A very important direction needed from eve and all in 2018


Dear All,

I may be a LB, i.e I paid 500 in Oct / Nov 2016 and the coughed up the rest in Mar 2017 about 1100. I believe after waiting close to 15 months - I have the following 3 things to share all (@iKirin, @Team, @Konstantinos, @pauliunas @netkid23)

As one of the most ardent and patient backers. I sincerely wish to be a customer now.

  1. Eve is a start up with a SMALL TEAM - Focus on delivery of all items ordered in the chronological order and not based on geographical majority at least now. Its high time now that 90% focus if not all is put in this direction only. I mean if you cant do much rather than follow-up at least don’t discuss anything else until goods are delivered as promised. Show some restraint in new product development until old commitments are met just us backers are waiting patiently for their products.

  2. The rest 10% should be put in learning on the feedback of the devices shipped and providing solutions both in terms of return shipping handling in case of faulty hardware or providing software updates where needed as requested by customers.

  3. 0% effort must be put in any other activity until as lets understand diverting attention to anything else from the above is just ensuring the project is now heading downhill from a 100% crowd sourced feedback company to MADE BY THEM CATEGORY just like any other OEM where us dont mean anything!!

I cannot re-iterate the above enough - please just do not even chat on anything else for this month of JANUARY 2018.


YOU NOW HAVE HEB almost finished, LB Orders (HEB/LB 1TB upgrades) and FLASH SALES ORDERS to fulfill. I believe you all have already taken too much on your PLATE and for a small team with all this experience as a startup for over 2 years you must understand this has been the most forgiving community on earth.

PROVE US RIGHT AGAINST THEM (OEM) i.e, YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL, please for everyone’s sake


AM OK as most to pay more if needed but get the efforts more in the right places now. CES 2018 can wait but backers wont wait forever.

LASTLY Most ordered the product at EVE not just for the price, beleive me but it was the intent that nobody was willing to develop to the needs of the masses.

You are already a disruptor but for continued business just like any other you have to fulfil your committments and unfortunately I hate to say this. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

Please @Konstantinos, start implementing the status of delivery for each backer on their status page and make this year a truly great and productive year for all.

People if you agree with this message please provide your rating as a number on how much you agree on the below poll.

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looks like pauli and i were promoted to team member :smiley:

@VigneshKumar -the team’s focus IS on that - they are doing everything they can to get suppliers and partners to deliver asap. The team itself can’t make the metal housing or fly the planes with units though. There were some issues which the team basically got shafted on - when a supplier signs a contact to deliver X, and then supplies faulty goods, that’s a problem. Also, would you have it so the factory rushes your build and you end up with a faulty housing or device? I don’t think so.

BTW, the model of the unit is a V (Eve is the company name…similarly, we don’t call it a Microsoft, we call it a Surface Pro).

Problem is - the team can never satisfy everyone. Someone says dont communte till it’s done. Other grow restless for lack of communication.

I think the proof is in the pudding…Eve is a legit company who people backed via IGG. The nature of IGG is that it’s usually a new product or start-up company, trying to work through the teething issues. As a trade off for supporting them financially, you get a nice perk…sometimes it has conditions (in this case, time was one).

I’m pretty sure the team is aware of their commitments and sales so far…time is running out…for who? They are fully aware of the landscape of the market and their mandate as a business!

Backerit has the most upto date statuses they can provide at this point…remember, it’s a team of TWELVE people doing the work and not everyone focuses on this - there’s HR, finance, production, CEO, tech support, community, etc.


How can you still care After such a long time?


cause im out $1500 CAD and my wife keeps asking when my Evo is arriving. plus, if you compare to the alternatives, the SP5 is way more expensive here than in the US, so it’s just not worth it.


The problem is the perk seems no longer justified as TIME how shall I say it has already run out for me at least twice. BTW maybe you can compare with SP5 but V is pitted at best against SP4 even that is available for good deals if you look around a bit.

Am not saying we cannot keep defending the 300 (V)standing against an ARMY (OEMs) as in the movie :slight_smile: . There are if you do a bit of research with approx $250 more at least 3 real alternatives with the exception of the fingerprint on the V. One each by Asus, HP and razor.

BTW the V is totally untested as you said we have backed financially and am still not considering to apt for a refund as some others did but the team has to be a lot more serious in their messaging going forward to keep the party going in a good light.

End of the day, result is all that matters but in due TIME otherwise it’s immaterial.


Some IGG backers from other NON Eve related campaigns lost their money with 0 tangible goods to show for it…


May be you are out of luck in Canada but you must understand that definitely was not the case for others at least not for me. It was not the lack of option that drove me to V, it was the genuine project that deserved a genuine backer which compelled me like most to opt for it. The community is US including ME!


yeah i wanted a V cause the specs and design were cool, and at a good price. I can’t pull my money back - nor do I want to - so have to remain happy that it’s coming soon.


