A better way to edit content on a Windows Tablet


Are you already familiar with a given set of gestures and symbols from using previous gesture based interface?


The black circle and blue box drop down menu learning user interface is designed to show you the gesture or symbol you may have forgot. This learning user interface ONLY has to be used when you forget a given gesture or symbol, otherwise you can just draw the gesture or symbol, without accessing the learning UI.


I’m not much familiar with those, but with standard sets for professional papers reviews like:





Hi Lukas, Does your familiarity with a different set of gesture/symbols make it more difficult for you to remember EditRight gestures and symbols? If you had not previously learned a different set of gestures/symbols would you find it easier to learn and recall EditRight Gestures? Is it fair to say that the gestures and especially symbols that I have chosen to use for EditRight are far easier to learn and recall than the professional proof reading gestures?


I mean that the gestures and symbols I have chosen for EditRight would be easier to learn from scratch than the professional proof reading symbols.


Yes to all your questions.

My problem is in using over 25 years some set of signs.


Hi Lukas, I have come across this problem before when I with a man called Phil Madans of Hachette Book Group had several professional editors try to learn the gestures and symbols for what was then called Natural Input (now called EditRight Software). Once I have the resources, I intend on creating a special version of EditRight Software that uses the standard proof reading gestures and symbols. Thanks, Sean.


Do you know anyone else who uses a Windows Tablet and is NOT familiar with standard proof reading symbols that can also try out EditRight Software?


I hope you are willing to learn EditRight’s set of gestures and symbols and are eventually willing to buy and use EditRight Software.

Is learning the procedures easy?

For Example: Where to place the tip of your pen to draw a gesture or start to draw text or a punctuation symbol. How to switch from edit mode to selection mode or display a diagram of a given gesture or symbol.


25 years with a set of signs does stiffen the brain :smile:
But in fact, the program / signs you know makes the learning curve of anything new quite steep.


Are you willing to download, install and try out EditRight Software.

If you are NOT a professional copyright editor then maybe you will find it much easier to learn the gesture and symbols associated to EditRight Software.


It is still for $39.99 on web.


Hi Lukas,

I have had a busy week, forgot to e-mail Scott Tippetts to change the price.

Will e-mail him today, memorial day is tomorrow. Change won’t happen till middle next week.

However, price will be reduced to $9.99.

I notice other apps of similar nature are priced in the $4.99 to $9.99 range.




It’s based on a marketing description/concept called “Micro Payments”.

Where the dollar amount required for a purchase is regarded as relatively insignificant, and no big deal or risk.

This then makes the purchase decision a no-brainer and the percentage of people that buy is very much higher than it would have been, had it been at a higher price point.

Often if the product/service is at such a relatively low value price, then a much higher percentage of people will buy it. The number of buyers can easily be many times higher than the number of people who would have to make a more considered judgement to pay a higher price, to the tune of even 20 - 100+ times more people.

This works a treat in the software business where there is no actual manufacturing cost once the end product is made/developed.

I have pirated software in the past to try it first, only then to decide to buy it after I found it worthwhile using.

That made me wonder why software companies never took the risk of allowing potential customers to try it for FREE for a significantly longer trial period or why they never sold it at a very low price in the first place. (One such company that charges a fortune for it’s software is Adobe. This baffles me as I would bet millions more would use it if it was more reasonably priced)

I have had several businesses where I have often offered a "No Questions" 100% money back Guarantee if not completely satisfied for 12 months. These businesses included such things as automotive car servicing and repairs, restaurants, business consulting, real estate inspections and others. A very interesting fact about such strong “No Risk” guarantees is that the longer the guarantee period, the less the percentage of people who will act on that guarantee.

I have always worked on the premise that if you take away the RISK from customers then you can have more customers than anyone else.
However, your products and service must be of high quality, the best possible and not necessarily better than your competitor. Just less risk.

It’s just simple human psychology. Most people (buyers*) fear being ripped off or making a wrong decision.
I take that fear away from them and I have found they prefer to do business with my companies.
I stunned my colleagues in China with this philosophy as they thought we would get killed financially by unscrupulous customers. I proved to them that human psychology is still human psychology, no matter what the race or the culture.

BTW This type of guarantee frightens the crap out of your accountant, academics and competitors.
Try and test it for a short time and see for yourself. The extra business that you will get will show you it works a treat.

This forum is rife with people who are afraid to lose and fear they will never get their V. The very patient and much more trusting ones are surprised and happy in the end.
But then again that’s human nature at work in it’s many forms.

NB the description of your software seems to have been written by a software engineer or such and needs to be in plain simple language. It’s a little hard to understand exactly what it does. I will download and try it so I can better understand just what it’s supposed to do. Because I can’t think why I might need or want to use it from your description so far.


i have already e-mailed my business partner Scott Tippetts and asked him to reduce the price to $9.95 on his website.

The use case for EditRight is simple: Type or dictate a document in then use EditRight to quickly and accurately edit the content of the document into its final form.

The alternative is to use the less efficient touch pad to indirectly edit content with the editing toolbar and onscreen keyboard as opposed to using the more efficient integrated pen to directly edit content with single stroke gestures and symbols.

Bottom Line: Complete the job of editing your document sooner using your pen and EditRight verses using a touch pad and toolbar/onscreen keyboard.


The primary advantage of the tablet is all about being able to directly manipulate the content of the screen with your fingers or an integrated precision pen.

EditRight enables the ability to quickly and accurately edit content directly on the screen with a precision integrated pen.


Hi Lukas, have you decided to buy EditRight for $9.95?


Thinking about it.



Hello, I did try to buy it today - but there is some problem with order - price is now US$9.99, but it wants additional US$27 for shipping (this is a minimum, it does even higher). No option just to get a key.


I talked with Scott Tippetts at length yesterday and asked him to reduce the price to $9.95 as I promised that I would do.

The website indicates that the price of EditRight Software is now $9.95.

It should not be asking you to pay $9.99 but ONLY $9.95.

It should definitely NOT be asking you for an additional $27 in shipping.

The website is treating EditRight Software like a physical product that has to be shipped to a given location and not a piece of software that just requires a Product License Key.

I will talk to Scott Tippetts early next week and get him to fix the problem with purchasing EditRight on his website.

I will let you know when the problem has been fixed, so you can go ahead and purchase EditRight Software for $9.95 as promised.

I am more than willing to provide you with the Product License Key now and you can pay for it when the problem with Scott Tippetts website is fixed.

I will let you know when you can complete the purchase of EditRight Software for $9.95.

Please perform the following steps to provide me with your Fingerprint Identification Number.

  1. Click on EditRight’s Taskbar or Program Icon.

  2. Click on About Option.

  3. Click on Register Button.

  4. Click on I Agree Button.

  5. Click on Get License Button.

Continue to follow the instructions provided by the web page that was automatically opened up.

Note: IF web page was NOT automatically opened up THEN manually click on Explorer Icon.

I will use the Fingerprint Identification Number you provide me with to create your very own personalized Product License Key.



PS. Sorry for the problems you are having with purchasing EditRight Software. I will make sure Scott Tippetts fixes the problem as soon as possible.