A chance to receive V earlier or get V w/next generation CPU instead


It has been a bit of a rough patch for the EVE team and I am happy to see that things are looking up and V will begin shipping out very soon! It is super exciting, as it will be the only real competitor for the MS Surface Pro for the near foreseeable future.

However, throughout these past few months I’ve heard some of you mentioning that given the timing you might want to wait for the next generation CPU so this got me thinking…

I imagine there are quite a few of us who got the Hyper/Early bird orders in but are not in dire need of the new computer at the moment. Take me for example, I actually ordered several Vs, and really want them to come as soon as possible! But here is the thing; Vs are not meant as mere new computers, I really want them to be special for me and those whom I bought it for! And since we already have functioning computers (yes, they are not nearly as perfect as V) around that do their job, I could see them lasting around easily several more months!

So here is a crazy idea I would like to ask EVE team:
With looming new generation CPU release, and I am talking about the real new 10nm ones, it all but make sense that original V will be updated and further improved down the line with new CPUs along with other improvements that the community would like to make. So how about allowing those of us who got Hyper/Early bird orders and would not mind waiting a bit more, to transfer our pledges to similar or slightly improved V(2) down the road? It would be a win/win for everyone! Those of you who need a computer right away could simply keep you pledge and those who missed the Hyper/Early bird orders could get their hands on the V quicker. Meanwhile those of us who got Hyper/Early bird and don’t mind waiting a bit more, could get the updated version with new gen CPUs.

Moreover, think in the EVE webshop (when opened) I think we should have the option not only for the original V (immediate availability), but also the option to pre-order the updated V(2) at preferred pricing, similar to IGG campaign with V. Here is why this is important – EVE team can see and estimate the demand for the updated V(2), can start the work earlier and will have the funds to work with suppliers right away to ensure the speediest delivery. Meanwhile as the community we get to work on the updates we want to see in V(2), all while the super awesome original V is being shipped to happy users who need a computer right away! As I said, it is a Win-Win for all and would be on purely voluntary basis.

Now before any of you spur into debates or speculation, please note that this message does NOT come from EVE team. It is my idea that I wanted to bring up to all to see what you guys/girls think and to see if there is interest and whether EVE team would actually be willing to support some form of it. Also for those of you who will raise doubts, please know I personally have no trouble trusting EVE delivering the multiple devices I have ordered. Why? Because I’ve been around since the start of the project, met the team multiple times and actually played with the super awesome V!


  • • I ordered Hyper/Early bird and want to wait for next Gen CPU update and have EVE transfer my pledge
  • • I ordered Hyper/Early bird and want my V as soon as possible
  • • I missed the Hyper/Early bird, but would like the chance to get my V earlier from any moved pledges
  • • I missed the Hyper/Early bird, and want to pre-order and wait for next Gen CPU update
  • • I am not interested in this idea

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Here is a good reply from Peter why this propably won’t happen


I have to agree that the CL CPUs don’t really bring anything SPECIAL to the mix. We also don’t know anything about the mobile versions (Y series).

V is enough “special” (which it doesn’t really need to be - it’s a freaking computer) as it is and with the current spec


Also way too crazy at this point. As we don’t really even know what is the next step or project for EVE. They propably don’t know yet either but I would say it will be something completely different than the V.


With due respect, I think that answer is being taken out of context. I am not proposing just upping the specs just for the sake of having better spec sheet. I am actually talking about a further refinement of an already superb product in the near future. It would be fun for community and would on purely voluntarily basis. I personally don’t mind waiting and I feel there are more people like me here. Please bear in mind this in no ways would affect the original V and its delivery. Really a win-win for everyone

:joy: heard that a lot back when we started with PF lol


Well imo that reply is still valid for this too. I mean that Eve is still the “little kid” who really can’t have too much food (many projects) going at the same time. Currently we have the V, and what is after that remains to be seen but I hope it’s something else then V2. Not that I would object a V2 but not right after the V. Maybe after few years or after the next project to see 8f 2in1 still have something to offer or not.

Also I 4hink at this point new CPUs don’t really bring anything new or better to the table.


In class of “growing successful business 101” it is actually all but makes most sense after a successful launch of original product to continue with new and improved iterations and complementing products rather than abandoning all and throwing all resources at something totally different. And please don’t take it as me saying we should not do something different. Contrary, I want us to do many different things, but to pay for it all we need to develop established product lines that are regularly updated and improved to reflect the times.

