26 new looks for your V!


Black Dragon installed. Might have gone little off on the kickstand part. Will see how it does after use


I got the black carbon back and trackpad skins, beautiful, they rock and the fingerprint issue is resolved!


There’s a new black camo skin for your V and it looks awesome ! @ https://dbrand.com/shop/eve-v-skins


ohhh! that’s a nice one!


Here’s what brand - YAWN, BOOORING! - black leather skin looks like. Black Camo looks awesome, but too late now - maybe later, when I want to pimp my V again.

The grain is shallow, but it does provide a bit more grip than metal - and that was the main reason for my choice.

And black is more stain resistant than white, but it does show some finger grease marks. And dust exceedingly well (see latter photo).


I’ve ordered the black camo. Curious how it looks in real-life.
Now I just need a V…


Black camo looks nice…I picked hyperblack titanium.
Camo has 2D surface modification, but hyperblack titanium has 1D, where fingerprints can be seen easier.
It was very easy to wear.
Hope you all have V soon (with all add-ons you ordered).


I’d suggest the dragonskin for anyone wanting a ‘leather’ finish, it is much prettier and less ‘dragon’ than the name suggests.

@hiddenflaw, waiting on pics of your red one!

A hair dryer isn’t necessary, just rub it a bit harder with the microfibre cloth. The friction from that should be enough heat for the intended purpose which is to soften the vinyl a little bit so it bends nicely.



my review

Yet another V review

Then black"dragon skin" looks more like “charcoal”, and that darned black camo came out after I ordered my skins…

@adt the sun, hot water packs, electrics heater, BMW 750i heated seats… Plenty of choices, though it shouldn’t be too hard to borrow a hairdryer, half the population has them


speaking of skins, what about human skin?
the texture, the warmth, the grip, the water resistance…
all properties point to a top tier candidate

oh, and the hairs


We could make that with the skin of that people who are constantly teasing about not having daily updates on everything. :thinking:


Eh? There were ideas like that during World War II - I would not be starting that.


I will provide pictures of my V (Dec fs buyer) with black carbon if there are interested people .


Never used Dbrand before, but impressed by the quality of the skin and the ease of the process. I’ll definitely be back for more.

I needed my V to stand out and not get left behind when I’m vacating a dark aircraft, so white was the first choice. It’d probably look mint in Black Carbon.


Thats oddly specific…


So I got my skins yesterday (black leather), but before I apply it, I was wondering if I should wait, as I may be RMAing my V for dead pixels and I am concerned that they may have to take off the skin, though I don’t see why that would be necessary.
It may be a while though before I RMA it, so do you guys think it’s safe to apply the skin now?


Well you probably (most definately) won’t get the skin back when you send it for repair.


You also probably won’t get a repaired device either


This is certainly a valid concern. No way to know if items will be repaired (or exchanged) in a timely manner.


Team said earlier that they can not do anything about dead pixels as they didn’t make a deal with the screen manufacturer.
I’d apply the skin on, they’d compensate you/ buy you another skin if somethin does go wrong.