A better way to edit content on a Windows Tablet


It’s OK. I will wait, I like to support programmers with new Ideas and $9.95 is right price.


Hi Lukas,

I appreciate your willingness to support programmers with new ideas.

After purchasing EditRight Software, are you going to continue to use EditRight Software on a daily basis to edit documents on Word.




Not sure about daily use, but I’m planning to use it regularly. One question - licence is per user or per computer (I have two units which I’m using for corrections - V and Surface Book)?


Hi Lukas,

Just provide me with the fingerprint ID number for the V and the Surface Book and I will provide you with a Product License Key for the V and the Surface.

Once I am able to raise more funds for additional development, I intend on providing a licensing methodology that will allow the user to install EditRight Software on up to 5 devices.

If EditRight Software was a universal application (able to work in any application in Windows where text input was allowed) would this increase how often you would use EditRight Software?




OK I will do it in PM.

I think a standard 2 devices would be sufficient.

Yes that will help a lot - at least for MS Office group - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and maybe for Corel WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat.


Hi Lukas,

The problem with the website has been fixed.

You should now be able to purchase EditRight Software for $9.95.

The website will still ask you for a billing and shipping address.

However, it will NOT ask you to pay for shipping and will allow you to purchase the product for $9.95.




Will buy tonight. I’m just on hike near Banff.


Hi Lukas,

Please let me know when you have successfully made the purchase.

After which you can provide me with the fingerprint ID for your V and Surface Tablets.

I will then provide you with the unique Product License Key for your V and Surface Tablet.




Hi Lukas,

Product License Key: KJLD-YJPL-PBTD-TBYX





I will send you MS Surface Book one tonight or tomorrow.


Download trial software -> get some free time to try it out -> trial expired because trial started when program autolaunched after install -> lose me as a potential customer.


Hey Sean, I didn’t download your app, and I did click your link but I didn’t actually read it properly. I’d still like to give you some feedback, because I believe it might be helpful.

I didn’t do any of the above because of one reason, I don’t do this:

This one statement has eliminated me as a potential user. So basically I think I’m in agreement with this:

The opposite of a summary

Take a leaf out of Facebook’s book and put something clickbaity like “you won’t BELIEVE how this TABLET APP can INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY EFFICIENCY BY 400%, contact me for FREE TRIAL!”

Or a more sane option would be to call in a favour from a copywriter friend to whip up a 20 minute piece of work for your product description.

I understand it can be frustrating as a software dev to have to work on marketing when I assume your current objective is to get feedback on the technical end to improve the software, but that’s my feedback - as it stands, it simply does not draw my interest and I think that is a problem you are facing, lack of interest.

You’ve got 91 clicks on your link and one (two now) volunteer(s). That’s a big red flag to me. It says to me that 90 people have assessed that this software is not worth the time and effort to send you an email for a product key - i.e. downloading this free software is a net loss in their eyes.

To be clear: I’m not critiquing your actual app - because I don’t know what it is or what it actually does - and THAT is the problem I’m trying to bring up.

I think at this moment, it isn’t clear at all what this is - and most people (89 out of 91 as of this post) don’t care to find out even that much.


Hi Wickedly,

EditRight Software lets you perform all the common functions of word processing: cut, copy and paste by drawing a single stroke of ink, insert one or more punctuation symbols by drawing one or more strokes of ink and insert or replace text with printed/cursive handwriting.

Value Proposition: Cuts in half the time it takes to cut, copy, paste and insert one or more punctuation symbols verses using editing toolbar and/or onscreen keyboard.

Put simply, EditRight Software lets you complete the job of editing your document sooner rather than later.

I used the phrase, “integrated pen” to describe a pen with active/passive technology built into it that allows the user precisely interact with the content of the screen as opposed to a capacitive pen that acts like a finger on the screen.

I guess that description above sounds like a description an engineer would give.

I will change the phrase “integrated pen” to just “pen”.

Do you have the pen for the V tablet?

If you do then I would really appreciate it if you would request to download my software and try it out.




Ok I have another piece of feedback.

Ask one of the mods to move the first 50 or so replies where it’s just correspondence between you and Lukas into a private chat, and moving forward conduct such discussions in private.

Use this thread as a platform to directly engage with people who show interest and if it takes more than one or two replies, move it to PM.

…because when you ask like that, it is nearly impossible to politely turn you down. You’re on to something, buddy. Send me a PM with instructions on how to do it, I’ll give it a go.


Hi Wickedly,

What is your regular e-mail address?

I keep on getting blocked when I try to send a message to you about how to download and install EditRight Software.




Hi Wickedly,

How do you go about communicating with the moderators?

How do you send a private message to someone?

What is your e-mail so I can send you the info to download EditRight Software.




Hi Wickedly,

Are you still interested in trying out EditRight Software?




Hi Lukas,

How goes your experience with using EditRight Software?

You have not sent the fingerprint ID for your MS Surface Book yet?




Pretty well - getting used to shortcuts.

I’m too busy - I will send it on Saturday.