4K Eve Spectrum dead?

Hello all, I have firmware 1.04 and the monitor has been somewhat functional. While playing PS5. My monitor would go black and wouldn’t show anything until I press the PS button on the controller. The image comes back for a bit but if I access the in game menu it would go black again.

Today, I was using it with my PC and turned it off. An hour later I wanted to power it on to game but the monitor is completely dead. I have unplugged the connections and waited, plugged it back in right away and nothing.

Any idea what happened? Its on a surge protector and nothing has happened to the electricity.

Thank you.

The Spectrum needs a firmware update to support PS5 VRR.

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Gotcha well hopefully that can help others. My whole issue now is that my monitor won’t even power on… this happened out of nowhere.

I’ve tried that a couple of times. Make sure to turn off VRR in PS5 settings. Unplug the power supply and try again.

Hi @J_Hdz & @8BiTw0LF,

Please check out the below. I’ve tested the beta firmware for the VRR PS5 and works perfectly well.

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