A "do it yourself" eGPU by Eve? Is there any interest?


Hi, good points there and it would be good if Eve would do just that, and I
think that concept was the original purpose of this thread. One correction
required, I think, though, as there is no true DIY eGPU solution available.
All that you see out there are mods based on complete retail products,
generally leaving out one or more element of the retail product and hence
over-expensive as very inefficient.

I’d be very happy to see either or both of a cost-effective complete Eve
product and a DIY interface board.


Then tell me why hasn’t anybody done this. It’s a challenge, and it’s what many people want. And Eve loves challenges. Maybe you don’t want it, but it’s fine. I didn’t want a tablet without physical Windows button, but here it is… Nobody cares what I wanted. We are a community, a bunch of different people and we can’t keep everyone happy. That’s why we have votes, and if Eve decides to make an eGPU accessory, they will ask us what we want. Maybe the majority will vote for my idea, maybe they won’t, but it’s not up to you nor up to me do decide.

No correction required - that’s exactly the point I was trying to get across. There are no DIY solutions out there and I think Eve could change that :slight_smile:


Paul, are you buying a V then?


I really wasn’t trying to push what I wanted or talk about what anyone wanted. If the community wanted a DIY, then I guess yeah, that’s what Eve would make. I was just bringing up the realistic expectation that it doesn’t sound like Eve’s target market. Didn’t mean to step on your topic’s toes.


Buying? I already bought it. I’m a hyperearly backer.

@dunkeroni the community has changed a lot from when I joined it. In the beginning there were many tech savvy, tinkery and price conscious people who i think would like this. Right now I see more designers and… that kind of people, you know. They would pay a fortune for a nice enclosure. I don’t care about those things. But hey, if you look at the what’s next category there are so many different ideas and definitely not all of them are for the “target audience”.

But then… who is the target audience? The same guys who bought Eve V? I’ve been in the community for a long time and I could bet there is no other product that would satisfy the vast majority of us, other than an Eve V2. But that doesn’t make any sense, because who would buy another similar tablet after, let’s say, a year and a half, when they already have Eve V that’d way ahead of its time? Some people would, there’s no denying - but not many.

Let’s remember who formed this community in the first place - it was some guys who bought Eve T1. They bought it primarily because it was cheap. Let’s face it, it was a pretty crappy tablet - Intel Atom, 2GB RAM (or was it 4GB?), etc. - just like all 8" Windows tablets, they’re all crap. They bought it because it was cheap. But do you see many of those people around here today? I could count them on my one hand’s fingers. You see, the community is evolving, new people are coming, old people are leaving, according to Eve’s current project and its status. Maybe some people disliked some decisions about Eve V and left… you can’t change that, it will always happen. Nowadays people don’t want cheap products anymore, they want good quality products that are ahead of its time. But that is definitely gonna change, because the community is still changing. It will always be. And when Eve announces they’re starting a new project, a huge flow of people will come to the community, maybe those who left before maybe new people with fresh ideas… many of those people won’t even like Eve V, they will want completely different products…

So it’s pretty much impossible now to predict what the community will choose. And all ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


When you talk about a cheap option for an eGPU, what do you envision the price and product to look like? I have trouble seeing an external graphics option as being a “DIY” since you can’t design any of the components except for the enclosure. Once you purchase a graphics card, PCIe slot, and power supply, the rest is plug-and-play since you definitely wouldn’t be programming the drivers yourself either.

To put it bluntly, I just don’t see how this hasn’t been done. By the sound of it, what you’re looking for is something along the lines of this

Just a PCIe card designed to connect with a gpu. It works with laptops, and it comes with nothing else. It’s a component, and you fill in the rest to build your own system.

That component sells for $128.00 and works with x16 GPUs. It’s an older technology only capable at running 8GB/s. It sells for that price because the target audience (eGPU users with compatible computers) is small, and it is a high speed data handling component.

The problem with that component is that it’s not fast enough for new GPU systems that require more speed. Luckily Thunderbolt 3 makes those speeds attainable, but that affects the cost. Assuming someone made that exact same component, only 5 times faster transfer rate, and made it compatible with Intel’s proprietary Thunderbolt 3 connector, I think at best the component would cost around $220-$250 on its own due to low volume production and performance requirements.

At that point, after buying a $235 adapter and a $400+ GPU to go with it, I would be a little put out if they didn’t at least include a basic shell to store it in. With that in place, you have an AkiTio Node for $270 already available. It is just a TB3-x16PCIe adapter board with a shell. Find your own GPU and power supply. If you really don’t like the box, scrap it and make your own.

I’m sorry for the confusion, I’m really not trying to say what Eve would or wouldn’t do based on what the community would or would not want. All I’m saying is that a DIY eGPU would just be Eve reselling a single component made by another company in China. Maybe you’re right though, and with a few tweaks and extra options the community could come up with a better and cheaper AkiTio clone just like the Eve V is a better and cheaper Surface Pro. Maybe I just misunderstood what you meant by the term DIY, since I usually think of DIY as being at least 75% custom designed, not store bought components designed to be fit together.


The link you posted is a perfect example of what I imagined. I knew it existed, but it uses an outdated connector that is really difficult to find nowadays, even in workstation laptops. Furthermore, the bandwidth is so low that actually upgrading the graphics capability is unrealistic. That product is meant more for other kind of PCIe cards than graphics. Now we have Thumderbolt 3, and it offers 4x PCIe 3.0 lanes. That’s significantly more bandwidth and it doesn’t cut too much into even the highest end graphics cards’ performance, at least for gaming.

Simply put, the one you showed is incompatible with pretty much everything on the market and bottlenecks the graphics card’s performance so much it’s simply not worth any money at all.

Regarding cost, you’re overestimating it. Head over to egpu.io and see how many people are interested now. Then look how many eGPU enclosures there are in the market and how successfup they are, and how many there were before TB3. See, the market just exploded. The production volume would be vastly larger, and that already shows in existing products. There was a dock for under $500 including a graphics card. Akitio boxes cost $300 including a custom enclosure and power supply, and according to Eve team (they did some research), an enclosure can make the majority of final product price. That’s because you need really high production volume to make those metal enclosures affordably, especially when they’re totally custom. So yeah, if you analyze current products and their prices a bit, you’ll see that the board doesn’t cost that much.

And last but not least, don’t forget that Eve goes around all middlemen and traditional business practices, reducing the price by 40% by the estimates given at eve-tech.com


Do you think someone in China already makes those boards? I don’t think so. It would have escaped to the wild and became viral all over the world, as many people are waiting for this. As of now, each manufacturer of an eGPU box makes a custom board themselves, to my knowledge. Fat chance they’d share their design with competitors…

As for what I mean with DIY, I recently bought a DIY kit. Google Anet A8. And that’s the kind of “DIY” I meant - all parts are readily available, you just put it all together. In our case, you buy the parts separately. It’s like building a desktop, but pretty DIY-ish compared to just buying a finished product and putting a graphics card in (or sometimes not even that)


I think I get what you mean a bit better now, and I hope similar systems become more available soon, since Intel is making Thunderbolt 3 open and including it in all future processors.

I’m familiar with the A8, but I would definitely put it more in the Kit group than DIY, but that’s just because I always compare it to the old Prusa Mendel that I learned how to solder on. As far as a “select your own kit” way of assembling an eGPU, I do wish there were more options than the ones available. I think once TB3 becomes prevalent as a standard, they will start to show up. I’ve been to egpu.io and seen the results of projects there, but I still don’t think it’s a large enough market to make designing and selling a TB3 adapter efficient. Again though, that may all change once the port becomes a standard new devices.

I think the ideal future for most consumers would be to order an enclosure with power supply and GPU of your choice installed, but that option could be years from now. Currently the closest I’ve seen is the Aorus Gaming Box that includes power and a GTX 1070, but no options for other cards and it restricts to the mini form factor for any future upgrades.


It’s funny you’re buying something you don’t want, kudos to you though for being here since the start and going with the community decisions all the same. Would you pull out now if you were able?


It would be funny if I had bought something I don’t want. Don’t make false assumptions.


I didn’t expect having to discuss the definition of DIY, but here it goes… Anet A8 is the most typical DIY kit. Yes it’s a kit. But it’s a DIY kit. You might have constructed a printer from smaller parts, but what does that change? A dude might come to you and say “hey, you didn’t mine those minerals to make electronics, that’s not true DIY!” but does that make your DIY project less DIY? I don’t think so. You’re drawing the line too far. DIY is when you assemble something from parts - the size of those parts is not defined. So yes, building a desktop is already a DIY activity because instead of paying someone to put it together you “do it yourself”. Same with this eGPU idea, instead of paying Razer to build you a nice enclosure and add a PSU, you find those parts yourself.

Well, Razer disagrees with you… Just like Asus, Acer, Gigabyte, Akitio and so on. They all got profit from it. Why can’t Eve do the same? Same situation, except it would be cheaper. That means even more people could afford it.


Considering with no PSU, I would chanfe mine to Max $150


Also som usb 3.0 ports would be nice.


What do you mean? TB3 is literally the only option for eGPU with Eve V… If it doesn’t have TB3, you can’t connect it to V.


Oh yeah! I forgot. It’s just that you didn’t mention it in the post.


Taking this thread back to the title’s question and the survey, having had 226 votes to date, is there any interest in taking this concept forward to be a project, and if not might there be a timeframe for when that decision can be made?


@pauliunas - you need to move your “note” under the survey to above it. I answered the survey before reading it, assuming the price included the power supply


You can always change your vote :slight_smile:


do you know the approx price of v core m3 version as they added new screen? will they use m.2 ssd or sata 3 ssd in it ?