About 5% lifetime discount



Hello Community!

I noticed there was a discussion about 5% lifetime discount that was given to Hyper Early Birds.
Sorry for taking a while to get in to this discussion.

So here what it means:

You guys broke the world record and without you V wouldn’t happen so you are getting:

  1. 5% discount on all of the Eve accessories and Eve V.
  2. 5% discount on all of the Eve future projects

We will send out an email with instructions on how to use it soon! (Our goal is tomorrow but it might be next week)

Community Digest 02.12

Wait a moment, that discount is just for the HEB???


Yes, it was always communicated that it would only be for the HEB.


@Konstantinos So - no discount if HEB want to buy additional V on Monday? Or are you going to send instructions before the webstore opens?


Sorry, there was a small mistake in Konstas writeup - we are also offering the 5% discount on the Eve V! :slight_smile:


@iKirin Thanks. In this case you should send instructions ASAP (before store opens).


Is this given to all HEBs or just the ones who bought it in the first two hours? I was under the impression that im not included in this.


This is given to all HEB - meaning if you’re in the first batch then you can get this discount! :slight_smile:

As to how it’s applied - good question I’ll ping and as Konstantinos :slight_smile:


Yes only for HEBs. BTW this is only “perk” which got HEBs over LEBs … the other one - having device before reviewers was somehow “lost in translation” … :open_mouth:


Well the HEB also

  • had to pay upfront in Nov vs the LB’s who split paid in Nov and Feb
  • there was a $9 USD difference in total pricing
  • the 5% HEB lifetime webstore discount
  • get engraving

that was about it based on IGG iirc


That’s great! For some reason it wasn’t written in my backerkit perks like it was for some others.


If you upgraded to the i7 in BackerKit from an HEB then that was lost in the description, however it’s still in our system & obviously still applies.


Thanks for update.



All that waiting for a ~50 Eur cheaper price as when purchasing on Monday within 1st 2 hours + considering that the first flash sale machines will probably be distributed a week after LBs. just LOL
O right, enough of the startup misstep or bogus claims forgiving, when will warranty terms, warranty coverage details be available?
Is warranty transferable? Will i have international coverage? Do i have to send the device somewhere - on which costs? What will be the SLA? Will parts be replaced and the system reassembled or a system swap performed? What about data on the SSD in case of the swap, will the swapped system have legal warranty of 2 years again?
Can warranty be extended? Will there be spare parts or purchasable non warranty covered repairs? What will be the pricing?

And im sure there are other questions asked months ago missing answers…


Missing the 5% discount so had to think something else to complain about?

As said the warranty terms will be up before the flash sale.

Also totally wrong thread


:joy: savage


Yes i am missing that discount per se, it was the 1 only left benefit that was not thrown away w/o community decision or discarded trough bogus claims like with the msrp. And would it not be natural that thats a point where as said forgiving for startup mess ups ends, because there is nothing less that counterweights all the negatives?
And is it less relevant to ask those questions, because im not willing now to play ping pong anymore, because this is where my patience ends?

Will they be up? Really - you know for sure all that questions would be answered w/o me asking?

You know all the bad stuff could be counter weighted quite cheaply and easily, maybe i am spoiled by how i experienced that to occur elsewhere, although i experienced a lot of trash-y behavior too and thats the reason why there was so much sympathy for Eves claimed values.
But, i think i speak for a lot of skeptics that we many times were correct predicting problems or were trying to address stuff in advance and this is that thing now where my alarm bell sounds and i am expecting again semantics in regards to the warranty details - so i am asking now specific questions as i am not willing to wait again to that post to find out many of the stuff that was asked months ago is not covered etc.
You dont want this stuff to know, or believe Eve would answer all this questions by them selves till Monday? I seriously dont. And sure, i dont need to have that stuff answered here, if i get a confirmation all that will be addressed in that post till Monday.


To be honest, I don’t fully understand your post, but I think what you are asking is why he thinks the warranty will be posted by monday? if so, here is why…


edit: also, There seem to be some people under the impression LBs were promised a discount - can someone show me where it states LBs would get a discount? I don’t recall ever seeing it - but I will admit I was also never looking.


As far as I know, this was never the case.

For everyone information, I am in the LB group,


Yes i have seen it. I have messaged the team directly to know if these questions will be addressed, this is just the stuff i remember that being open questions asked months ago in some of the warranty threads.
Some of the reviews include some indications on what probably Eve communicated on the warranty coverage - like that systems will have to be send in for repair etc. Knowing the level of communication i expect the info be scarce, i am piss*d so dont want to trust and want to assess if the warranty coverage will be at least acceptable.