27.11 Update on 1st and 2nd batch and updates



Hello Community!

Coming in to you with latest update.

1.Most of the Hyper Early Birds should arrive to local warehouses on Wednesday which means that some of you might get Vs already this week! Things are looking very good on Hyper Early Bird front and we are excited!

2.Limited birds. We are still working out final schedule and will have it by the end of this week. With this update my goal is to share as much info as I have so we all get to shared understanding of the situation.

As you have noticed it took us longer than originally planned to produce Hyper Early Birds. Looking at the situation retrospectively there were 2 main reasons for that. New cables took longer to arrive than planned and housing defect rate too high.

So what happened with housing is that when we changed the screen to Sharp we had to take extra costs and rework the housing (adjust screw height inside, etc). We knew that during rework some of the housings were damaged (dent, scratched, etc) some of them (the ones with very minor signs) we have sent to press and the rest we have rejected. We have selected only flawless housings for Hyper Early Birds. The rest that didn’t pass the QC were rejected for supplier to reproduce. As we have rejected a lot of housings supplier has plenty to reproduce. Housing production takes time and the remaining housings are targeted to arrive end of December.

This is happening once again to ensure max quality to our backers.
As of now it looks like most of Limited birds will receive their Vs before Christmas. The rest will get it shortly after.
Devices will be shipped based on unit amounts per region, as units are shipped in full batches to local warehouses (like the ones in UK and USA)

As it was known before, ramping up mass production (instead of assembling them by hand in small amounts) required some adjustments, and doing those press units helped us save customer units from having those issues!

Most of the issues with production speed were related to the new screen and for all the future batches will not happen as we will be using new adjusted tooling’s and components.

3.Also we now have final update on 1TB SSD. First of all SSD is not a bottleneck for shipments! We have ordered SSDs from Arrow when SSD sales have ended.
Arrow is taking too long providing us needed amount of SSDs so we think its best to switch to another SSD supplier partly owned by Samsung. They will provide 1TB SSDs to us instead. They don’t have the older SSD model we offered. But they will provide us latest one of their 1TB Samsung SSD PM981. We have tested it in V and it comes with slightly higher speeds and slightly better power consumption. We will be able to get this SSD in time for shipments.

Also I would like to ask for your advice folks. How should we structure our updates?
know that many of you asked to share an update the moment we have it. I agree it sounds like a great, transparent way. But what happens sometimes is that when we provide that transparent update based on the information we receive from manufacturers and then things change(as manufacturers are not so transparent, or their “facts” suddenly change by surprise) we are blamed for broken promises. Our solution to could be to take much longer to come up with update with as conservative as possible timelines and only validated info from manufacturers. It means that update can take few weeks instead of days.

So how should we proceed with the updates?
Let us know! We want to create great products with community. We want to change the industry and we want to provide the best experience we feasibly can! If we ever take longer to update, it’s not because we want to increase our margins (we gain nothing from later updates besides fuller story being told) or have fun reading angry comments (on the opposite side, quick updates which do not have wider story stir more questions to our customer service, despite calming the community).
So little poll for you Ladies & Gentlemen

How would you like your updates?

  • I want short and frequent updates from the front lines, learning the latest news as they come even if things are subject to (likely) change (soon after). I understand that when team mentions a timeline in frequent update it can change as there are other parties involved in the process outside of Eve’s control.
  • I prefer less frequent but refined and precise updates. I think team has to be confident for any date it mentions and not mention the date unless any unforeseen changes to it are quickly updated.
  • Other (Please comment what you want)

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I don’t care about those [enter your preferred curse word here] who thinks that you swear that things will be done the way you said, when you actually were predicting something. I prefer to get updates when they arrive and cry “Hurray!” with you or to realize that we need to wait a bit more knowing why we are waiting.

We need to address everyone complaining that you broke your promise again to this poll, so they would, maybe, understand that they are not right. Although people do not like to be wrong, meaning they think they are always right and the rest are dummies. But this was and will always be happening, since that’s usual human nature.

Anyway thank you Team.


I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure many - I appreciate the efforts in making the V as flawless as you possibly can, as opposed to shipping something (albeit faster) that might have dust gaps, fall apart, or have loose connectors. Part of the reason I don’t splurge on expensive tech regularly is that there is always a sacrifice with a device - and that stings. Finally, you guys provided an avenue for the device that checked ALL my boxes…and I’m willing to sacrifice time instead of tech specs or design.


Thank you for the update. Can’t wait for my V to arrive.

I’m a bit jealous about the newest ssd : )


I’m super excited to receive my V soon. Great news from that front. :smiley:

Making a great device with no flaws is worth waiting for. That is something difficult to learn for some people in our modern time where everything has to be instant. Quality needs time and effort.
And great news for everyone who ordered the 1TB upgrade, too. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I love news from the front, often and as soon as possible / even thou they might prove wrong or get changed in the aftermath. I want to cherish and cry with the Team and perhaps can the community come up with ideas to solve some of the problems that arise.


