A deeper look at our new Eve V

If somehow possible I’d really like to see support for DisplayPort 2.0 or HDMI 2.1 via USB C.
Especially so if Spectrum is going to support these for some of their models.

About cooling…you could also use something like a graphite pad. Its cooling performance is as good as that of thermal paste and it does not dry up. You can also use it to transfer heat, because it conducts heat even better in the width than through the pad to the heat sink…so you maybe don’t need “fat” heatpipes.

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I would prefer to have a device with active cooling to get a bit better performance in video editing or the odd bit of gaming. But the community has spoken! That’s what I love about these projects.


With regards to cooling, I would like to see toggleable active cooling, so we can choose between a quiet, good battery life device that throttles under load, and a noisier, power hungry device, this could even be tied to the current charging status, passive on battery, active on wall power. If this would add too much weight and complexity I think passive is the way to go though.


I would say we can have both, if this is going to be a Surface Book like device with an active cooled GPU in the keyboard dock and if you put a type of passiv cooling with air channels, like proposed by eldelacajita, on the tablet part, then you could also extra cool it with the fans of the keyboard dock and ramp up performance and TDP of the CPU whilst docked.


Little detail, please make the left right buttons double height, don’t waste space (+ bigger area is usually better)

Is there any info on USB 4 supporting a PCIe link tho? Because if it doesn’t, it won’t be able to run with a eGPU, and for me that would be a deal-breaker.

I’d reserve my judgement until we’ve seen the new Zen 2 notebook CPUs. If they’re still not on par with Intel, then fine, but otherwise they would be a great option.

It’s not possible to make it so it would support both an eGPU and have a AMD cpu, because Thunderbolt interface is made by Intel and only supported on Intel based motherboards.

Maybe we could have a passive cooled option as well as a higher powered option that’s actively cooled? I’m not sure if that would be too expensive/complicated to manufacture but I’d love a more powerful convertible.

I’m just going by what the V keyboard and the Brydge keyboard for Surface Pro look like, but should I make them bigger, or should I add 2 more keys above them? If I do add more keys, which ones should I include?

Personally I prefer the bigger keys, but I’m interested in other’s opinions.
(This is from a Surface keyboard, I use one like that for programming. I don’t use other keys which would fit there)


Fan noise bothers me (I’m sensitive to that high-pitched whine). That said, the replies note a number of innovative solutions that should be investigated, and sometimes performance is more important to me, so the ideal solution to me is the user-selectable ability to run passive and then go active if I need to run at a higher power. Maybe this is only advisable or possible when I’m plugged in – I’d be fine with that. It should be noted that I currently run an i7 V.

My other spec requests for the new V are 32GB RAM and a dGPU (again – maybe that’s tied to the active cooling as well).

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I know that which is why I stated it would be nice to have the better processor, because sometimes I like to game when I travel, and an EGPU is a bit cumbersome.

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I have to say my favorite thing about my RBS is to come back from college after a day of notewriting, plug it on my eGPU and just continue what I was doing but with desktop screen, mouse and mech-keyboard. The flawlessness, the simplicity of not bothering with syncing devices for daily use material, of having one set of habit easily maintained becausse tied to a single device. The wonder also, to turn a less than 2kg ultrabook into something that runs Mankind Divided on high/ultra at 45+ FPS, or handles VR. 2in1 would be the pinacle of this feeling, because I wouldn’t have an integrated keyboard on the way for home-use, while having the pen utility during class for writing formulas and drawing graphs.

I therefor don’t mind fans that much if I can throttle CPU for medium workloads (and Windows offers options baseline to do so), or a somewhat beefier chassis (of course it shouldn’t be an Asus Mothership either). 9H battery under light load is enough for my usecase if battery size is traded for cooling capabilities and better power docked. I also don’t mind bezels on tablets as it improves handling to me. Nor do I mind 60hz panels as the integrated screen is already too small to be any good in competitive gaming anyway, while higher refresh rates are more demanding on CPU usage and power consumption.

Massive storage expansion capabilities through SD cards would be neat. RAM/internal storage upgradability would be nice also but as long as there are enough and reasonnably priced options available, I don’t really mind.

To sort this up as a priority list :

  • Maximum CPU horsepower with adequate cooling capabilities
  • 2 USB A + 2 Thunderbolts + 3.5mm Jack
  • Dream pen support
  • Battery life (at least 9H)
  • Footprint (at most 20mm thickness with keyboard)
  • SDUC card reader
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Footprint (below 20mm thick with keyboard)
  • Battery life (above 9H)
  • Upgradability
  • Screen size (above 12-13 inches)/refresh rate (above 60hz)/skin-to-body ratio/resolution (above 1920*1200)

@arkery I have the eve v and surface pro, and my brother has the surface book. I personally find the surface book’s 13 inch tablet a bit unwieldy for tablet use. It starts to become less like an iPad and more like a small TV. Also, I do digital art so being able to rest the device in one hand is pretty important for me. Of course your opinion is probably different, this is Just my two cents (edit: actually after having used an ipad pro 13" for a few days, I actually don’t mind the size as much, especially since it’s a much larger canvas size for artists. Since the bezels are small, it’s actually around the same physical size as the Surface Pro)

@Eclipse Something to consider, a metal chassis allows for active cooling from the outside. With the surface pro, I would point an external fan at the back and it helped tons. This sounds like it could be a solution for you too since you mention that you would put it under heavy load in a workstation type setting anyways.

So first, I’m a little sad that the One+One concept did so poorly in the previous survey. I would love the ability to use the V in a stable laptop mode on the couch, without the kickstand digging into my thighs or constantly worrying about it tipping forward. Not to mention, it would distinguish itself visually from the surface pro. And I am 90% sure a mechanical hinge won’t last long, trying to support the weight of the V. I hope that even if you don’t go with the One+One design, maybe you can add an optional magnet on the back, and sell a portfolio-like keyboard that would be able to wrap around to the back like the One+One concept suggested.

As for this week’s survey, I would really like a better processor. I think one USB A port is fine since most companies are moving to USB C.

I think passive cooling is fine since for heavy loads, you can just point an external fan at the back (Iv done it with the surface, works wonders). Active cooling takes too much space. Maybe you can sell a fan that just slaps onto the back of the device magnetically?


@Gazyli Last week Intel finally certified an AMD board for Thunderbolt 3 - so it is now possible. So to get something from AMD with Thunderbolt is most likely possible now: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-motherboard-asrock-first-thunderbolt-certification-intel

I think that there should be an EVE V ChromeOS version. It could be a killer device. Most of the really well made ChromesOS devices cost way too much and Eve V could really disrupt the the market. Also the release of ChromeOS 80 has made ChromeOS really nice in tablet mode.

I imagine having both a Windows version and a ChromeOS version wouldn’t be too difficult or costly. I’d def go for the ChromeOS version if given the choice.


How about official Linux support?
Considering that there aren’t any 2-in-1 tablets with official Linux support (to my knowledge) this might also be an opportunity to fill a market gap.

I’m using Linux (NixOS) as my daily driver, I’m even gaming on Linux these days.


Here’s an idea:

If this is actually mechanically feasible, this might satisfy both, the desire for a passively cooled tablet mode (that I see in the polls) AND sufficient CPU power when the power is needed (that I see in the comment section).


Personally, I could not risk my data using flawed Intel processors. And due to their inferior performance I see absolutely no option but to go with AMD processors. Hope Eve will evolve this way!

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