4K, HDR and 144Hz on my M1 Mac!

Hey everyone,
I just felt to let you know my experience with two Spectrums and a M1 Mac mini.
I was curios in which setup these two would work with new M1 Macs so maybe it’s helpful for someone else :slight_smile:

I’m able to get 4K, HDR and 144Hz on my M1 MacMini. It looks not that great though regarding the brightness in HDR mode. The picture quality is awesome! Read more about that in my other thread: Spectrum does not get very bright + HDR issue

Using a M1 Mac you can get ONE Spectrum to work using its full potential (4K, HDR, 144Hz)!
This works by using a Displayport 1.4 to USB C cable. If the cable is not suitable for DP 1.4 it’ll not work!

I bought this one and it works great:

As said, the M1 Macs only support ONE monitor using this high refresh rate at the moment. A second monitor can be connected by HDMI though, which delivers 4K, HDR but “only” 60Hz
Thats at least the case for the Mac mini which has a separate HDMI port…

I hope Apple fixes that with their next Gen silicon…

Have a good one!

  1. What happens if you try with two USB-C to DP1.4 cable? Why do you need HDMI for the second one?
  2. Maybe you could try with two USB-C to USB-C cables (rated 40Gbps) ? 4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro? - #72 by J0kers

I don’t have two Spectrum to try on my side.

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As far as I know the M1 only support one display with that refresh rate. Meaning only one of the Thunderbolt Ports on the back is capable of delivering a video signal at a time.
The M1 Mac mini does not yet have HDMI 2.1…

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I’m jelly, I wish I bought two lol interesting that an m1 mac can only output 1 monitor at full spec


Glad to know it works with the M1 Mac. Thanks for sharing! I, too, have an M1 Mac mini, and I placed an order for two monitors a week ago. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed any colour differences between the two monitors side by side? Or is it relatively uniform without calibration?

Why do you buy this monitor for a mac m1. Do you play solitary at 144 HZ?.

I never heard about mac games.

You shouldn’t be using HDR anyways…

Almost everyone on the internet has a huge information deficit in this regard.

There aren’t even a handful of monitors which truly support HDR, 99% of all PC Monitors with HDR are fake HDR and they make the picture worse, not better! Turn HDR off and enjoy