I am a little confused on SSD.

  1. Does this mean some people will get the older SSD and others the newer?

  2. So since this doesn’t effect shipping timelines, are we to expect HEB SSD earlier than limited birds?


Thais for understanding guys! This community is our core. Without you there is no Eve! You are Eve !

All people get same 1tb ssd.


How I like my Update:

I prefer less frequent but refined and precise Updates. I understand that when team mentions a timeline in less frequent update it can change as there are other parties involved in the process outside of Eve’s control.


Thanks Konsta for this very informativ (is that even a word?) update.I think it will answer alot of questions asked lately.

As a HEB (hyper excited bird) i cant wait to receive my 2in1, show it to my family co workers etc. And tell them it was worth to wait for it!!


Informative. As far as I know.

Yeah. I feel you bro. I like Hyper Excited Birds version.

Hmm… I think I need to get some sleep. And stop refreshing these pages. :tired_face:


Gasp! All backers get a 1tb! ? IM JOKING. To be clear, those who upgraded to 1tb will get 1tb! Everyone else is what you ordered!!


I really don’t enjoy being negative but I have lost count the number of times I have told my parents that “my computer will be arriving next week”. It makes me sad.
Now I need to tell them again.

Hopefully Vs come as soon as possible and before expected date.


Easy solution: just tell them when you have the tracking number :smiley:


I’d suggest a combination of both:

  • Short, frequent updates that don’t include dates but tell interesting things about the development, and show that the team is everything but idle. These keep the conversation going, avoid the “no news is bad news” panic and can serve as a kind of a diary. A couple of paragraphs, a couple of pictures, and a line stating, as you did here, “date for X remains DD.MM.YY so far, we are waiting for this and that to give you a more precise estimate” so that people don’t need to ask the same question again and again.

  • Less frequent updates that do include dates and detailed schedules, when they become solid enough. And make clear what/who they depend on: “SSD provider said X: if they deliver, date will be Y”.

But then again, there’s not going to be a solution (including this combination) that pleases everyone.

There will be speculation, doubt and anger anyway… so why not try to keep us closer to the development process? I love those peeks into the world of hardware production, that’s something you don’t see usually and I’m learning a lot. So I’d say: limit schedule-related updates, but show us the daily/weekly stories behind! We love them!


Us HEB and LB have waited a year for our devices, and are very engaged with the community, and all the highs and lows. More frequent & short updates are best for us.

When you have the webstore and solid production base, I think that longer, more detailed updates will look a lot more organised.


Ya my mom keeps asking when it will arrive so that she can use my existing one.

My bro leaves Boston on the 22nd which means it has to arrive to their place on the 21st so that he can take it with him when he comes to visit us in Toronto. If it comes after then I won’t be getting the laptop until probably February or March :cold_sweat:


Konstantinos, I appreciate the honest nature of your updates, even if they are late. Better than no updates!
That’s what keeps me at EVE. And last year, I learned to be patient and to wait, even when it’s painful. So life is. Always a surprise after another. And especially in our tech world. I am looking forward to my V. Thank you team!


Thanks for this - great to hear that things are on-track, especially the 1TB SSDs!

Can I please be selfish and ask if there is any prioritisation in manufacturing / shipping for the HEBs that were held back for the SSDs?


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos. Glad to hear that everything is working well for the HEBs.

I’m in the LB batch, and without sounding very pessimistic, I would have to condition my mind that I’m not going to get my V by Christmas.

I’m in Australia, down under, in the Southern Hemisphere, where one of our politicians would have said “in the arse end of the world”, where total population is much less than the city of Manila. I’m just assuming that we will have the least “units per region” even if I include our neighbour, New Zealand. It would be a bonus if I’ll get mine by Christmas.

Having said that, I’m not sure if I need to plan for change of delivery address — I’m in two minds here. Lucky if I get the V by end of this year, unlucky as I’m away for Christmas through to New Year. Unlucky to get it in the new year, but lucky as I’ll be there to receive it!

Happy Days to the HEBs!


That’s not exactly my problem but yeah these delays really mess up my flow.
I don’t have a lot of money so I buy things with the most bang per buck and that’s why I love the V. But I still don’t have it yet and as time goes on the less bang per buck it will be.
My only laptop broke so I’ve been stuck using my smartphone and libraries and a few years old computer from my parents.
As time goes on I’m really debating if I should have gotten the i5 new surface pro with keyboard like what was being sold on Black Friday for $900.

I don’t mean to attack Eve. I’m just trying not to get frustrated and venting on this forum is my method.