These fear mongering tactics should be for bad companies when you are pitting yourself as SURFACE KILLER, there are certain minimum expectations you already implying. I rest my case with this…


well as I said, the proof is out there - see the photos of units being delivered. Unfortunately, the biggest markets had to be addressed - that’s just how commerce works - it doesn’t mean anyone is more or less special. 20% effort to satisfy 80% of your customers is easier to get off the ground than getting 1 or 2 units out while 1200 wait. Just saying


Agreed. but like I said 80% of your customers will still not sustain a long term business. You never know how the other 20% customers are impactful specially when they will be your future markets which will drive numbers.

You have to cater all or right from the beginning should have made the product available only to certain markets…


While I agree with you post in general. It already seems to be the case that Eve Is devoting 95% of it’s time to shipping,manufacturing and after care. The vast majority if the team are solely devoted to said tasks. The only exception is Dario who is a designer it’s his job to work on the next shiny thing. Also xinje is probably devoting 90% of his time to production and 10% to Donald dock.

Also bear in mind that designing doesn’t really take up the teams time, it takes up community time and input they just have to rationalise the feedback (which is no mean feat but not as hard as logistics, production, support etc). Just because we are running some design excersizes doesn’t mean we are eating into Eve resources far from it we are freeing them up to do other things whilst we bicker…ahem …decide amongst ourselves about our preferences.

On the flip side the community has nothing to do but twiddle it’s thumbs when the team is In production mode. So to throw us a bone and stop us from getting restless they let us do some initial design work. Which is perfect. Eve is starting to development a product design cadence.

In normal companies you have multiple teams (design, engineering, production, support etc) thease teams only ever work on their specific area and work on the next product once their work on the current one is done, which is essentially what we are doing. We are the early stage ‘desginers’


You are in better position - my wife and boss (2 different persons) stopped asking and talking about V …


this is important to mention!!! LOL


Could not agree with your post more.

but to sum this up, we as early stage designers cannot keep contributing while we are still awaiting the PERK for our previous contribution. what I mean is we are all busy multitasking in our lives and like the
below quote mine is exactly the same.

The recent flash sale was a success not just because the youtube reviews have mostly gone good but a testimony of an indicator that @Team have the backing of the community. I see all contributors of IGG mature enough to not post conflicting messaging on youtube videos which is awesome;

so to still talk that all LBs will be manufactured before chinese NEW YEAR which is in mid FEB was to be honest PUSHING AN ALREADY STRETCHED DEADLINE. This was the last straw and what pushed me into writing this after quoting 1200 were already made sometime in 3rd week of december.

Production of the same product in same line should increase as with increased expertise and precision. So we should be expecting all IGG backers receiving their V by end of January including shipping anymore later would not auger well for the future of the company.

I just want the messaging now to be stronger from the TEAM at EVE in more re-assuring ways to ensure the focus remains from them to where it should be… The finish line maybe near and close but you still have to cross it and I just don’t want them to creating more hurdles to this!

And no its not ok to keep bringing up ““énsuring Quality”” for extension of timelines. Now you got to deliver just as any business. If you are going to act like the price was a favour well then I would like a refund cos end of the day as ATTIQ mentioned the community did much of the initial designing and brainstorming which could be considered as a built in price that most were happy to pay for including me.

Am still not swinging, am just stating the obvious to be done. Its really time to put the foot where the mouth is.


There is really no need for the CAPS LOCK part of the message.

As you can see from the previous updates the production quantity has been increasing all the time so no problem there. The problem was in the housings that needed to be modified for the new screen (probably more than EVE thought they would need to be) which caused a lower quality/lesser quantity of housings. So they needed to order more (and return the defective ones)

After LBs have been produced these updates will be done by email to the flash sale byers etc as Konsta said.

So you want less of quality but faster delivery? Well as you know that doesn’t sit well with EVE and their idealogy :slight_smile:


Yes and some other customers got the promised goods without a delay or spec change, your point is?


Wasn’t a reply to you.


@VigneshKumar in short, you are frustated because the action and messages from the team don’t stress strongly enough, that they are doing everything they could to provide the LBs’ HEBs’ etc. with their products (?). Doing things like developing new products, preparing for upcoming conventions and so on.
I am not sure if your problem is that they are actually preparing and doing other stuff or just the fact that they tell us about it while not ensuring that this does not have any impact on eve production speed.
If it is about not stressing enough, I understand. Maybe they could mention that more. I can live with that.
If it is about them being able to produce faster but not doing it because they are not a 100% focused, than I do not think that is the case. Even if they would stop everything else and just focus on eve production, I do not think it would accelerate eve production, shipping, etc. in a meaningfull way.

With every other company, my response would have be “I have no idea if there is anyway to accelerate the production and shipping of the product” and I might think the company is stupid and so on. With Eve the situation is totaly different.
Here I feel that I am in a position where I can make an educated guess about the situation the company is in right now. This is because of all the information the team is giving us. This is awesome :smiley: This is what I cannot stress enough :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re waiting for Evo? I didn’t know you’re bringing the fighting game tournament at your place :stuck_out_tongue: