32" 4K 144Hz Spectrum

You know @Konstantinos, the more I think about it, the more I feel like the other vendors will not actually get their act together for another year at least. In my quoted post, I put together a wishlist of 32" Spectrum features that I thought would be a good future direction. But here’s the status of the competition:

  • The Acer XB323QK NV doesn’t actually support KVM (trigger warning: cringeful video).
  • Neither will the Philips 329M1RV(E), and judging by the manual it might not even transport data on the USB-C port.
  • The AOC Agon AG324UX is too red for a monitor and more importantly, might not actually make it outside of China.
  • The Gigabyte Aorus FI32U and MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD have KVM, but fail on the power delivery front with 15W USB-C charging max (unconfirmed for MSI, but strongly assumed given sibling monitors and their integrated power adapter).
  • Don’t count on LG, ASUS, Dell, ViewSonic, Lenovo, HP, NEC or Samsung to make a monitor that’s simultaneously targeted towards the intersection of PC gaming and WFH laptop use.

So I say, screw new features and beat them to market instead. Spectrum as it stands is good enough, assuming further firmware development and bugfixes. Take the existing scaler, source a new DisplayHDR 400/600 panel, scale up your existing design to house the 32" panel with all the production line adaptations required, and make the monitor that your competition isn’t interested in making. You can be the “World’s First 32" 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor with 100W Power Delivery and KVM Switch”, at least until it gets delayed a bunch.

But even then I think the no-nonsense design, pixel-perfect scaling, upgradeable firmware and known performance via forum experience reports will be appealing to many users.

Start the panel sourcing now. Develop the casing and enlarged stand in parallel to the work required for Model 1. Announce a shipping date for February 2022 and ship just a little later in July. I think it could work, and so does @NikolaSivkov.


As fasr as i can see the only monitor that comes close right now but it’s yet unreleased is : Asus ROG PG32UQ. As far as i can see even this monitor has been delayed to Q3 from initial Q2 release.

32" 4k 144Hz HDMI 2.1. So the panel exists! This means Eve can do this (but with less gamer-y look)!
I will pre-order day 1 if Eve decides to make one.