4th of december is here. Are you reeeaddy?


H minus 4 and a half by the time I am writing this.
I’m already imagining half of the Eve V staff (@team) stressed in front of their computer, scratching their heads thinking about everything that could go wrong, but still expecting the best. Keep it up guys!

So, tell us, what do you think? What can we expect for that flash sale?
Will Eve V brake the Internet ?

  • I’m ready
  • The website will crash
  • More than 10 000 orders
  • More than 30 000 orders
  • More than 50 000 orders
  • I’m an early bird, good luck guys
  • Kanstantinos is loosing his hairs
  • I want a 4To SSD
  • I need a Ryzen version of the V
  • Sharp will deliver the screens smoothly
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Where is my $50 code?

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yes! good luck EVE! today also my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday & good luck eve team!!


Thanks for the encouragement guys! I personally will be running on caffeine the next 24h and am pretty sure the Helsinki-Team will be barely sleeping aswell! :smiley:


I won’t be joining (lack of financial backing… or need of a new laptop/tablet). But good luck! I hope it goes well!


So, basically it’s V day right? (kind of D day, you know.)


Almost right. It’s the entire team stressed in front of their computer, scratching their heads and thinking about everything that could go wrong :smiley: (those not at the office I assume are stressing and scratching heads at home!)

Of course, we’re looking to make sure that nothing goes wrong!


Or at school. But hopefully I’ll be home around the time the store actually opens.


“Sino-Finland Cultural Management Training cum ‘Marching to China’ activity Opening Ceremony”

(Sorry, I’m a bad translator)


@Team when will the accessories be available? Same time as the V flash sale?


I heard something about a code for 50€. Is that true?


Yeah make sure tho’ that you also have a account on there webshop. You will then receive a discount code of 50€ within an hour of the launch. (You will get this code via email)
PS. the code only works within the first 2 hours of the sale!


Cheers! So should I wait for the code first, before buying or is it redeemable after?


How do you get the money?
We will email you the discount code within an hour before the flash sale starts.When you have an account ready and you’re logged in, you can use the code quickly at the check-out on the webstore. You save $50. And you get the V.


Konstantinos as a nice crown :smiley:


best of luck guys and gals :+1: ! i hope that you get a lot of orders and that your order-systems runs smooth and flawless :wink:

PS: i really like the crown :smile:


Did anyone get the code till now?


Yep, a few minutes ago (HEB here).


Edit: Never mind me.


Norway is in the international store.