A "non techie" "less is more" high-quality smartphone


Well, we’re not objecting “valid” suggestions. We just keep it real. And smartphones are NOT luxury goods. They’re… phones. Something that EVERYONE should own nowadays.


While I don’t doubt that there is a market for [quote=“Archie, post:19, topic:3331”]
“curated”, stress-reducing tech-products
[/quote] if you say so, I still think you’re turning to the wrong people to make it.
Everyone here is a techie, at least to some degree. But this is a niche that appeals to too few. The point of this community is to help create products that the community wants. And while I, as I said, do think there is a market for what you propose, too few here are in that market. At least as of now.

Perhaps in a few years, if smartphones have died at the hands of the next thing in personal computing. Or the paradigm just have shifted enough for this to appeal to a majority of the community.


Hi Archie, my sentiments exactly. I like phones with smart options, but what today’s smartphones offer might be too much for many people, including myself. If I think about how many features of a phone I use, well a “less is more” device would suffice. For now, I’m working on a project that wants to do the same in the watch segment, but my next startup idea was exactly what you described, so I was kind of happy that I wasn’t the only one who wanted a simpler but well design, quality mobile phone.


I guess it’s also a problem that different people want different features. Making a phone with a huge amount of features will satisfy most people and you can simply ignore functions you don’t need.
Making a “less is more” phone with clearly limited functions will leave alot of people unsatisfied and narrow down the customer base too much since Person A thinks a front-facing camera is obsolete but wants to use it for VR in google cardboard while Person B wants to send selfies but thinks 1080p is overkill in a phone.


So you want it to be a smartphone or not? If you want it to run smartphone apps, you need a smartphone OS such as Android. And if you want Android, you want good specs.


I don’t disagree with you at all.


If you’re looking for a “less is more” phone that runs windows, check out the Lumia 640. Fantastic little phone, runs like butter, battery lasts forever, small. Although I can see why you’d want a smaller phone, I don’t see a market for a boutique mid-level phone, whether its windows, ios, or android. I think it’s a tough sell unless it is bringing something exceptional to the table.


Correction: it does not run Windows. It runs Windows Phone. But if I got it correctly, the OP is basically looking for a Nokia 3310 that runs Google Maps.


lol, um yes, windows phone.


Sorry, people often confuse them, and I thought you did too. This happens especially after the Windows 10 marketing troll :smile:


So here it is: The Light Phone 2.

It seems that finally somebody has read my thread in this community. :slight_smile: And already almost $1.000.000 in funding on Indigogo. So apparently I am not the only one out there!!! Can‘t wait for it to launch.


@pauliunas … and it will even have an e-ink display … can you believe it???


Say what you will about ol’ pauly - but christ, that kid has a talent for pissing people off with his obstinate butt and inspiring some epic grudges.

He don’t live here no more Sir, but you get many bonus points for following up on this year-old quarrel.


So you guys think it was a good idea to receive a one year old thread because of this…


@nawthor might want to close this thread too.


Does the Essential Phone not cover your brief? Especially with the reduced prices at the moment: Small (relative to most phones these days), super minimalist, no bloat, drop proof (ish, certainly more than most), not too expensive.

The HTC 8X was one of my favourite phone designs, also meets this brief, but rocks Windows Phone 8.1 without the prospect of Windows 10 Mobile, which is pretty gutting. Always loved the design, just the right size, must have dropped it 50 times and it looks perfect. HTC just aren’t making them like they used to…

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