A "do it yourself" eGPU by Eve? Is there any interest?


Since when does 10% performance loss mean “massive bottleneck”?


if {

  • It was just a simple circuit board + power supply.
  • It cost between 50 and 100€.
  • You could build custom cases around it, Raspberry Pi style, even leaving the GPU stick out of the package.

} then {
I would be very interested, as it would help save space and spare redundant stuff at home (also from environmental point of view).

else {
I’d probably get a full desktop PC.


That part is the difficult one - a decent PSU is already around 40€ if you go for a good one with known quality. Yes, you can grab some firecrackers for 20€ but those are not something I’d connect my 300€ GPU to that is connected to my 1000€+ V or TB3 enabled device.


You forget something. In 3-6 years there would be no tb3 rather than a tb4 or 5. No one could say if they work together. So you end up upgrading both devices again…


Thunderport 3 is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2, so it would be fair to assume that 4 or 5 will continue to be compatible with older versions.

IMHO 40€ doesn’t get a good (atx) PSU, and if any component can be seen as an “investment” it’s PSU. Great quality ones come with 10-year warranty, have higher efficiency, better build quality and cost only few tenners more.

Anything less than 100€ would sound more than reasonable for a board-only diy solution to me.
Add a great quality PSU for 90€, adequate/good/great case for max 100€ and you’re sub 250€. That money doesn’t buy any kind Thunderbolt 3 box nowadays.


Right now thunderbolt has a huge problem that is due to electricity.
Every cable has a capacity, that means it takes some time to jump from 0 to 1. 10GBit/s or even more means that the voltage is changing even faster than the advertised speed. The cable length is proportional to the capacity, that means the voltage takes more time to increase the longer the cables are (That creates the maximum length of TB cables). That means the cable delays the Transfer speed, since you need to wait for the voltage to arrive. We are right now facing the problem that the cables need to get shorter to connect to the gpu to increase the speed…

PS: This explanation is simplified that you do not need an electrical engineering degree to read it :smiley:


Even if it was not backwards compatible, etc. it would still be cheaper to upgrade both devices if one was a eGPU rather than a full blown Desktop. But than again, I could maybe just upgrade the GPU of the desktop. But yeah… that is 6Y in the future. Who knows if there’s a new PCI thingy or what ever :smiley:

My case right now is, I have a 6Y old Laptop and Desktop. The Laptop is just getting a little slow and is heavy, oh so heavy. The desktop on the other hand has a failing motherboard -> since it has an old CPU socket and DDR2 I would need to buy a whole new computer and build it from scratch. While this is fun, I just don’t have the time to do that :expressionless:
Sorry, had to complain to someone. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just not, tb3 has a USB 3 connector while tb2 is mini displayport.


Maybe he meant the price without PSU? I think 50-100 would be the sweet spot, since I suspect there’s a lot of R&D going into these products.
On the other hand, you wouldn’t need a full size desktop PSU for that. Graphics cards only use the 12V rail, so maybe that would be significantly cheaper to make. For example, instead of 3 different voltage regulators for each rail you would only need one for 12V…


Maybe you are right. I wasn’t sure whether the PSU should even come in the package, if it’s a standard thing.

But, does a GPU need a full blown PSU like a PC? Let’s say it’s just that, an eGPU and not an external dock with extra ports.


By the way, with that board I was thinking I could build a case-less or semi case-less device like in the picture, with a GPU sticking out instead of disks. As many GPUs come with a kind of a “case” or hull around the fan, they would seem fairly well protected to me and even look cool. Would that work?

The case would be much simpler and could even be 3D printed.


Of course it would work :slight_smile: You can even put the PCB on your desk without any enclosure, I don’t mind that. Just that you’d want to clean the dust very often then. And don’t let children anywhere near it.


Another option would be to dock it under the table, horizontally, that way maybe being less exposed to dust.

In any case, the “just a board without case” approach seems flexible and I think many people would go for it.


Hmm, I’m not sure how the PCIe connector would like a graphics card being hung upside down, but sure :smile: that’s why I like DIY, all sorts of crazy (in a good way) ideas come to mind :slight_smile:


It is backwards compatible using an adapter, such as those by Apple and (if I remember correctly) Startech. It is difficult to imagine that TB4 is not being designed around the type-C connector as with TB3.


For me it is, because devices will get thinner and thinner. In 6 years USB c might be to thick and there would maybe be another USB that goes more in the direction of lightning from Apple.


I agree on all points, Paul!

That price would definitely be sweet, for me, as I have an enclosure and ATX PSU ready and waiting. Perhaps a suitable PSU (there’s a Dell one that is very popular with eGPU.io DIYers, for example) and a TB3 cable could be offered as options, for an additional cost?


Well, for sure, given enough time everything we have now will be obsolete but there’s a real limit to the value of such speculation - without taking any risks then nothing can change!


Thank you for this link, it seems that Gigabyte has created exactly what I was looking for 3 months ago - maximum portability and minimum price. Will definitely get Gigabyte AORUS with my Eve :wink:


I’m a little confused. I thought the whole point of Eve was to have a polished and finished product that was designed around what the community wanted. I know a lot of that input came from creators and tinkerers that are used to this sort of thing, but DIY products are a completely different business than crowdsourced design.

If Eve made made an eGPU, they would ask what people wanted in it (size, weight, cooling, power options, etc) and then use that information to design a streamlined system that works for everybody. The Eve V isn’t a screen and components pile for us to screw together ourselves, it’s a professionally made product.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a DIY eGPU can be a great product, but it’s a product that can already be made with what’s available on the market and not in the scope of Eve’s business model.