4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro?

What USB mode have you got enabled in the Spectrum’s on-screen settings?

There’s a setting for USB bandwidth priority, and it needs to be changed to USB 2.0 / high refresh rate in order to get 60Hz. You may also need to do the Option + scaled trick and manually select 60Hz.

For certain models of 13: MacBook, there is also an issue were not all of the USB-C ports were the same. Try plugging the cable into different ports and see if you get 60Hz from any of them.

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I am a little late to the party. Currently i am using my macbook pro 2019 with my Acer XV272U 144hz 2K monitor. And I feel text is not particularly crisp as it was in windows in 2K and 144hz mode. I am using Cable creation DP1.4 to usbc cable(BI directional one). Now I am thinking of getting a 4K monitor but confused should I go for 60 hz(as macbook intel only supports this) or should I go for 4K 144hz monitors?

OS - big sur 11.6

It appears to be possible to get 4K@144 from an Intel-based MacBook. However, it requires the use of a USB-C to DP cable. This means that you’re not able to charge your MacBook from the monitor, or to use any USB hub that’s built into the monitor.

A lot of the decision boils down to what you’re doing with the monitor. If you’re doing gaming on the MacBook or want to share the monitor with another gaming system, a 4K@144 screen makes sense. But if it’s just for the MacBook and use with productivity software, you’re not going to be making good use of the high refresh rate and are probably better of finding a cheaper 4K@60 monitor instead.

But then, you are going to need another charger cable coming into the MB?

Has anyone else noticed the annoying inability to access the monitor menu when not connected to source. And its temperamental mood on whether to recognise an input. This is on the latest firmware 104. Would expect more for spending over 1K on a premium monitor. Hope these bugs will be addressed.

Yeah, but I’d rather have 144 hz, than charging my MacBook from the monitor.

Yes - I’m unable to access the menus unless I’m connected to an active source.

So…all said and done. Will the Spectrum monitor work with an Intel Macbook Pro? I have an 2018 rMBP 13" and so far I’ve had no luck getting the monitor to detect a pricey TB4 USB-C - USB-C cable.

For me it worked with MacBook Pro 2017, even though refresh rate was limited to 30hz, which most likely has something to do with MacBook pro 2017 having DP 1.2, even though it still should be able to get to 60hz. In previous firmware versions it would run at 60hz in the correct priority mode, however had issues with displaying image correctly.
Also, make sure to plug the cable into correct USB C port in the monitor.

Unfortunately this does not seem to be possible so far, since I am having the same issue on MacBook Pro 2017, and could not find a solution. USB C to display port or HDMI cable could possibly help, but would not charge the MacBook.

My work laptop is a late 2019 15" MBP. Intel CPU, Radeon 560X graphics. I have no problem with the Spectrum detecting that there’s a signal from the MBP.

The main thing to check is that you’re using the correct USB-C port. It needs to be the one at the bottom of the back panel, near the power connector. The one on the side is for peripherals only, e.g. keyboards, mice, USB sticks.

If the Spectrum is still not picking up any signal, try manually changing the signal source on the Spectrum. This can be done even if you can’t bring up the on-screen controls - click in on the stick, then hit up/down until the USB-C connection is selected.

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To confirm, are you able to run 4K 144hz from your 2019 15" MBP with a USB-C to DP cable today?

If you don’t mind the question, have you achieved that with Big Sur running on it?

From earlier posts, it seemed like this did work on earlier versions but broke with Big Sur. I’ve got a 2019 16-inch MBP running Big Sur, and I’d like to confirm that it’s possible to get this setup working. It doesn’t seem like anyone had this working earlier in the thread so I want to double check before committing to a setup.

I don’t use a USB-C to DP cable. My MBP is only a work machine and being able to charge it via the Spectrum is far more important than having high refresh rates.

The only time I need high refresh rates is when gaming, and I’ve got a far more powerful Windows laptop + eGPU for that.

The only thing I know about USB-C to DP cables is that others here have reported them working. It makes sense - the cable doesn’t have to carry any USB data or charging current, just DP video signal, so it’s more likely to work correctly.

Eve have also confirmed that DSC isn’t enabled on the USB-C port yet, so that would limit things to 120Hz non-HDR anyway.

Could you link to those posts?

I have not explored the forum, but I have read every post in this thread, and I cannot find the reports you are referring to.

I cannot find anyone with an Intel-based MacBook Pro running Big Sur getting over 4k 60hz.

With the addition of some posts, like 4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro? - #50 by tureki, reporting this explicitly not working even with a USB-C to DP cable, I am skeptical.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized you never specified Big Sur. If you were referring to people running Catalina on Intel MacBook Pros, that makes sense.

So on Big Sur getting 144hz on 4k is not possible then. Guess I should go for a 4K 60hz monitor then.

To be clear, I don’t 4k 144hz Big Sur on Intel MacBooks works.

It works fine on Big Sur on M1 MacBooks.

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Hey @supersoul, I don’t think you got 4k 144hz because look at the first line in your photo, it shows “Resolution: 3840*2160@60hz”, I got the 0.8m thunderbolt 3 cable to connect my 16inch mbp with spectrum, with the same OSD setting you have, and I only got 60hz.
Yet with the type C to dp cable I can get 4k 144hz.

Hello guys, here is my situation, for your reference:

My laptop is MacBook Pro 16(intel chip), running catalina. I can run 4k@144hz via a type c to dp cable, yet can only get 4k@60hz(with OSD setting USB2.0&4k@144hz) and 4k@30hz(with OSD setting USB3.0&4k@60hz) via Apple’s 0.8m thunderbolt cable.

What really annoying me is that in windows 10 I can get 4k@144hz via Apple’s 0.8m thunderbolt cable, so I think this is just the software reason of macOS, I don’t know if Apple will fix it in the future since they will transfer to ARM chip. I really hate this kind of situation, I was the user of Lumia 900, which abandent by Microsoft once.

And I found that many apps can only run at 60hz even the system is running at 144hz, for instance, the Music app. Photos and Finder app can fully run at 144hz. Safari and Chrome can run at 144hz but they will down to 60hz when scroll web page. I think this is because of Catalina, which is released at 2019, there is no a lot of 4k 144hz screen back then.

So what I am doing now is making a Time Machine and try to update to Big Sur or Monterey to see what I can get, if it ends bad, back to Catalina. Maybe the ultimate solution is to get an ARM Mac, so sad… I really like the feeling of a high refresh rate on a high resolution screen.

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Thank you for posting this! I am interested to know what happens when you update to Big Sur. Good call making a backup in case it doesn’t work…

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