[28.04.17] Mini mass production results + Shipping schedule


Hi Community!

This week has been a long one. We focused all our resources on mini mass production. (If you are hearing about mini mass production for the first time read more about it here).
To sum it up, the V prototypes have been earlier put together individually, manually by engineers, in the dozens. And now the V enters the final production lines, to be manufactured in the thousands. Scale gets bigger. This is what every product goes through in its development, and it is the important stage to get the high quality for the end product!

So I have good and not so good news.
(A.k.a why our rigorous attention to detail is a must.)

After we have assembled first units at the factory floor we have put them to the aging test.
We have noticed that after few hours of testing (that would equal few weeks of normal end user use) LCD screens started showing yellow stains and lines from time to time.
We have assembled more displays with touch panels (direct bonding them) and only 90 displays of 300 passed the test. =This batch of screens is not up to the task.

This is how the issue basically looked like. We will send more pictures as we get them from the factory.

So the good news is that thanks to mini mass production run we discovered now that if we would assemble and ship Vs to you, at first there would be no problems, but after few weeks of use you would get yellow stain appearing on your display. Many users suffer from this with other manufacturers, just google “yellow stripes on display”.

###Next steps:
Because of such a huge screen defect rate we are sending screens back to the supplier.

Fortunately, our screen supplier has stock and they will send us new screens already next week. They ensured this would not happen again and it was a quality management issue on their end.
As a result it pushes production schedule 2-3 weeks forward from May 10th , as it takes a bit of time to get the components safely delivered and into production work. We have successfully adapted to the situation with Microsoft and Intel as well; they know the industry and our quality standards dictate this status.

We are very frustrated, and have no excuses to give you. We just can’t ship you some lower quality devices after you waited so long! We wove to transparency and sometimes it means that we have to deliver news like this, we take all the responsibility. And will continue to work for your benefit guys!

To us this issue also means that opening of further V sales is pushed later, as we will keep our promise of first delivering devices and only then opening sales up again.
To add, the V remains the same high quality, and the production phase continues with planned, prestated actions. This mini mass production result impacts only the timeline.

Some additional notes:

  • We investigated the matter and the issue is not caused by assembly method but rather the display quality.
  • You can find a lot of devices on the market with this problem. Some companies would ship to hit promised timeline. We can’t! Unthinkable
  • There might be possibility to get Limited birds (2nd batch) produced earlier as we have more time to prepare materials for the whole quantity.
  • The timeline for delivering had the mini mass production step in place for this very reason. After new screens arrive everything continues the same, and the V will be delivered ASAP (without compromising quality)

V’s will be shipping soon and now V sleeves and other accessories are in the warehouse too!

Prototype testing

We have shipped last units to prototype testers some time ago and we should see their impressions coming soon.

###And a bit more good news, COMPUTEX:

Microsoft was so impressed with our device after testing it that we will be a featured device in Computex this May!
From what I am allowed to disclose is that Eve team will be at Computex and V will be in Microsoft booth as a flagship Windows device!

###Are you coming to Computex?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know yet

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###Should we make Computex meetup?

  • Yes and I will join for sure!
  • Yes but I am not sure if I can join
  • Yes but I can’t join (A least I get to see pictures😊)
  • No

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Let's make an FAQ together! :grin:
Quick update from Konsta

Thanks for the update. Completly understood. Quality first!


So apart from the bad displays, which is an issue of this particular component, one can say the procedure of the mini mass production went successful, correct?
There were really no other issues? Sounds amazing (as I assumed sth would pop up at this stage)


@Konstantinos, awesome about Computex! Eve should definitely be more in the public eye after that.

I will say again here what I said before about production:
Thank you for being so transparent with us on the delays, and having such attention to detail! That’s one big thing that has stuck with me about Eve - the amount of detail you put into everything you guys do.


These things happen Konstantinos, thanks for letting us know.

Atleast you guys took the time to age test them and discover this so that we didn’t discover it after a few weeks.


Thanks for the update!

I can totally relate to the the frustration on your end as we are so close to the finishing line and I just can’t wait to get my hands on my own V!

Great news about the Computex! You guys rock!
Openness really is the way to go!


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos!

I’m glad Eve has such high transparency. I’m also glad that this is the only problem in the mini mass-production and I understand the delay is to ensure we get the best device.

