A great alternative keyboard


Battery life will be better with a Brydge than with the standard V keyboard, as it takes less power to turn on Bluetooth than to power a keybaord, and the Brydge’s battery should last at least a week (It took a month for mine to need recharging)

But you are right, in that it makes the laptop much heavier, though there is no getting around that as the base has to stop the screen from falling back when the laptop is open.


Yeah - they are ruddy heavy. And the V isn’t the most diminutive device as it is.


The brydge keyboard on my surface 3 pro types flawlessly (I’ve this simply because it never died :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).
The keyboard layout is French.
The only problem it had was typing “" gave a “" and typing a "” gave a "”.
I sent two mails about it, never got an answer.
Since then the */$ key is reprogrammed, and now everything works in “what you see is what you get” mode.


Does it work better than the V keyboard does when connected via BT? Examples…

  • Are you stuck with only one orientation for scrolling with the trackpad or can you invert it?
  • Does it ever miss keystrokes?
  • Is the overall responsiveness diminished compared to a physically connected keyboard?


You can invert the scrolling.
If you don’t hit the centre of the key then there is a chance of missing a keystroke.
With a keyboard, BT latency is much harder to notice. Maybe the trackpad is easier to notice but for me keyboard latency is fine.

I do have a strange little bug where every couple of minutes the keyboard loses connection for a few seconds, but I never heard that reported before, so believe it’s just my keyboard. Brydge support seems good though, as I got my replacement keyboard with the fastest shipping like I got with my first one. I have yet to try the new one though.


I’d be interested to hear what you find out once you try the new one out.