A great alternative keyboard


Really curious!
One could profit and add extra memory. :star_struck:


how does having a drive in the keyboard work? is it an extra cable extending from the dock to the tablet?


Brydge proposes a 128 gb memory extension in its keyboard.
No clue if it is a Card or a SSD though.
Data exchange by the charging cable.


Is says in the description that it’s SSD


So much better:
Anyone capable to open the keyboard lid should be able to add a ssd . . . I hope.
Wit a usb c entrance it should give reasonable speed too.

Anybody able to share / photo the inside ?


So asking about bezels… It’s a perfect fit.


However mine is micro USB not USB C…


I’ve sent them a message asking if they do Spanish layouts.


How’s the impact on battery life?
Eve’s current keyboard as of now seems to use more power in the docked mode than when solely on BT


There is an in-build battery, what takes roughly 3 hours to be charged.
As long as one does not link the keyboard charging cable to the computer it should not impact a 2 in 1 battery life.
By the way, no info about the in-build battery life nor by what voltage it is charged.


I think I have a question to ask. Did you (guys participating in this thread) “only” look for a kind of a laptop? I thought that V was mostly going to be a tablet, with an occasional keyboard… that’s why the keyboard was equiped with BT AND with pins.
This thread seems to me that you (participating in this thread) are looking more for a laptop (mobile typing device) than a tablet… that changes the use of the V altogether… where am I going wrong??


For me it was simply a must to replace my keyboard: see photo in the former post.
No problem for me that it became a kind of laptop copy :upside_down_face:


Interesting. That might be just the thing, I’ve been looking for. How is the trackpad?


@Konstantinos I would happily buy an Eve version of same, designed by you guys with the pogo connector and a better trackpad. (Sorry the stock trackpad is lame).



I think its a nice idea but also the same thing applies here than with the language layouts for the current keyboards. EVE can’t produce multiple versions unless there is enough demand because they can’t afford to produce a version that sells just few pieces.

Of course you could put up a new thread with a poll to see if people are interested. But lets say there are 50 people interested on it, which would probably mean it wouldn’t give EVE any margins on them.


Fair point. I will either buy the Brydge or chill.


One more question - how easy is it to insert and remove the V from the clips? I can imagine doing writing work -> switching to tablet for some research work -> Switching back to writing mode. I can imagine switching modes several times in a couple of hour flight or train journey.


The inside of the hinges that do the gripping are a rubbery moulded gel, so it’s very easy when you want to, but difficult by accident. If you held it upside down it would slip out over a few minutes but if you pull it out it gives without forcing


They sell spare sell gel inserts


So, has anyone actually purchased it and tried it out on the V?
Seriously considering this for V use as my desktop and using the wireless keyboard for travel.
I just want to make sure it fits and won’t crack the glass, which accordingly to recent reports is fragile due to casing.