4k monitor to be used in 1440p?

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to hear if the 4k monitor has been tested in other resolutions like 1440p/120fps. I have the series X and I plan to bounce between 4k and 1440p depending on the game.



I would believe If they configure it if it’s in 4K mode at 144Hz and when it goes down a tick in the resolution, I believe it should be 1440p@240Hz. That makes the most logistical sense but they’re maybe limitations that I am unaware of.

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You have to remember that even if you set the resolution to 1440p the monitor is still upscaling to 4K and driving the same number of physical pixels. You will not get a higher refresh rate.


Yea I was still expecting to stay at 144hz. But games like fortnite and rocket league are 1440p/120fps on the series x and just wanted to make sure the monitor will have no issues running that

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This monitor refreshes its screen to show the current frame in 4K, at 144 refreshes a second.

Your computer/console is responsible for drawing the current frame in 4K at 144 frames per second. If it is not powerful enough, it will draw frames at a lower fps or a lower resolution.

Your monitor will have no problem displaying any frames sent to it in 4K @ 144hz.


I don’t think that’s what he is asking.

He wants to know if the 4k monitor won’t look like dog shit when computers and consoles are outputting games at 2k to drive higher fps.

Obviously hitting 4k 144fps will be very hard for majority of next gen games but turning the resolution down will compensate this.

So far 1080p should look great on this monitor but 2k may look like rubbish due to the way upscaling works. I hope I’m wrong…