4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro?

If you’re going to use an eGPU, I’d suggest connecting the monitor directly to the graphic card. That way you’re getting the maximum video bandwidth with nothing sitting in the middle.

I don’t know how well a Mac would handle that, but it works brilliantly on a Windows machine. I’d test with my work Mac, but my eGPU case is a special Alienware one with a proprietary connector.

Does anyone have the issue where the screen doesn’t wake up after their MacBook goes to sleep? I try everything from unplugging it to removing the usb-c connection to the laptop and it still doesn’t turn on. What’s weird is my MacBook is recognizing the monitor in display settings. Just the screen isn’t turning on no matter what I do. I have another BenQ monitor hooked up and that turns on just fine. It’s really frustrating and would appreciate any help.

It’s connected via apple’s thunderbolt 3 cable. MacBook Pro 14inch M1 pro.

I have that from time to time. The power button on the Spectrum doesn’t do anything either. I need to pull the power cord for a few seconds to get the Spectrum to start working again.

This only started for me when I moved to the 104 firmware. I never had it under 102R875.

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So just to be clear, there’s no way to get 4k144hz on MacOS Big Sur (and onwards) on intel macbook using only USB-C to USB-C, right? I’m able to get 4k60hz using my CableMatters thunderbolt 4 cable, but nothing higher.

Going to be trying out a USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4 cable today, hoping that works but it’s a pretty unfortunate resolution for someone who wanted to just connect one cable from monitor to laptop.

Which specific version of Big Sur?

I heard someone on discord claim that the Big Sur 11.4 update and Monterey both fixed DSC and thus 4k144hz on intel macbooks, and Monterey seems to have fixed even more display issues.

Also, have you tried SwitchResX with the thunderbolt cable?

Not saying either will work, and I don’t have the spectrum to test them, but they might?

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I’m actually on Monterey and I’ve used SwitchResX with the thunderbolt cable with no dice. I’m able to get 1080p at 120hz but not 4k :frowning:


Installed SwitchResX earlier and with a bit of playing around I can get 1920 x 1080 and 1440p 21:9 to work at 120hz. I should be able to get it scaled right, but as DSC with USB-C isn’t enabled yet, I don’t think I’ll get 2k or 4k at 144hz. As high refresh rates only work on lower resolutions at the moment, I think I’ll stick to 60hz for now.


I would like to know if anyone has been able to get 4K with 120 Hz or greater working on an Intel MacBook Pro. I’ve tried what I believe should be a sufficient USB-C cable, as well as the USB-C → DisplayPort adapter (and DisplayPort cable) that @cjt recommended above. I have been able to get 120 Hz at 1080p, but nothing higher.

(This is the case on both my 2016 and 2019 Intel MBPs).

If there is any way to make this work, I would like to. Otherwise I intend to return this monitor (hopefully Eve makes that process simple).

I’ve tried a thunderbolt 4 USB-C cable as well as a DisplayPort to USB-C cable and neither of those options resulted in 4k@120hz. As I understand it so far, 4k@120 seemingly works on M1 MacBooks that are on Big Sur

This time with SwitchResX (4.11.2) after I disabled the SIP on my Mac, I was able to get 1920 x 1080 at 144hz. I tried 2560 x1440 at 144hz bit got this weird tiny screen. I have also installed Batman: Arkham City to test the refresh rate and the performance of my 16" Macbook. I’ll write again when I have 2K or even 4K working at 90hz or higher, but I’m making good progress.

So far I got up to 3200 x1800 working at 120hz, which seems pretty good. If only Spectrum had DSC with usb-c enabled I bet this would be much better.

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Ayup. As noted elsewhere (in this post 4K with USB C 6bit depth? - #2 for example) currently we do not have it available - but it should be available at a future date.

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Can’t wait for the next firmware update! Though I think most of the limiting factors are more from my MacBook than the monitor. It would be awesome if I were able to get 4K 144hz and HDR from my MacBook, but it may not be possible.

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Device: MacBook Pro M1 Pro (2021)

I have two Eve Spectrum monitors, one plugged in through a USB-C cable, and the other through a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. I can confirm that I’m getting 4K at 144 Hz (even variable refresh rates from 48–144 Hz is available in settings) via USB-C to DisplayPort.

The other monitor can only run at 60 Hz via USB-C. Though the option for 144 Hz in settings is there, the monitor won’t turn on once enabled.

Does anyone know if I’ll be able to run both monitors at full refresh rates using two USB-C to DisplayPort cables?

Edit: I should add that both monitors are on 104 firmware.

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I’ve seen some word on other threads that the v105 firmware allows M1-based Macs to do the full 144Hz over USB-C.


Just adding my info here if it helps - pretty much the same as everyone.

M1 MacbookPro Max 16 | Eve FW 104
USB-C to DP - Can get 4k 144hz, also have HDR option available
USB-C to USB-C - Only 4k 60hz, no HDR option. Using a TB3 40gbps cable.

Would be awesome to get those extra hz over USB-C, fingers crossed for it on the new FW :crossed_fingers: