4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro?

I haven’t tried Apple’s cable, and frankly with a price tag like that even if it works I’d consider going without because JEEZ. And I thought the CableMatters Thunderbolt 4 cable was ridiculously priced. I suspect that Apple cable would be functionally identical to the TB4 cable though for this use case. Both support HBR3 DisplayPort rates.

I don’t have Windows on my work or personal MBP unfortunately. I’ll consider installing it some time to try it out, but that’s not high on my to do list.

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So it turns out that issue was either with the MBP or with Spectrum. I swapped that cable out for the same TB4 cable and that monitor won’t do 4k60 with USB 3.1 selected. 4k30 is the best it will do. The other monitor remains 4k60. I’ve tried several ports on the MBP to no avail.

It’s not the end of the world as I can just swap the USB 3.1 accessories to my other monitor that does 3.1 speeds with 4k60, but it’s definitely a little frustrating. Both Spectrums are on firmware 101 so no difference there.

Check out the section titled “Things to look out for (macOS)” of this terrific blog post about 4K high refresh rate monitors if you haven’t already!

Just a heads-up, after having used my old USB-C / Thunderbolt cable that got delivered with my LG 27UD88W, today it all of a sudden broke down. I guess it has to do with the rated PD (it was rated for 60W instead of 100W) and quality of the cable in general.

I just replaced it with an official Apple Thunderbolt 3 cable 0.8m (MQ4H2ZM/A
) and this one works perfectly (4K@144Hz + Power Delivery). My local supplier did not have any alternatives in stock, so I can not compare other cables.
Only shame is that it is not available in black.

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Shame that your old cable died! Ouch. Is this from a MacBook Pro? What model, exactly?

Hi Zach,

I was using it on a MacBook Air M1, so power draw should be low.

For completeness, my wife has a 2018 MacBook Pro and I tested her MacBook with the new cable and I can confirm that this cable (also) only supports 4K@60Hz on her machine:

This is the question I have before I pull the trigger on this monitor. Since it seems like it can support my KVM usage between desktop and my macbook.

I am pretty sure 2019 MBP 15.4 and the new MBP 16 is capable of running at least 4k120Hz. Currently running that exact settings on my Acer CP7271k through DP 1.4 to USB C. Also ran the exact same settings with thunderbolt 3 (Titan ridge chip) and 4 dock without an issue. So I know even without DSC, MBP is capable of high refresh rate, except when in HDR mode, its limited to 98Hz due to 10bit bandwidth in DP 1.4. If you can’t run anything higher than 60hz on 4K, most likely it’s a firmware issue on the monitor, or USB 3 limitation. I know for sure USB 4 is capable since it’s identical to thunderbolt 3/4.

There was a link earlier in this thread about 120Hz and Macs. In short, Mac support for high refresh rates sucks. It’s so dependent on what graphics chip is in the Mac, the cable, and the port you’re plugged into on each end of the connection.

The article author also mentions that they have to do a bunch of steps each time they reboot their Mac in order to get 120Hz mode working again. That’s with an Acer Nitro monitor, not a Spectrum, so it’s currently unknown whether it’s an issue with that specific monitor or a more general issue.

The issue is bad enough that the author has put together a list of compatible Mac hardware and monitors. From what I can see, compatibility is a mess. Some monitors work fine with certain Macs but not with others. It’ll be interesting to see how the Spectrum fits in.

Note: I’m running a 2019 15" MBP with Radeon 560X for work, and have ordered the Eve USB-C cable. It’ll be interesting to see whether I can get 120Hz going or not.

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Hello @everyone !

I have a Macbook pro 15" 2019 with Radeon 560X MacOS Big Sur
So, if I understand your messages, if I want 4K@144Hz, can I use this cable ?

is it possible to power/charge my macbook pro with this cable and the Spectrum with 4K @144Hz at the same time ?

it will be possible for me to use the spectrum with my macbook pro closed ?

sorry for these questions , i’m a noob and i don’t understand english very well!

thank you :slight_smile: