A keyboard base for eve?


First of all hello everyone I am new here (just found about eve).

I don’t know if this idea has been brought up before but I couldn’t find anything (sorry if there is already a post like this or if I posted in the wrong category…)

What I would really like is if there was a keyboard base for eve not just a soft attachable keyboard but a base like the microsoft surface has…Before you question me hear me out. Let’s say I am on an airplane and I want to do some writing or programming, I would have to place the eve in my lap which I imagine it’s not very comfortable ( many time I place the laptop on my lap )
… with the 2 in 1 soft keyboard desing it has to sit on a table ( I imagine). So I would love to see an add on (official or 3rd party) keyboard Base (it could also give the eve some extra battery and some extra ports not that you need them just saying).
What do you think guys ? Is there anything already mentioned about an add-on like this ?


Hi @Nick_Athanasiou!

I agree that a keyboard base would be a very interesting option for later down the line - however for that use-case you described right now (you’re traveling in the train e.g.) we’ve equipped the V and the V keyboard with bluetooth - the moment you disconnect it via the PogoPins the V keyboard should just switch to Wireless.

For the battery/extra ports: To make it super short - I can’t see that happening. Because for that our pogopins at the bottom would have had to be designed quite differently to allow charging of the V / access of extra ports.


Thanks for the quick response!
I see…i would just like to see and add on like that later on( and the eve v already has enough ports) .
Waiting for the release now.


What if Eve was to make a accessory that “locks” the keyboard to the V? It doesn’t have to be big, or fancy, just a nice fitting hinge-like thing that keeps the keyboard and tablet at a user defined angle?