A new star showing on the horizon?


There may be a bridge between Ada and EVE.
Because nothing exists without a predecessor. :wink:
So, as getting older like I do, it may be worth to “think the chain backwards”.
Perhaps EVE V someday will be looked as the start of a new chain?


It’s unfortunate, that some banking companies still use COBOL to run their machines… I forgot the reason why they didn’t transition but I know a new company was founded called the COBOL Cowboys just because of these banks refused to even change. It’s even worst then leaving it on Windows XP.

The oldest programming language that I’ve learned (but never did it professionally) was C. Even then I thought C was convoluted I can’t even imagine Cobol…


I bow my head to all of you who had the pleasures and most importantly looooooot of patience to work in the IDEs (if those even existed :joy: back then) and pushing the limits of hardware of the long past. I imagine it was fun, but often frustrating at the same time. Thanks to all of you! :tada:


It’s been a little more than 15 years since I last worked with banks as a consultant. But that was one of the industries with the oldest technologies - lots of old school IBM mainframes and AS400’s for mid-sized banks. It was mostly about the cost of rearchitecting legacy systems. These systems were such a jumble of data structures built on top of each other that it would cost a fortune to start from scratch. The data side was much more expensive to replace than the hardware side!


I found just the opposite - we were not really frustrated at all - everything was so new it was exciting. Heck, I remember thinking a 286 was a fast machine! We didn’t have all these false ideas of what was possible, only to realize what we could really accomplish was much less. Everything we did accomplish was new and exciting.

It really was the good old days of software development. :slight_smile:


At the age of ending “industrial work” many people said, programming is one of the last amd only remaining things creativ people could work upon and feel fine.
I felt that way!
Nearly always I had various ways available to solve a problem using algorithms or structured programming…
Today I will be glad to use one of the finest machines available today. I think that efficiency and “perfectness” are the highlighted points of EVE V.
To be true: I do not need THAT performance for me. But I need the feel of satisfaction a computer can bring for me even 50 years later…


It’s like memories about mandatory military service - we do remember only a funny part of it.


Oh yes, we also had pain when we were looking for a technical Hardwarebug for days. And what a blessing when he was eliminated.
Today, the technique is generally very reliable when they buy good merchandise, but there are more and more app updates and are buggled as before …


What was the most annoying thing we can be happy lies in the past of computers?
For me, floppys, especially 5,25 as they did not have the protective door, that immense error rate, i cant imagine doing business and rely on having data on a floppy, i would not have a peace of mind with having triple backup copys :stuck_out_tongue:
And dial up, the times when speed was measured in bauds, half an hour to download an mp3, and then someone in the family picks up the phone to call out and …
What i am missing though is the high end products, back then the whole industry was high end, the tech was build and designed to last and last, i tend to reminisce about my ps/2 from time to time. The premium materials used, and that motherboard, like if it not just was there to fulfill the job, but it too looked as if someone with OCD directed the designers that all ICs have to be lined up in exact rows and columns… I used to have a keychain out of its simm module…


One of the finest machines I remember were the so called “Bunny Stalls”. You would know where it got the name from if you would have seen it work:
Open the flap on top and and insert the stack of hard disks into the cabinet. Tighten screw and take off “cake hood” before you switch it on. As soon as the Bunny Stall starts working, the cabinet started to rattle (just like a hot pair of bunnies) because of the moves of the access mechanism. You could also watch it…