand what else you need. Maybe I can suggest something more? I mean, I think the suggested setup involves everything you can expect, but if you want some more specific features, feel free to point them out and maybe Eve can create a device for that :slight_smile: we accept all sorts of crazy ideas here, so don’t be afraid to go overboard. For example, I suggested a “phabtop” concept a while back - a phone, tablet and laptop all in one. It’s as crazy as it sounds, but you know what, the future holds endless possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries mate,
I’m just exploring my options.
If the price is right I will buy the PF and same time will keep the desktop if I can’t find a solution for the storage box.
In any case my old tablet will go for sell… this is for sure :slight_smile:


The only Issue I see with a tablet dock is the weight a touch screen slab with a battery and then a phone would have great weight distribution but if you plug in the phone it would be to heavy.

Love the insight you are providing after a little more researching Intel has literally as of last week confirmed they will be returning with newer Atom processors. So this would be awesome to work with.

As for the dock once again rather than a processor I was thinking something could essentially be a mini Graphic amplifier something just good enough to give you graphics that can rival something like the PS3 (that’s why I had originally thought I could use a Tegra K1 or X1 for) I figure the device would be the size and price of the current Continuum dock sold by Microsoft, but unlike the Razer core or Alienware Amps you would not be able to just swap out parts. Do you know of any compatible solution or have an even better one.

The differentiator between the dock/amp and a compute stick or Kangaroo PC is the face that it should in theory be more capable as it would have both a processor and “GPU”


Lol, you’re way too optimistic. You want PS3 graphics in the size of Microsoft Continuum dock… that’s just insane. And yes, I know a solution: Eve eGPU dock. But first, you need to find a phone with a TB3 port :slight_smile:

Regarding the distribution of weight, I think it would make sense to plug the phone to the bottom of the tablet dock, making the weight center low enough to make it stable. But I’m more worried about how one would fit all the computing power inside a phone body.

And no, the true differentiator is that one is a full blown computer on its own, and the other is a mere accessory. It’s like a car without a motor: you need to put a motor in for it to work.


Understandable but with the rumored Spec of the upcoming NX is seems to be powered by a mobile chip with graphical power said to exceed those of the current WiiU which in itself is more powerful than a PS3. Rumors are rumors but the creditability from a chip released last year that can hold its own graphically with the PS3 an is currently used to power the Nvidia Shield 8in Tablets (or its micro android console) I figure without a Screen and Battery it can fit in something with a smaller body.

I understand that for it size and price point it would be competing with products like the compute stick. The thing I was banking on was a person with this phone can do quick work on the go with a lightweight all inclusive device (The Phone), and then tether themselves to a desk to get more work down with a device that is more capable (The Dock). Essentially emulating what the buyers of computers like the Razer Blade Stealth. I don’t think of the Dock of it self as a something that’s even comparable with PC Sticks, I think of them as just another way to enhance a product that you can use everyday some might not need or want it, but if there is a Phone that you say can do what you want on the go and then do even more than you expected by plugging it in to a tiny box Creatives and Gamers would nearly eat up a device like this.

Having it work with a EVE eGPU dock would be beyond perfect especially if the size and pricing makes sense.


Well, when I think about it, PS3 graphics suck so much anyway… but it doesn’t look like that chip is any better than Intel HD 520. So it doesn’t make sense to have it in a separate dock… If you want to amplify the graphics power, you’ll need something closer to a desktop card :slight_smile: