4K 144Hz is a game changer!

Looks amazing. Eve now needs to exceed my expectations and get my 240Hz in my hands before October lol

Nice post. Can you tell me what the MacBook ist standing in? And how loud is this noise really if you sitting in front of it?

Hi eve_nbetter,

It is the following MacBook stand: Amazon.com: iQunix Edin Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro/Air, Microsoft Surface/Dell XPS/HP | Aluminum Desktop Space-Saving Stand: Office Products

I am not sure if it is still produced, however you can find more recent and minimalistic alternatives on the product page on Amazon.

Thanks! Have you had a chance to try if this works reliably, since it seems we both share the same setup?

I’m one of the people who chose standard shipping, so It’ll be weeks before mine arrives :frowning:

I’ll definitely be giving it a good test when I can, though. I plan to have both my work Macbook and my home gaming rig plugged in, and sharing keyboard and mouse via the Eve as a hub.