4K 144Hz over USB-C from MacBook Pro?

im using usb c that came with mac book pro to charge,
but i cant able to connect to spectrum ,macbook charging but no display, i selected input type usb type c
and im connecting usb-c that under the spectrum ,

do i need special usb-c cable to connect ?

You need to make sure it is a cable capable of doing data transfers. Many USB C cables are power only

this is cable that came with mac book pro , i update firmware for spectrum with same cable,

maybe i need thunderbolt cable

That cable has a bandwidth limit of 480Mbps, which isn’t enough to use as a display signal cable for Spectrum.


In my case, I’m using a Belking Thunderbolt 3 cable (usb-c to usb-c) with a 2018 13 inch MBP, so I charge the Mac, get video output to the Spectrum and connect my KB+M through the Spectrum.

What I found so far:


Strange, I can get 60Hz from my cable and a 15” MBP (2017 model) but my work 13” 2016 model only outputs at 30Hz with the same cable.

I checked tech specs and it says it should support 60Hz. Wonder if there is a bug in the firmware.

Edit: the cable is rated 10gbps

Also tried with my partners 2019 MacBook Air, same cable, runs at 60Hz

The 2016-2018? 13" MacBook Pro only supports DisplayPort 1.2

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The tech specs on Apples website say it supports 60Hz over USB-C. Does it only support that with a Thunderbolt 3 specific USB-C cable?

10Gbps isn’t enough. DisplayPort 1.4 can use up to 25.9Gbps, so you’ll need a 40Gbps cable to carry full-bandwidth DP.

Also, 4K@120 with HDR requires almost 32.3Gbps. DP only has enough bandwidth for this if display stream compression (DSC). The only other ways to get 4K@120 are to turn off HDR or to use 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, both of which make colours look worse.

Even if your cable does support the bandwidth, your Mac OS version matters.

There are a lot of people with different monitors complaining about 4K high refresh rate on Big Sur on Intel. Despite everything working fine on Catalina, Big Sur refuses to use DSC for anything except specific monitors, e.g. Apples own Pro Display XDR.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple ever fix this, or if they only enable DSC for certain “blessed” monitors.

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DP 1.2 is capable of 4K at up to 75 Hz. Certainly at least at 60 Hz that I get with my Dell P2415Q with GTX 650 Ti Boost since 2015.

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Yeah this is also what I’ve found so far while researching DisplayPort 1.2 capabilities. Definitely should cope with 4K60Hz so I’m not sure why the 13" MBP is locked at 30Hz.

Not a Macbook user, but I am using a 10Gbps-rated USB-C cable on Linux and having the same issue.

Still waiting for my Eve Type-C cable to arrive and hoping it will resolve this. IF not, I am going to have to dig further.

I’m not able to get any video via USB-C from an M1 MacBook Air or Intel iMac. Has anyone else had this issue? I posted more details here: Unable to get video from an M1 MacBook Air or Intel iMac via USB-C - #2 by good4y0u

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You may check out this.

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Thanks. Potentially useful info for the Eve team in terms of fixing the 30-Hz issue.

DP 1.2 signal has a total of 4 Lanes, each lane supports 5.4Gbps. With a total of 4 lanes, it supports 4K 60Hz video, while with 2 lanes, it can only support up to 4K 30Hz.

DP 1.4 signal also has a total of 4 lanes, each lane is capable of running 8.1Gbps. It supports 8K with a total of 4 lanes, while with 2 lanes, it can support 4K 60Hz.

My Dell P2415Q (that I get 4K@60Hz with via DP with no problem) is probably capable of using all the four lanes of DP 1.2.

Eve Spectrum (that I get just 4K@30Hz with via DP) is probably currently only capable of using just two lanes of the four DP 1.2 lanes.

That said, it’s not quite clear how this may affect the case with using a DP-to-HDMI-2.0 adapter where I still get the same 30 Hz though the monitor is connected via HDMI instead of DP in that case.


My Surface Pro 4 which uses DP 1.2 does 4k60 on the prototype Spectrum.


So, that Eve Spectrum works at 4K@60Hz with Surface Pro 4 via DP 1.2, is probably another confirmation that the 30-Hz issue is not related to a limited number of used DP lanes.

Other confirmations:

  • I have the same issue with a DP-to-HDMI-2.0 adapter where DP limitations should not apply.

  • I was also able to make Spectrum work at 4K@60Hz via daisy-chaining output of my Dell P2415Q (2015) which is most likely also DP 1.2 — at least that’s the DP version mentioned in the Dell P2415Q manual in terms of the daisy-chaining/MST feature.

So either DP lanes have nothing to do with the 30-Hz issue, or, less likely, the issue has multiple different reasons that affect different cases. For example, 30 Hz via DP and/or USB-C might be caused by a limited number of DP lanes used in some cases due to some backward incompatibility in the Eve Spectrum’s DP implementation, while 30 Hz via HDMI 2.x might be caused by something else.


I tried the monitor with two Mac with a single USB-C cable (USB4 rated for 40Gbps).
Both with macOS Big Sur 11.5.1

MacBookPro15,1 from 2018 (Intel UHD Graphics 630 + Radeon Pro 555X)

  • It works at 4K@60Hz
  • I can enable wide colors / HDR, but there is a high pitch (from the monitor, so I’ll stay in SDR there)
  • Charge power 100W

MacBookAir10,1 from 2020 (M1, 8/8 cores)

  • It works at 4K@144Hz
  • I cannot enable wide colors / HDR
  • Charge power 100W (way higher than the default charger)

Either way the monitor preference window doesn’t allow me to change the resolution nor the refresh rate. Not sure if it’s normal or not, but I wouldn’t want to lower any of them anyway.

Other notes:

  • As read before: the (charge) cable that comes with the Mac doesn’t work for display
  • I tried some other USB-C cables like phones: not working either (even tried a 10Gbps cable, not enough)
  • You do have to use a good cable
  • I should be able, in a few days (in transit), to try a Thunderbolt 4 (TB4) cable too. I imagine it will work like my USB4 since it cross-compatible (not like some TB3).

I have a thunderbolt to HDMI/USB C and B. In my case I’m using an iMac Big Sur. The Eve monitor doesn’t pick up the signal, well. The Mac sees it and then it stops and locks. I’ve tried hdmi and usb c and nothing. Is there a guide in here for optimal settings? Or should I just parse this thread for settings


this is what I found from Google, please guys confirm :

You have a M1 Mac with Big Sur OR You have a Intel Mac with Catalina

  • You can use your Eve Spectrum with Mac OS up to 4K@144Hz if you are using a USB-C to DP 1.4 cable (minimum 32,4Gbps).
    ->Clamshell mode : working if you plug your Mac with power on another USB-C input.

  • If you’re using a USB-C to USB-C thunderbolt 3 cable (don’t use the charging USB-C cable that comes with your Mac), you will only have 4K@60Hz.
    ->Clamshell mode : working, you do not have to use another cable.

You have a Intel Mac with Big Sur?
->The following 2 cases are confirmed by @tureki in his post.

  • You can use your Eve Spectrum with Mac OS up to 4K@60Hz if you are using a USB-C to DP 1.4 cable (minimum 32,4Gbps).
    ->Clamshell mode : working, if you plug your Mac with power on another USB-C input.

  • If you’re using a USB-C to USB-C thunderbolt 3 cable (don’t use the charging USB-C cable that comes with your Mac), you will only have 4K@60Hz.
    ->Clamshell mode : working, you do not have to use another cable.

->Why there is no 4K@144Hz on Mac OS Big Sur ?
DSC is broken since Big Sure update, as NZgeek said: