About the Media Awareness category


Did you find an article, review, blog, or anything out there that discusses Eve or Eve products? Share it here!

This category was created because of few growing issues:

  1. Eve and Pyramid Flipper are getting more and more attention by media and other online sites. We want to let community members know and share these, so they can participate

  2. As we have hundreds of people here who are active online, they can promote Eve (thus becoming “evengelists”) and then let others know about those efforts: Wider, stronger presence all around. We are as strong as our community. This is a fact.

Megathread that summarizes and guides this category can be found here.

Important to note!
Rather than creating marketing ideas for Pyramid Flipper (which many of you are eagerly hatching now and we are listening to) the purpose here is mainly to reactively list and discuss the exposure of Eve and ▼, so members can see it and take part in those talks. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one who starts that discussion somewhere, like on Reddit, and then link it here.

You can put your creative community-development ideas here. And you can share your thoughts on marketing ideas on this thread, started by passionate member @Ivan_Lazarenko . Alternatively you can private message Eve Team members on those thoughts.