A Marginally Premature Consideration



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While I certainly want Eve to focus on getting out accessories, products, and refunds, I’m curious about any form of compensation plan for afterwards.

NOTE: I know we’re still dealing with current delays and probably will be for months longer. But let’s TRY to imagine what comes next after this dark tunnel. And let us consider a mostly positive outcome. I’m a foolhearted optimist, I know.

What type of compensation do you want?
What do more business oriented people think reasonable for us consumers to expect/request?

I am appreciative of the $50 accessory credit, since it shows some desire to repay us for our troubles. However, 1) the shop hasn’t been open since they released the code
2) even if it had been, “minor shipping delays”. . .
3) It just doesn’t seem like it makes things equal/right.

I would love for them to offer V owners a way to get updated hardware/ V Gen 2, etc. at a much lower price / perhaps one free trade in per customer (that is, send in your old V and get a future Gen. for free, but pay shipping and possibly for a new keyboard if desired).
I’m afraid the company will never be stable enough to offer that, though, so what do you guys want/expect? What, business wise, would be a good way at appeasing us older customers that had to deal with over a year delay?

Thanks and happy holidays to all!

Current ideas I have for compensation:

Those that (Hopefully) Get the V:

  • V 2 device trade up! (credit for downgrade, small fine for upgrading)
  • Cash back (30%? 40%?)
  • Other (please comment with your idea!)

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Those who Waited 4+ Months for Repairs/etc.

  • Store credit ($5 for every month they waited)
  • Next repair free/for a low flat fee
  • They don’t need compensation
  • Other

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Those who Opted for a Refund

  • Their $50 of store credit given to them as PayPal cash
  • They don’t need compensation
  • Other

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In Order to Regain My Trust, Eve Must

I can already see a potential problem here. What if they decided to discontinue. say for example, the 128 and 1 TB model? Do 128 GB models automatically get upgraded, and the 1 TB get downgraded?


Yikes. That is a problem. Maybe then they either give you some store credit if you downgrade or you pay a small fee to upgrade?


Updated the topic with a poll!! :slight_smile:


I just want my money back.