A great alternative keyboard


I bought one for my sp3 and I’m quite happy about it: It makes the sp3 looking as a new laptop.
For the V I don’t see advantages over the V keyboard:

  • V will become quite heavy
  • Touchpad same size
  • Slightly better typing
  • Less dirt collecting


Hey guys. Do you know some foldable keyboard suitable to use with V (usb or bluetooth)?


iClever do some great ones.


How is the trackpad? Is it any better than the Eve? Everytime I use the EVE and try to select text or move files using the builtin trackpad I make a mistake. It costs me a few minutes constantly.



plugged in or on BT? Or both?


​"Plugged in" - I general don’t use the keyboard in bluetooth mode.



Anybody knows this compagny or product?


@christhedj How is the trackpad size compared to the V keyboard?
Also, what other keyboard do the keys feel most similar to?

I’m thinking of going with this, but the trackpad on my V is a little uncomfortably small for me (good thing I have a touchscreen), but I love the feel of the keyboard.


Hmm interesting, is it also possible to plug in the V backwards (that on closed state, the display is on top)? I used this mode often when I was using my x360…


So I got mine and I was impressed by the build quality overall (except for one fault that I will mention).

The keys are great, but you have to the middle or you are not guaranteed that the key will register.

The trackpad itself is highly responsive, sensitive and has a great surface feel, but is even smaller than the V keyboard (I was shocked to see how small it was), so I am using a separate mouse more often. However, it does not use Microsoft precision drivers, as it seems to handle all of that internally on the device, so I don’t have any options to customize the trackpad from windows when I click I move the cursor and there are various other false positive user inputs that it picks up.

My unit seems to have a fault, which is a bulge above the trackpad that leaves a big gap and touches my screen when closed, so I am seeing if I can RMA it.


To bad that bulging thing :open_mouth:
Hope that they replace it really soon.


So the V fits well with a Brydge keyboard? This is confirmed?


I’m the OP and I started this thread because I bought one and it does.


Those keyboards are really solid, quite heavy so one does not use the screen stand anymore.

It is linked to the V by bluetooth, it does connect pretty easy.
It cannot do anything more than what bluetooth allows off course.


It can be connected via USB too but that’s messy.


You found another way of connecting ?


Yeah. It should work with a microUSB to USB cable. Not elegant but it works.


Correct, I forgot :roll_eyes: In fact, it is in use by a surface-Pro 3 with only one USB port.
No V-problem because of its many USB ports.

Typing is quite good on those things.


I knwo this is a massive stretch, what if the V keyboard was a alternative for the ms sp? I know they use different connections but i think i still have a old adapter project in my file. I abandoned it because i had no way of making electrical contact. But yesterday i had a epiphany. What if the electrical stuff was on the outside instead of the inside? (Copper tape)


I like the idea that brydge keyboard makes it a laptop, it gives much more better experience than kickstand when typing on the train, or somewhere you put it on your thigh. Integration with SSD is also nice.

However it seems a quite heavy (Almost twice than V’s) and connection only BT 3.0 is available, imo BT has more lag and battery-using than wire