Original Post

I think this is a cool idea, and this is the kind of creative thinking that having a thriving community is all about. However, I think this idea is based off of the assumption that the community will want to do a V2 immediately after. Eve is still a really small company and I seriously doubt they could develop/manufacture/market/sell/support more than one product at a time. There have been many threads in the community about what the next device should be, ranging from a laptop to a powerhouse workstation to even a phone. Doing a V2 right after V1 would probably eliminate the ability to pursue any of those. And while Moore’s law is pretty amazing at showing us what a new generation of processors can do, many if not most users simply won’t be able to tell much difference just because the CPU is one generation newer.

Edit: And while I was writing all that…:joy:


It definitely is an interesting thought… but here is why I voted “against” it:
Having a future refinement of the V (called V2 or whatever else), it is unclear when it will be delivered, even more unclear than the current V. It even is unclear, when work on it will be starting, particularly as it was stated that another product category will be targeted next. Based on that I don’t see an update coming within the next 6-9 months, besides a possible LTE version (but I don’t think further refinements to the interior architecture will be made besides LTE and instead it will be kept as close to the original V as possible).

The V as it is designed right now is a superb product with - based on the Sharp screen’s power consumption - an amazing battery life. It will from my perspective (unless you have use cases with very high demands against an IT product) be a product that can cover you for a couple of years to come.


I think the difference in our views comes from the point that I think in terms of sustaining and growing sales vs where I see the comments coming from development and use case POV. Here is an example - take SP4 that was introduced 2 years ago. Even up until 2017 SP it was the best 2-in-1 on sale and was perfectly capable, but. It suffered what we call consumer fatigue, and sales were dropping very steeply. So even the king of the hill had to bow and quickly update their device. Idk about you, but I would be pretty bummed if years I’ve put into this projects would just be abandoned.

Also idk if you guys thought about it in this way, but when EVE opens the gates for V sales, there will be a lot more exposure and we will have more people in the community who would be interested in improving the original V. We’ve already have seen some of that from the new threads in the past few months. Here is one that seems popular Ideas for Gen 2


Correct answer in pool depends what will be a realistic timeframe for an “updated” V2 …


I would guesstimate around 5 months from the time they kick it off. So even more reasons for this conversation now, as if there is solid interest then the team would have an incentive to kick it off sooner. The sooner they start the better. Btw in my vision this would only happen after V is kicked into production and shipments begin. But if we want our pledges to be moved, we need to have this discussion in advance of shipments. I hope I make sense haha :smiley:


For V2 I would like to add LTE and GPS module and consider full SD card (fully flushed), other great options would be 1 TB SDD and option with 32 GB RAM


I would say I’m not into this idea. Because as Eve made a promise to make this device, and you as a backer made a promise to support the idea and get this device, not something that you came up with along the way. This is a bit exaggerated example, but you should get the idea.

You can, and you should, support the next device too when it’s time for it.


hm… this is endless… I just want my V - ASAP,…CMIIW : upgrading minor stuff is ok like SSD… but for upgrading CPU and other stuff? come on - how about R&D? QC ? testing again? and most important is waiting the supply too right? it will take until next year maybe (longest estimation)? caused by this thing so I voted nope… already how many months delay since begining? estimation now is september (already counted half year since april).


I am not following how is what I am proposing undermines our support for EVE and the promises we made? if anything this as much opposite, as those who choose to wait and work on updates are showing even more support and dedication. There is no loss for anyone either.


I hear your pain, and as I said in my post, this idea in NO ways would sabotage the quickest delivery of your V or meant to inflict additional pain;) This is really meant for those of us who are in no rush for new computer to have an opportunity to further refine an awesome product, and for the rest who want a V asap it would mean they would get it quicker.

Say hypothetically 100 hyper birds move their pledge, then 100 first early birds could be moved to earlier delivery and say 100 new orders could be placed in end of early birds queue. Win win for all :smiley:


And the workforce from EVEs side would come from where? Or should they just forget the next project (which kind of was stated won’t be a V2). Just plain CPU/ram/SSD upgrade would be waste of time and resources. There would be need for something “more” to make the wait worthwhile. As said LATE would mean total redesign of the outer shell, just like the sdcard slot (full size).

And after 5 months there will be a “new thing” to wait. Just like in all tech if you start the waiting game you will wait for ever.


I ordered a V because I wanted a 2-in-1 device, and I still do. A rolling investment in the next tech that never actually arrives is of no use to me whatsoever.


Frankly I like the idea in theory. But I think it’s built on assumptions about what will happen next. Eve has to make a decision about what its next step is. But they’ve said they don’t want to make that decision until after the V is in production and the web store is open. So, I’m intrigued by the idea but I don’t think it’s really reasonable at the moment.


It’s an idea, and its up to us and the team to make it a reality or not, so I think it is good to have this conversation and the timing is right :slight_smile: