About V pen and the new surface pen


Thanks for the reply! While disappointing it does save me some $$$ :slight_smile:


Have there come any new updates fixing this? Will the firmware updates only apply to the V pen or will it also apply to any other pen, ie Surface Pen, used with the V?


:nauseated_face: i am definitely gonna get the surface pen


Here’s my test with the Wacom Bamboo pen and the new Surface Pen. I wont go much in details about this but what has to be said in the image. The activation force is the only difference between those and the V pen.

While it’s great and all. In my honest opinion it’s simply not worth paying more just for this. I did some production work with all the pens and the activation force was a problem for none of them. When you hold the pen in a writing/drawing position, you unconsciously put more than 20g of pressure into the screen.

In conclusion. After testing the V pen, the Surface Pro 4 pen, the Wacom Bamboo Pen and the New Surface Pen, the pen I will keep is the SP4 one for the rubber tip this and being less expensive than the rest.


Great information! Thanks.

Do you mean the rubber tip?
Thanks for klarifying this.


Regarding poor pen performance while charging, I’ve found that keeping my other hand in contact with the metal body gets rid of most weird behaviour. Obviously that’s not the ultimate solution, but for now at least it mitigates most of the inconvenience.


Hey does anyone know what the hotkey names are for the two side buttons on the pen? I just downloaded autohotkey - I wanna make this pen do more.


Just right click. How ever… i thing the top button is fn key. I i would do is intercept the bt dignal from the top button and assign a unique id to that request the put that into auto hotkey


Thanks. I’m not so savvy that I know how to intercept the signal from the button and reassign its ID, but I’ll have a play around when I get time and see what I come up with. I’m pretty sure they’re not just right click and fn, though. Lower button does nothing on the desktop and I don’t see any fn functions working with either of them.


By fn key i meant something like fn24 or fn4 or fn 12