About V pen and the new surface pen


Just spend a extra $100 for the suface pen


Buy a less expensive pen like the Wacom Bamboo Ink. The Eve can’t take advantage of the $100 pen’s tilt sensing.


Here’s what happens with my Surface Pro 4 pen. Those pictures were before the update. After the update, 90% of those are gone but it’s still there


I wasn’t seeing results that bad, but the problems persist regardless of pen.


For those who has pen problems, try this NTrig calibration tool


Software Tools for the V
First forays into digital art on the V

What features does this tool provide?


Check this out


Essentially it tells the touch controller to “learn” the idle state, on which magnetic field to ignore (e.g from other components in the device), and which to pick up (everything else aka your finger and the pen).

Another tool is this one http://esupport.sony.com/US/p/swu-download.pl?mdl=SVF15N190X&upd_id=9338&os_group_id=27, its popular among SP3 users who experienced touch issues (credits: I heard it from @Attiq) as well as other N-Trig devices, but it didn’t work on my V for some reason.

Software Tools for the V

what do you mean the V can’t take advantage of the tilt in the MS surface pen? aren’t the tilt sensors built into the pen itself?


I don’t know exactly how it works. The pen provides the tilt data, but the digitizer has to poll for that information. The Eve definitely doesn’t.


Inside whatever Software is sketched / drawn with a stylus, that has tilt functionality, that software should support tilt, also the pen drivers should pass that signal to the software 1:1.


You’d think that. But it doesn’t work that way. The simplest test is the Windows Ink Workspace Sketchpad app. Its pencil tool is tilt aware.


Just for your information…
“Barb Bowman replied on 11/20/2017 11:15:28 AM
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Right now, the difference between the SP4 pen and the newest pen is 1024 vs 4096 levels of sensitivity. Microsoft has stated that tilt is coming to devices other than the Surface Pro 2017, but there is no info on when.”



This is supposed to be a firmware update that was announced when the 2017 SP and Pen were released. But Microsoft has been silent on the matter ever since.


so… all the V needs is drivers? boom! another task for our Development


They may have to wait for Microsoft first, since it’s Microsoft’s pen.


I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Since I did a windows reset in my V, I noticed that my pen experience is much better than before. Both my pens doesn’t skip strokes anymore and it feels much more responsive.

The jitter might be because I’m having trouble keeping the tip steady as the V pen nib isn’t made of rubber.

I’m tempted to try the Wacom Bamboo Ink to see if I can make my pen experience better with less activation force and maybe (not) less lag.


Happy New Year!
You are so right…I can’t believe I haven’t tried this already. I didn’t even go as far as you did. I only uninstalled and let Windows re-install the HID-compliant Pen driver, and my pen experience has been much improved!
There is still jitter as you said, but at least the pen is useable (type with osk, drag, select, etc) now. Ty!


Hey @SurfaceProArtist, just wanted to check if you had any luck finishing up the review of the pen. Or at least your final thoughts on it. If the Surface pen has a better writing experience (either via the actual performance, feel of the tip etc.) I’d happily buy it, but just want to make sure that it’ll actually be better for that price. Thanks!

Or if anyone else has any impressions of the Surface pens performance against the V’s pen, your insight would be greatly appreciated.


I wouldn’t recommend buying an alternative pen at this point because the problems I’ve encountered appear firmware related. If pen use is your primary motivation, I have to advise against the Eve V until that fix is published.