Hopefully this will the last delay (I can’t wait for my V!)


I’m so appreciative of your commitment to quality and am glad you caught it!

@Konstantinos I think you forgot a link.


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos , now you have 2-3 extra weeks to make the V even more polished according to the last prototype testers feedback!


V will be a featured device at Computex and t promoted by Microsoft? Awesome. This means there will be a lot of press reports. The V will rock and I’m sure you will have a lot of interested buyers.

Hope you make some solid sales numbers to continue disrupting the tech industry with good devices.


Very frustrating news for everyone (Team and Community), but we all want to get a quality device (the better quality possible…).

Can’t think of the disaster if this issue was seen after 2 or 3 weeks of use, or between hands of press or influencers…

Thanks a lot for the transparency


I wanted to take a second to thank you guys for the constant updates. I work for a computer hardware company that builds computers. I am excited to show them this finished product once I get my hands on it. I am also a backer of many items. I can for sure say that this is hands down the most updates from a company that I have ever received. You do not just give quick replies, you give consistent updates and make sure that you take care of your customers. Slow clap for days friends! I am glad to be a part of this community! Keep it up!


@BlackEagle, you are right. There were some small things but nothing substantial. For example during 10,000 Kickstand test we noticed that after 7000 or so openings kickstand rubs against the housing so we adjusted it.

During this test machine opens V’s kickstand 10,000 times:)


Will here be a way to change delivery address?


I think most of us can’t come because a plane ticket with return costs $1000 and 2 transfers :smile: (I mean it varies from country to country, but should be similar across Europe and the US). OTOH I was surprised to see that the admission is only 6 euro…


Glad @Team took this approach. Honesty and not compromising is kind of refreshing in a company. Of course it sucks ass to have to wait 3 additional weeks for the V to be delivered if you are an hyper early bird. On the other hand, Early birds will get them sooner. So there is some good with the bad.

After googling the “yellow stripes on display” (BTW it in turn also flags “red tint on display”) what I can’t understand is how is posible that other manufacturers dare to ship devices which such poor quality- Glad Eve made the right call IMHO. I and I’m sure others would have goten very angry (And rightfully so.) If after a few weeks they got such defects on their devices.

I plan to use my V for years so I don’t mind to wait the extra time at all.

BTW congrats on the whole MS/COMPUTEX thing.


@Konstantinos @Team
I believe I’m not speaking only for myself stating how high the appreciation is for being that open and transparent about process steps that normally happen behind closed doors. The timeline was very aggressive from the beginning with hardly any risk buffer. I’m happy that quality takes your highest priority and even more happy that you’re not trying to use certain displays of the badge for the final production but stand strong to request new displays (with higher quality and also additional quality control at your vendor side).

I don’t mind the extra 3 weeks this causes as this will guarantee that I don’t have to send back the device for warranty repair after a couple of weeks because the issue was caught before - which saves troubles from the end consumer side despite of the delay.

I hope that the time can be used to probably address further adjustments/fixes that are still considered open, such as:

  • investigation on screen calibration without having additional software
  • feedback on hissing noises of display, keyboard, charger (just to assure there are none)
  • additional aging tests for other components to assure that no problems come up with these in an even longer term

Again, you are all doing a mind-blowing job and I want to state my thanks for the effort and heart you put into the product!


This. I know the displays being defective is a quite big thing so it might have eclipsed other minor issues. Did anything else fail? And if so Given the now forced wait you have time to adjust and solve them?


The delay is a bummer, but that’s just life. Quality always first! We (meaning the @Team and customers/community alike) can’t go with bad quality, as it would harm us more than the delays. Thanks for the info and try not to lose your mind with these issues :scream:!

Great to hear about computex. That’s huge!


Let’s do some crapy maths just to put that into perspective:
Let say I open the V quickstand around 5 times a day, every day of the year no exceptions.
So 7000/5/365=3,84 years of service if by opening you mean a whole opening and closing, if not 7000/10/365=1,92 years of service before we could notice the wear, wich does not mean that the stand stops working.

Quite impresive actually. And you say that it has been adjusted/solved already?
If so what happens after the 10000 test is done does the Quickstand stay in position holding the V in place as normal?