A post-launch forum



With the first batch of Vs soon shipping, it is time to review the way the forum is set up.

Right now, we have categories for crowd-developing the V. That’s the core of what this forum has been about since its inception. But with the device now in production and shipping any day now, I think it’s fair to conclude that the development phase is done.

What we need now is a place to post our pictures and videos. To tell our stories of what we’ve done with our Vs. Of what carrying case we found to store it in, of what stickers we stuck on the back. It’s time for a post-launch forum!

As the first Vs ship, you’ll find the new Products category, with its two sub-categories:

V | User Experiences
It’s been a long wait, but now that you can finally have your very own V we’re looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the world’s first crowd-developed 2-in-1 tablet and laptop computer!

V | General Discussion
This is the place to ask questions, give your opinions, discuss the specifications, or anything really, to do with the Eve V, the world’s first crowd-developed 2-in-1 tablet and laptop computer!

That said, the development categories for the V will be moved to the archive. Some posts may be moved to one of the new categories. If you can’t find the post you’re looking for, it was probably moved! It may take a while to get the archive settled, but at least the categories for new topics are ready to go live before any of that happens.

That’s all for this quick public service announcement!

Community Digest 11.11

Woo hoo!!
How exciting for the EVE team to be able to post this!
I can’t wait to get my V in my hands, but being a Limited Bird I have a feeling it’s going to be a daily challenge to avoid the spoilers. Kinda like when I was a kid and I knew where my mom hid the Christmas presents ~ I’m torn between taking a sneak peek or waiting for my delivery for the full and complete surprise.
The struggle is real!! :joy:


You’re not the first to raise such a point. Some options are a self imposed community blackout, just avoiding those threads, or just taking it in and knowing it’s still sweet when you do your own. I haven’t decided what to do myself!


Woah, I was just wondering about this! The change in the forum will be really needed to keep up with the evolving community.

What does “archive” mean? Will that content be moved to a separate section, or it will just disappear from the forum? Will it be searchable or retrievable in some way?


Any update on the devices assembled (or) produced so far ?


Great to see that this idea is finally coming into reality, and a great (imho) implementation too!