8th generation Y series in our V!


I have 2 questions that still I haven’t got a good answer for :slightly_smiling_face:
First will Intel release an intel 8th generation Y series ( quad cores with low TDP 4.5W ) ?!

if yes then, Will eve upgrade the 7th generation for the new 8th generation cpu in our V next year ?!


Honestly, Intel is a bit of a mess in terms of figuring out their roadmap. It used to be “Tick-Tock” so it was easy to figure out. Now it’s more like “Tick-Tock-Optimize… and then throw a dart.” Because the 8th Gen series doesn’t have a huge difference in terms of performance or power consumption, I don’t think they’ll bother bringing a Y-series version of it.

Their next Y series will probably only be released on the 9th or 10th Gen. (Or at least when they move to a 10nm die).


No they won’t. I guess this answers both questions…


but how come that there is no performance difference compared to 7th generation series ?
my laptop runs 7600U and made on geekbench4 9650 score while the 8th generation 8650U scrored about 13500


It has more cores, that’s why. It also heats up way more, which is not good for passively cooled devices. Basically when we say there is no difference, we mean no difference in performance per watt. That doesn’t mean the performance of a specific model compared to another specific model can’t be better. It just depends on what models you choose to compare. In your example, you’re comparing a dual core processor to a quad core one, which isn’t really fair.


but it has same TDP , 7600U vs 8650U greater performance and same watts
I mean as intel already did this with U series , they may release same thing with Y series better performance with same TDP !


That is always possible off course. But who knows: mostly “they”, what means not “us”. :sob:


Apologies for my ignorance but why is this a necessity? I believe 90-98% of current and future V owners will be happy with the current CPU


That does not mean the same temperature… As you can see from 7th gen benchmarks, the difference between Y and U was quite small. So basically the 15W TDP was generous with room for improvement. However, 7W is quite tight, there’s no extra room here. Theoretically they could release a quad core, but they won’t. That would be stupid, it would throttle to hell.


The Y-series of the 7th generation is more then enough…
At work I use a notebook with 8GB RAM and an older i5 (35W, actively cooled) processor.
After ikirin posted his benchmarks, I tried the same benchmark on my notebook at work and it was not significantly faster.
At work I never felt like “…oh my notebook is so slow because of its bad cpu”. The cpu of the v is more then enough, and in my opinion the perfect balance between performance and battery-runtime.
If you want a faster cpu with more cores and higher clock rate, you shouldn’t buy the v! Then maybe an ultrabook is better for you.


And what if I want a tablet? :expressionless:




Have you seen the price? I have. And then I closed the tab. Wasting so much money out of the question.


Yes… it is to expensive. But if you want notebook power in a 2-in-1 device, you have to pay this price. You also can buy a surface pro 4 with the biggest configuration (activly cooled i7). Then you also have more power.
V has a good price-performance ratio. If you want more, you have to pay more…


No I don’t. Look at Lenovo for example.
Anyway, I can choose whether to buy something blatantly overpriced, or to make do with a bit less powerful processor. I chose Eve V. That doesn’t mean I can’t demand a more powerful processor in the next product if it’s possible.
Oh by the way, the Surface Book processor isn’t significantly more powerful than ours. Neither is any ultrabook.


Yes, you got my point. The V processor has more then enough power for its target group.
There are other good features which stand the v out from the crowd.


The “target group” could always be adjusted… And if Intel came up with a more efficient architecture and released a quad core low TDP processor, I would be all for it.


Yes, me too. But at the moment the processor you mentioned doesn’t exist.


Our plans for upgrading the V are very simple:

We’ll upgrade it once we feel the market has evolved enough that we can offer you a justifyable upgrade over the old V. That might involve a new CPU, new battery or something else. :wink:


A slight case of mis-spelling I suppose: And what if I want a V :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: