A new star showing on the horizon? (Part II)


Several weeks ago I added the topic (Part I that was ) to the forum. Now, I lost some of my excitement and I ask myself, if after all there might be a spelling mistake on top of this page.
I read “Subscribe here to be notified as soon as the V goes on sale”, but perhaps it would be correct to say “Subscribe here to be notified IF the V goes on sale”…
I am sorry, still hoping V will not end as a nightmare .


As far as I am concerned and according to my own knowledge, the Team have always been upfront about any issue or fallback they have experienced. I believe that they are doing their best to deliver the best product possible. As of right now, the screens are going to be shipped to Eve by the end of September. Sure it’s almost one year late than promised, but hey, free screen upgrades for all IGG backers!


Hey Manni, you entered community with flying flags and now you realized that your Euphoria is gone. Most of us members are waiting since February for the shipping. There is no need for your pessimism now.


One thing is the waiting for shipping and availability. But there are also thoughts that customers for the V are leaving ship because meanwhile they could buy similar for a comparable price.
And: The Better is the enemy for the good.
And: Eve has nearly all parts for the V in warehouse and all seems to be paid, But parts that cost a bunch of bills yesterday are cheaper today, and the panels are higher in price now than they were calculated in spring. If Eve should have to lower the (until now) unknown prices for the devices in order ro reduce stocks and fill their accounts and pay their bills and employees…
I do not really need a new computer today. But as I said on my welcome greetings, I want one to fill my needs and as a reward to myself for a lifettime of working in IT. Sure, I still hope that V will be availablle soon and a nightmare will never happen. But the fate of the V depends on many facts, needs; calculations, luck, competitors and so on. like in all other businesses of course.
From my point I heard several people here in the forum talking about leaving the boat. And I heard about the other troubles with parts etc.
As I said before: I still hope that everything stays floating. But I keep my eyes open…


This thread is heading straight for the rocks, it should be locked before it degenerates further down the “I said, You Said, Someone said.” -alley.


When I entered community in November there were also some people leaving the boat because of several things… and in December… and in January… and so on. But thousands entered community in that time and are staying… The V is a unique device because of us. Not because of it’s price or because of some parts which are just state of the art … When I get retired in about 30 years I want to tell my children (and their children maybe) that I was part of this from nearly the beginning…


I have to correct you a bit here, because I’m unsure where “almost a year later than promised” comes from. There is a major delay, no questions asked, but Feb/Mar to Oct tells me the delay is six/seven months, and that’s what it should be stated as… rounding to a year is correct math if you do not want decimals only.


I think a lot of people may be (erroneously counting) igg launch which was Nov 16.


My bad. I was wayyyyy too tired last night :thinking:


Im just surprised they didn’t get all the parts shipped-inspected-stocked way beforehand. Especially parts that are risky-high priority.


Risky high priority? You refer to the screen?
The screen was ordered immediately after the IGG campaign was over and the PayPal trouble was resolved, before was not possible as there were no funds. There also was enough emphasis on the screen, but there simply are times when it’s not under your control (such as a vendor going rogue and not delivering). You cannot always have a backup in place from the get go, no industry has as it would tie up too many resources.